18 November 2017
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  • » 07/21/2016, 12.41


    Occupy Central: Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow convicted of unlawful assembly

    Paul Wang

    The three young people who gave rise to the protest of the "umbrellas" will likely face a few years in prison. Occupy Central was born to demand full democracy in the territory. Wong: "We do not regret what we have done." The threat to freedom of expression.

    Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - The young student Joshua Wong Chi-fung (pictured left), leader of the Scholarism activist group, has been found guilty for having jumped the fence of the building of the Government of Hong Kong on September 26, 2014 . His action, together with that of hundreds of other students, and especially the violent police response, triggered the series of sit-ins at the nerve center of the city that took on the name of Occupy Central.

    The protest lasted over two months, and was supported by hundreds of thousands of people, before being dismantled by police in mid-December 2014, without obtaining any results from Beijing.

    The Occupy Central or "umbrellas" movement (used by protesters to defend themselves from the police water cannons), was born to demand from Beijing the direct election of the chief executive of the territory, who is currently chosen by a panel of 1200 people, mostly pro-Beijing.

    Together with Joshua Wong, now 19 years old, Nathan Law, 23 (center in the photo), head of Demosisto Group, and Alex Chow (right in photo), 25, were also sentenced. At the time, they were secretary of the student federation. All of them are guilty of incitement and unlawful assembly. The ruling will be issued on August 15 next. Wong risks five years in prison.

    On leaving the court, in front of reporters, Wong said: "We have no regrets for what we have done." And Law added: "Our action began the Movement of Umbrellas".

    The Catholic and Protestant Church in Hong Kong have always been close to the democratic demands of the territory. Occupy Central is considered an example of great civil responsibility by the Hong Kong people, often slated as only being interested in work and money.

    Mabel Au of Amnesty International Hong Kong said that "the sentencing of the student leaders on the basis of vague charges such as 'unlawful assembly' smacks of political revenge of the authorities ... The continued persecution of important figures of the umbrellas movement is a blow to freedom of expression and peaceful association in Hong Kong. "

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    A Mass in front of Hong Kong parliament to commemorate the pro-democracy demonstrations two years ago. In the city and in particular in Admiralty (where hundreds of thousands of people gathered) another moment with Benny Tai. All demonstrations were conducted at 6 pm, when two years ago the police first launched tear gas. Hopes for the future.


    02/10/2017 11:49:00 HONG KONG - CHINA
    Hong Kong, thousands march for democracy on Chinese national holiday

    A day not for celebration, but for "national sadness" for the "status of the rule of law in Hong Kong." The memory of the three young Occupy Central activists sentenced to months in jail by will of the city government. "Political persecution" also for co-founders of umbrella movement. Demonstrators call for the resignation of justice secretary Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, branded Beijing’s "puppet".

    08/11/2017 11:50:00 HONG KONG-CHINA
    Alex Chow released on bail. His thanks to Card. Zen for visiting him in prison

    Chow, along with Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, may appeal against their prison sentence. His "thank you" to secretary for justice Rimsky Yuan for "the trip" to prison, which has taught Chow the (double) standards with which justice is implemented in Hong Kong. Restoring the democratic movement. Card. Zen visits Pik Uk Prison twice a month. Every year he collects funds to give the prisoners "moon desserts", symbolic of familiar unity. 

    18/08/2017 14:57:00 HONG KONG
    Stiffer sentences for Joshua Wong and two other pro-democracy activists

    Last year the court sentenced Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow to community service, but the decision was deemed too lenient for the Hong Kong government. A prison sentence of more than three months bars people from taking part in elections for five years. For human rights activists, the court decision was politically motivated in order to silence the three and deter further protests.

    21/08/2017 14:30:00 HONG KONG
    Tens of thousands protest conviction of student activists

    The protest rally was the biggest since 2014. Foreign pro-democracy activists and politicians criticise the court's decision, following the government’s appeal. Hong Kong’s chief secretary rejects the accusations, claiming that judicial independence is the foundation of the city's success.

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