07/05/2020, 12.51
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Pope supports call for global "ceasefire" to tackle epidemic

"The "solace" that Christ offers to the weary and oppressed is not only psychological relief or almsgiving, but the joy of the poor to be evangelized and builders of the new humanity. It is a message for all men of good will, which Jesus still addresses today in a world that exalts those who make themselves rich and powerful.”

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis has lent his full support to calls for a global "ceasefire" to allow interventions for the coronavirus epidemic also as "a courageous first step towards a peaceful future".

The Pontiff was speaking today after the Angelus prayer. He said: "This week the United Nations Security Council adopted a Resolution that prepares some measures to deal with the devastating consequences of the virus Covid-19, particularly for areas subject to conflict. The request for a global and immediate ceasefire, which would allow the peace and security necessary to provide the urgently needed humanitarian assistance, is commendable. I hope that this decision will be implemented effectively and promptly for the good of many people who are suffering. May this Security Council Resolution become a bold first step towards a peaceful future."

Previously, to a thousand people present in St. Peter's Square, the Pope had reminded that today's Gospel "(cf Mt 11.25-30) ) is divided into three parts: first of all, Jesus raises a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving to the Father, because He revealed to the poor and to the simple the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven; then He reveals the intimate and unique relationship between Him and the Father; and finally He invites us to go to Him and to follow Him to find relief.”

“In the first place, Jesus praises the Father, because He has kept the secrets of His Kingdom hidden from “from the wise and the learned” (v. 25). He calls them so with a veil of irony, because they presume to be so and therefore have a closed heart. Jesus says that the mysteries of His Father are revealed to the “little ones”, that is, to those who confidently open themselves to His Word of salvation, who feel the need for Him and expect everything from Him.”

“Then, Jesus explains that He has received everything from the Father. He calls Him “my Father”, to affirm the unique nature of His relationship with Him. Indeed, there is total reciprocity only between the Son and the Father: each one knows the other, each one lives in the other.”

“Just as the Father has a preference for the “little ones”, Jesus also addresses those “who labour and are burdened” (v. 29). In this way Jesus, “meek and humble”, is not a model for the resigned, nor is He simply a victim, but rather He is the Man Who lives this condition "from the heart" in full transparency to the love of the Father, that is, to the Holy Spirit. He is the model of the “poor in spirit" and of all the other “blessed" of the Gospel, who do the will of God and bear witness to His Kingdom.”

“The “solace" that Christ offers to the weary and oppressed is not merely psychological relief or almsgiving, but the joy of the poor to be evangelised and to be builders of the new humanity. It is a message for all people of good will, which Jesus still conveys today in a world that exalts those who become rich and powerful, no matter by what means, and at times tramples upon the human being and his or her dignity. And it is a message for the Church, called to live works of mercy and to evangelise the poor. May Mary, the humblest and highest of creatures, implore from God the wisdom of the heart for us, that we may discern her signs in our lives and be sharers in those mysteries which, hidden from the proud, are revealed to the humble”.

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