01/01/2021, 12.53
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Pope: A year of fraternal solidarity and peace for all. Prayers for Yemen

Pope Francis prays the Angelus and asks us to entrust " our anxieties and our torments " to the Mother of God. Today we celebrate the 54th World Day of Peace, which this year has as its theme "A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace". "Developing a mentality and a culture of “care taking” so that indifference, rejection and rivalry – which unfortunately prevail – will be defeated ". Prayer for the children of Yemen and for the bishop of Owerri (Nigeria), kidnapped a few days ago together with his driver.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - “. May it be for everyone a year of fraternal solidarity and peace, a year filled with expectant trust and hope, which we entrust to the heavenly protection of Mary, Mother of God and our Mother": this is the wish expressed by Pope Francis today in introducing the Angelus.

The Pope gave his address from the library of the apostolic palace so as to prevent mass gatherings in  St. Peter's Square in keeping with anti-pandemic measures. As a result of a bout of sciatica, the pontiff was unable to preside over Vespers and Te Deum yesterday or this morning's Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. At the Angelus he appeared in good health.

The Pope first emphasized the importance of entrusting "our anxieties and torments" to the mother of God: "The reassuring and comforting gaze of the Holy Virgin is an encouragement so that this time, granted us by the Lord, might be spent for our human and spiritual growth, that it be a time in which hatred and division are resolved, that it be a time to build and not to destroy, to take care of each other and of creation."

He then recalled that today the 54th World Day of Peace is also celebrated, which this year has as its theme "A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace".

"The painful events that marked humanity’s journey last year, especially the pandemic, taught us how much it is necessary to take an interest in others’ problems and to share their concerns. This attitude represents the path that leads to peace, because it fosters the construction of a society founded on fraternal relationships. Each of us, men and women of this time, is called to make peace happen each day and in every place we live, taking those brothers and sisters by the hand who need a comforting word, a tender gesture, solidary help. And this is a task given us by God: to be peacemakers”.

"It is a question - he continued – of developing a mentality and a culture of “care taking” so that indifference, rejection and rivalry – which unfortunately prevail – will be defeated. Peace is not only the absence of war, but a life rich in meaning, rooted in and lived through personal realization and fraternal sharing with others."

"May the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to the “Prince of Peace” (Is 9:6), obtain for us from heaven the precious gift of peace, which cannot be fully pursued with human strength alone. Peace is above all a gift to be implored from God with incessant prayer, sustained with patient and respectful dialogue, constructed with an open collaboration with truth and justice and always attentive to the legitimate aspirations of individuals and peoples”.

After the Marian prayer, Francis renewed his wishes for the new year to everyone and proposed a moment of silence for the situation in Yemen, expressing "pain and concern for the increase in violence ... which is causing many innocent victims". “Just think of the children of Yemen - he added - without education, without medicines, hungry”.

The Pope also invited to pray for peace in Nigeria and for the bishop of Owerri, Msgr. Moses Chikwe, kidnapped days ago with his driver, so that they be freed unharmed.

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