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Pope: Church must manage assets with "transparency" and "efficiency"

The Pope met with the members of the new Council for the economy and stressed that "everything" is for the purpose of the Church to evangelize "with particular care for those in need".

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The Church must manage its assets with "transparency" and "efficiency", because everything is for the purpose "of evangelization with particular care to those in need". These were the guidelines that Pope Francis laid down today in his address to the members of the new Council for the economy, on the day of its first meeting.

"The Council - said the Pope - represents the universal Church: 8 cardinals from various particular Churches, seven lay people who represent different parts of the world and contribute with their experience to the good of the Church and its particular mission. The lay members are full active members of the new Council: they are not second-class members".

"The Council for the economy - he then recalled - was established by the Motu Proprio 'Fidelis dispensator et prudens' promulgated on the 24th of February, together with the Secretariat for the economy and the Office of the Auditor General. The Motu Proprio emphasises the very important mission of this act: the awareness of the Church of its responsibility to protect and carefully manage its assets in light of its mission of evangelization with particular care for those most in need". "We must never deviate from this path. Everything, transparency, efficiency, everything is for this purpose. Everything is for this".

"The Holy See feels called to implement this mission, especially taking into account its responsibility towards the Universal Church. Moreover, these changes reflect the desire to put in place the necessary reform of the Roman Curia to better serve the Church and the mission of Peter. This is a major challenge which requires fidelity and prudence".

"The path will not be an easy one and requires courage and determination. A new mentality of evangelical service should be established in the various administrations of the Holy See.  The Council for the economy plays a significant role in this reform process and has been established to supervise economic administration and supervise the administrative structures and financial activities of these administrations; it will carry out its activities in close relationship with the Secretariat for the Economic affairs". "The work of the Council - said the Pope - is of great weight and of great importance, and provides a fundamental contribution to the service performed by the Roman Curia and the various administrations of the Holy See".


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