21 September 2017
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  • » 06/15/2017, 14.53


    Pope: Corruption is "a form of blasphemy" that "gives birth to the culture of death"

    Francis has written the preface to a book that is an interview with Card. Tukson titled "Corrosion". Today, even just "imagining the future" is a very difficult undertaking, corruption even undermines the "hope" that an improvement is possible.

    Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Corruption is a "form of blasphemy," it is the weapon, the most common language of the mafias," a "terminal process that perpetuates a culture of death " of those who carry out the crime. Today, even just "imagining the future" is a very difficult undertaking, corruption even undermines the "hope" that an improvement is possible. Pope Francis writes about corruption in the preface to the book-interview by Cardinal Peter Turkson, edited by Vittorio V. Alberti, entitled "Corrosion."

    And on corruption, the Vatican is focusing on the international debate organized by the Dicastery for the Integral human development, in collaboration with the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

    Corruption, against which Francis has already spoken out several times, is now defined as the "most common language" of mafias, a "death process" that "breaks" coexistence between people, favors crime and ultimately destroys those advocate it.

    The word "corrupt" recalls a "broken heart", "a shattered heart, soiled by something", "ruined" like a decomposed body.

    The starting point for Francis is the "three relationships" that characterize human life: that with God, that with neighbor, that with the environment. When man is "honest," he lives responsibly for "the common good." On the contrary, the man who is bribed "suffers a fall" and the "anti-social behavior" that corruption leads to ends up "dissolving the validity of relationships". Tearing down the "pillars" of coexistence among people, "particular interests" are like a poison that "contaminates every general perspective".

    In contrast, Francis concludes by recalling the "absolute beauty" of Vatican sites from where he is writing. It defines beauty not as a "cosmetic accessory", but something that "places the human person at the center". "This beauty must marry with justice" and therefore corruption must be understood and denounced because mercy is overcomes "misery", "curiosity and creativity,  resigned fatigue." The corrupt "forget to ask for forgiveness" because they are tired and unsatisfied, indifferent and full of themselves. The Church and Christians, as well as non-Christians, can be united, "snowflakes" that produce the avalanche of a "new humanism".

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    07/12/2016 12:27:00 VATICAN
    Pope: "I hope God is with me", walking beside me

    Francis began a series of catechesis dedicated to Christian hope, "that never disappoints." Appeals for days against corruption and human rights, "two realities closely linked: corruption is the downside to fight"; "Human rights are the positive aspect, to promote."


    23/10/2014 VATICAN
    Pope for the abolition of the death penalty, against life in prison, a "concealed death penalty"
    In a speech before a delegation of the International Association of Penal Law, Francis expressed his opposition to pre-trial detention "when it abusively anticipates imprisonment before conviction". Slavery is not just "treason against humanity;" is a crime that cannot be committed "without the complicity, by commission or omission, of states." For the pontiff, "Corruption is an evil greater than sin."

    03/12/2015 VATICAN
    Pope urges young people to read the Bible, not as a “literary masterpiece,” but as a book in which “God speaks"
    Francis wrote the preface to an edition of the Bible for young people that includes their comments. “[T]oday even more than in the early Church, Christians are persecuted.” For him, “the Bible is an extremely dangerous book. It is so dangerous that in some countries those who own a Bible are treated as if they were hiding hand grenades in a closet!”

    02/12/2013 IRAQ - VATICAN
    Mar Sako: the Pope in Iraq is a "necessity" for Christians hoping in a Syria-like "miracle"
    The Chaldean Patriarch testifies to the "need" for solidarity and closeness to Iraq's Christian community. Muslims appreciate the Pope Francis' "symbolic gestures ", which enhance his "prophetic character". For Mar Sako, the Christian presence in the Middle East is "essential" and its "identity" must be preserved. The ordination of a priest and six new deacons are source of hope in this time of Advent.

    17/05/2013 VATICAN
    Pope: "We are all sinners," but "the problem is not that we're sinners but that we don’t repent”, the problem is “being corrupt”
    During Mass this morning, Francis speaks of Peter who was “formed" by Jesus. Peter was great not because he was “good but because he was noble, he had a noble heart”. The importance of being open to encounter with the Lord: “He always seeks us, He is always close to us".

    Editor's choices

    Archbishop Kikuchi: In tune with the Pope and Card. Filoni for mission in Japan

    Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi

    The bishop of Niigata and President of Caritas Japan comments on yesterday’s papal message sent to the bishops of Japan. The journey stages of Card. Filoni, which will also touch Fukushima. The question of the relationship with the Neocatechumenal Way is still "unresolved".

    Pope to Japanese Bishops: Be the salt and light of society, even going against the trends

    During the pastoral visit of Card. Fernando Filoni, Prefect of Propaganda Fide, to the Land of the Rising Sun, Pope Francis urges the bishops and the Japanese Church to renew their missionary commitment to society, marked by suicides, divorces, religious formalism, material and spiritual poverty. The request to collaborate with ecclesial movements, perhaps in memory of the controversy with the Neocatechumenal Way.


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