07/21/2019, 17.11
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Pope: Moon anniversary, new goals more dignity, more justice, more ecology

The wisdom of the heart lies precisely in knowing how to combine contemplation and action.  "If we want to enjoy life with joy, we must associate these two attitudes: on the one hand," standing at the feet "of Jesus, to listen to him while he reveals the secret of everything to us;  on the other, be considerate and hospitable"


Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Fifty years ago, arriving on the Moon, man realized "an extraordinary dream.  May the memory of that great step for humanity ignite the desire to progress together towards even greater goals: more dignity for the weak, more justice among peoples, more future for our common home,” this is the hope expressed today by Pope Francis who, at the Angelus, recalled that event.

Previously, to the 30 thousand people present in St. Peter's Square for the recitation of the Marian prayer, Francis, commenting on the passage of the Gospel that tells of Jesus' visit to the house of Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus (Lk 10.38-42  ), said that the episode "reminds us that the wisdom of the heart lies in knowing how to combine two elements: contemplation and action".

In fact, Mary, who sits at Jesus' feet to listen to him, "leaves what she was doing to be close to Jesus; she doesn’t want to miss any of His words. Everything is put aside when He comes to visit us in our life; His presence and word come before anything else. The Lord always surprises us: when we truly listen to Him, the clouds vanish, doubts cede the place to truth, fears to serenity, and the different situations of life find their right place. When the Lord comes, He always arranges things, also us.".

 "In this scene of Mary of Bethany at Jesus’ feet, Saint Luke shows the praying attitude of the believer, who is able to be in the Master’s presence to listen to Him and to be in tune with Him. It’s about pausing during the day, recollecting oneself in silence for a few minutes, to make room for the Lord who “passes” and to find the courage to stay somewhat “aside” with Him, to then return with more serenity and efficacy to the everyday things. Praising Mary’s behaviour, who “chose the better part” (v. 42) Jesus seems to repeat to each one of us: “Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the things you have to do, but listen first of all to the Lord’s voice, to do well the tasks that life assigns to you.”

"Then there is the other sister, Martha. Saint Luke says that it was she who received Jesus (Cf. v. 38). Perhaps Martha was the older of the two sisters, we don’t know, but this woman certainly had the charism of hospitality. In fact, while Mary was listening to Jesus, <Martha> was wholly taken up with many services. Therefore, Jesus says to her: “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things” (v. 41). With these words, He certainly doesn’t intend to condemn the attitude of service but rather the breathlessness with which it is sometimes lived. We also share Saint Martha’s concerns and, on her example, we try to have the sense of hospitality, of fraternity lived in our families and in our communities, so that each one can feel “at home,” especially the little ones and the poor when they knock on the door."

"Therefore, today’s Gospel reminds us that wisdom of heart lies precisely in being able to combine these two elements: contemplation and action. Martha and Mary show us the way. If we wish to relish life with joy, we must associate these two attitudes: on one hand, “to be at the feet” of Jesus, to listen to Him while the secret of every thing is revealed to us; on the other, to be solicitous and prompt in hospitality, when He passes and knocks on our door, with the face of a friend who is in need of a moment of respite and fraternity. This hospitality is needed. May Mary Most Holy, Mother of the Church, give us the grace to love and serve God and our brothers with Martha’s hands and Mary’s heart because, remaining always listening to Christ, we can be architects of peace and hope".

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