20 October 2017
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  • » 08/06/2017, 16.07


    Pope: Transfiguration and holidays, to meet Jesus and to be at the service of our brothers

    In the Angelus the ascension of the disciples to Mount Tabor to contemplate the transfigured Jesus, is compared by Pope Francis with the "time of rest and detachment from daily occupations", useful for "reviving the forces of the body and the spirit, deepening the spiritual path" . He reminds that in the summer there are those who "cannot take holidays because they are prevented by age, health or work reasons, economic constraints or other problems."

    Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The event of the Lord's Transfiguration, which the Church celebrates today, "invites us to meet Jesus and to be at the service of our brothers" suggests a way to live the holidays because "rest and detachment from everyday occupations, can re-energize the forces of the body and spirit, deepening the spiritual path. "
    Pope Francis explained in this way the mystery of the transfiguration of Jesus, in front of the disciples Peter, James and John, “led up a high mountain" (Mt 17: 1), binding it to the way in which to use the time of summer break, without forgetting "the summer of those who cannot do holidays" for illness, economic reasons, or work.
    "The ascension of the disciples to Mount Tabor - he explained - leads us to reflect on the importance of detaching ourselves from worldly things, to make a way up and contemplate Jesus. This is to give us a careful and prayerful listening to Christ, the beloved Son of the Father, searching for moments of prayer that allow the docile and joyful reception of the Word of God. We are called to rediscover the peaceful and rejuvenating silence of the Bible's gospel, leading to a destiny of beauty, of splendor and joy. And when we put the Bible into our hands, we feel this inner joy that the word of God produces in us. In this perspective, summer time is a providential moment to increase our commitment in seeking and meeting with the Lord. During this period, students are free from school and many families take their holidays; in this period of rest and detachment from daily occupations, it is important that the body and spirit forces can be renewed, deepening the spiritual path. "
    "At the end of the admirable experience of the Transfiguration, the disciples came down from the mountain (cf v. 9) with eyes and hearts transfigured by the encounter with the Lord. It is the path that we can follow. The more and more living rediscovery of Jesus is not an end in itself, but leads us to "come down from the mountain," recharged with the power of the divine Spirit, to decide new steps for conversion, and to constantly witness charity as the law of daily life. Transformed by the presence of Christ and by the ardor of His Word, we will be a concrete sign of God's vivifying love for all of our brothers, especially those who suffer, those who are in solitude and abandonment, the sick and that multitude of men and women who, in different parts of the world, are humiliated by injustice, bullying and violence. "
    "In the Transfiguration - he concluded - the voice of the heavenly Father is heard, saying," This is my Son, the beloved. Listen to him! "(v.5). We look up to Mary, the listening Virgin, always ready to welcome and keep in her heart every word of the divine Son (cf. Lk 1:51). May our Mother and Mother of God help us to come in tune with the Word of God so that Christ can become light and guide in our whole life. We entrust to Her the holidays of everyone, that they can be serene and profitable, and above all the summer of those who cannot take holidays because they are prevented from age, health or work reasons, economic constraints or other problems, so that it can be in any way a relaxing time, cheered by friendly appearances and happy moments. "

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