25 April 2017
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  • » 11/24/2011, 00.00


    Punjab, Catholic activist murdered by Muslim Mafia

    Jibran Khan

    Akram Masih, married and father of four children, was killed last night by an armed commando close to Muslim landowners. For years the man was the target of threats, for his strenuous battle to defend the rights of minorities. Local Priest: Muslims landowners "steal" Christian property with the support of authorities.
    Islamabad (AsiaNews) - A group of men linked to the land mafia, led by Nadeem Ashraf, has murdered Akram Masih, a Pakistani activist, a married father of four children, in Khurda Renala, Okara district in Punjab province. According to preliminary reports the crime took place around 10.30 last night. Local church sources report that the man was a devout Catholic, committed to social problems, who fought with dedication and passion for the rights of religious minorities in the area. Among the many battles waged, Akram Masih had recently launched a campaign against the rich landowners who arbitrarily confiscate the land of Christian peasants.

    Last year alone he, together with some members of the Catholic Church had "saved" two Christian schools on the verge of being seized by landlords with the backing of local authorities. From that moment Masih continued to receive constant death threats culminating in yesterday evening’s assasination. Fr. John Joseph, a priest at Renala Khurda, confirms that "for months" Muslim landowners have been trying to steal land from Christians, with the support of the authorities. " Akram Masih added that the priest "has always courageously opposed this" and never allowed them to "carry out their evil plans." The area included in the Okara district is famous for its fertile soils, where potatoes, tomatoes and rice are grown. Three weeks ago Masih bought a small plot of land, , which the local mafia has been trying to expropriate. Personal threats again ensued and a complaint to the police proved useless, as the officers did not even launch an investigation.

    Speaking to AsiaNews Fr Shahbaz Aziz, from Okara district, said last night "around 10.30 several gunshots were heard " and "at 11 Akram Masih was found dead " near the place where he lived with his family. The priest adds that "Nadeem Ashraf is the strong man of the area" and "head of the local land mafia " with his brothers he "has repeatedly threatened Masih" leading to the death of the Christian activist. Fr. Aziza states that "the body shows signs of torture," but the police - even if forced to open a file – have shown no special interest or effort in finding the killers.

    In 2003, Fr. George Abraham was killed in similar circumstances in the area. He was also an activist for minority rights and a staunch defender of their property, under threat of confiscation by the rich landowners Muslims. "Christians in the region - said Father Shahbaz Aziz - are humiliated, and cases of persecution are common. How many lives will still be broken, before the Punjab government intervenes? ". And how much blood, he asks, "will still have to be spilled?".

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    16/10/2015 PAKISTAN
    Punjab farmer murdered for defending his fields from "land mafia"
    Razzaq was the father of six daughters. His father and brother were killed because they were fighting for their land. In 2000 General Musharraf seized 68 thousand acres in the Okara district. Since that time 14 poor farmers have been killed, many others arrested and injured, including Catholic activists. The movement of Punjab landless tenants.

    30/01/2014 PAKISTAN
    Karachi’s Christians, crushed by the land mafia, seek help from Church
    The community of Horizon Plaza is subject to abuse, violence and discrimination. Since 2011, local land mafia backed by authroities have stolen homes, property and assets. Despite the complaints, so far police and prosecutors have never taken any action . Diocesan priest demands justice "for those who suffer".

    12/03/2015 PAKISTAN
    Lahore, 20 year old Christian tortured and killed by police
    Zubair Masih was violently beaten while held overnight in police custody. He was arrested along with some relatives, after a Muslim accused his mother of theft. Mobilization of activists and civil society opens investigation against police. Little hope the Christian family will obtain justice.

    13/02/2009 PAKISTAN
    Presumed guilty five Ahmadis arrested in Punjab for blasphemy
    Asma Jahangir, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, slams the charges, urging the government to prevent abuses in the application of the law. The Ahmadis in question are accused of defacing the walls of a bathroom in a mosque with offensive graffiti. For the Commission an extremist organisation and a relative of a local politician put pressure on police to incriminate the group.

    30/03/2006 CHINA
    Activists, lawyers denounce new vote rigging in Taishi

    Residents of the small village in Guangdong are pressing ahead with protests in their "struggle for democracy". Candidates defeated in local elections claim the polls were rigged. They are being defended by 30 of China's most famous lawyers.

    Editor's choices

    Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin, bishop of Wenzhou (underground) seized by police

    Bernardo Cervellera

    Public security will not reveal where he was taken, but allow the faithful to deliver some clothes for their pastor. The bishop will celebrate Easter with his faithful. Pressures on the prelate to adhere to the Patriotic Association. A similar fate to that of Msgr. Guo Xijin. It is also pressure on the Holy See.

    Underground Mindong Bishop Guo Xijin missing for four days

    Wang Zhicheng

    After being detained at the Religious Affairs Office in Fuan, he was taken to an undisclosed location "to study and learn." Catholics believe that he will be pressured into joining the Patriotic Association. His refusal will likely mean that he won’t be allowed back to his diocese.


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