07/09/2018, 10.22
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Race on to save Japan flood victims: the death toll rises to 109

Three-year-old girl among the victims. At least 80 missing. It is believed that many are stuck in homes buried by mud. At least 267 thousand homes damaged in 11 prefectures.

Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - At least 109 dead, 80 missing and tens of thousands displaced. This is the death toll and damage caused by the torrential rains that have hit Western Japan over the past few days, causing landslides and flooding.

The figure is destined to rise, while the rescuers - now 73 thousand - are fighting  against time to find any survivors in the houses buried by mud. Among the victims, there is a three-year-old girl, dragged away from her house in Fukuyama by a flood.

The number of evacuation orders and notices have reached 5.9 million people in 19 prefectures. About 23,000 displaced persons are now in shelters. In Okayama Prefecture, one of the worst affected, more than 1000 people were trapped on the roofs of the houses, later reached by boats and helicopters.

The Ministry of the Territory has confirmed a minimum of 238 landslides in 28 prefectures and floods in more than 200 places. Approximately 267 thousand homes have been damaged in 11 prefectures. It will take two weeks to drain some flooded areas.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has canceled the planned trips for the next few days to manage the unprecedented situation.

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