04/07/2020, 09.51
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Singapore launches day of prayer and fasting for an end to the pandemic

The Archbishop calls for 24-hours of prayer from 7 pm tonight to the same time tomorrow. The toll in the city-state is over 1300 infections, six victims and 320 recoveries. For Msgr. Goh the virus has shown the inadequacy of governments in containing the spread. He prays for mercy from God for a wounded humanity.

Singapore (AsiaNews) - "We are facing one of the most demanding crises of our time", because in recent history "no disease or virus" had affected a large number of people in such a short period of time, killing thousands of them around the planet .

This is what the Archbishop of Singapore Msgr. William Goh says, announcing a special event involving the whole diocese, to call for an end to the new coronavirus pandemic that has also affected the city-state.

"As your pastor - he adds - I invite you to join me in a 24 hour prayer, fasting and penance that starts tonight at 7 and ends tomorrow 8 April, Holy Wednesday, at the same time".

In recent weeks, the local government had allocated a 30 billion euro fund for the fight against Covid-19. The city-state had distinguished itself - along with South Korea and Vietnam - among the nations of the continent and the world that best knew how to counter the spread of the virus.

However, in recent days the disease has returned in circulation and the authorities have isolated two dormitories in which more than 20 thousand foreign migrant workers reside. To date there are 1309 total cases, six confirmed victims and 320 recoveries.

Illustrating the day of fasting and prayer, the archbishop of Singapore stresses that governments around the world have understood their inadequacy "in containing the spread of the virus or in preventing deaths". "We have not yet found a vaccine for this virus - he adds - and it could take several months for scientists to find a way to stop the infection. If men can do nothing, only God is able to do something "because, as Matthew (19:26) says" for men this is impossible, but for God everything is possible ".

All preventive measures, support for health care workers and sick people in Covid-19 "are not enough" continues Msgr. Goh. "We need to pray and intercede together as Church for God’s mercy and divine intervention in the world.  Whilst it is true that this disease has purified humanity of greed, arrogance, removed many sins of the flesh from humanity, and restored the beauty of creation, we also must ask God to be merciful to humanity who are suffering the loss of lives of their loved ones.".

The Archbishop continued: "So please join me in praying for divine mercy and intervention to save the world not just from Covid-19 but that through this pandemic, the world may come to its senses and recognize that man does not have full control over the world regardless of how technologically and militarily advanced we are.  Only God alone decides because He is the Lord of life and death.” “Indeed, Holy Wednesday is called Spy Wednesday.  We who have betrayed the Lord by our sins and suffering the judgment of God, must therefore repent and pray for conversion of humanity so that this Covid-19 pandemic can be eliminated from the face of the earth”

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