01/22/2018, 08.37
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Sunken oil tanker slick extends over 300 sq. Km

The oil spill spread in a few days. Danger for some marine species and for the migration of whales.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The oil spill produced by the sinking of an Iranian oil tanker in the East China Sea has expanded in a few days and now extends over 300 sq. Km, reports the Chinese State Oceanic Administration. Three large oil spills cover a total of 332 sq km; only four days ago its surface was 101 sq. km.

The Iranian oil tanker Sanchi crashed with a Hong Kong freighter in early January and continued to burn until a massive explosion sunk it on January 14th.

The Sanchi transported 136 thousand tons of "condensed" oil. Of the 32 crew members (30 Iranians and two Bangladeshi), only three bodies were recovered.

The type of oil transported does not form stains like those of ordinary crude oil, but is highly toxic to marine life and it is more difficult to separate it from water.

According to Greenpeace, the area in which the ship sank is an important breeding area for several marine species such as squid and a resting area in winter for yellow fish and blue crab. It is also on the migratory path of numerous marine mammals, such as humpback whales and gray whales.

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