09/20/2016, 09.12
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Suspect New York and New Jersey bombings is Afghan-American

Rahami Ahmad Khan, 28, of Elizabeth (New Jersey), was arrested yesterday in Linden after a shoot-out with police. Known for his kindness, he radically changed  after a trip to Afghanistan. His family felt marginalized "because Muslim". Fears for the presence of terrorist cells.

New York (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A young American born in Afghanistan is the suspected author of a bomb that wounded 29 people in New York on the evening of last September 17 and for other ordnances around the metropolis and in New Jersey.

The young man, Rahami Ahmad Khan, 28, of Elizabeth (New Jersey), was arrested yesterday in Linden after a shootout with police. Rahami was sleeping in the doorway of a building, when the police went to investigate, and recognized him. The young man pulled a gun and shot at a policeman wounding him. Other policemen wounded the suspect and arrested him as he was being transported to hospital (see photo).

After two days of caution, police are finally describing the bomb blast and scattered bombs "a terrorist act".

Rahami was charged with attempted murder of  a representative of the law; illegal possession of weapons and possession of weapons for illegal purposes.

Rahami lived in Elizabeth (New Jersey), where he worked at a family owned restaurant. Those who know him speak of him as a kind, enthusiastic and friendly person.

But some point out that his lifestyle has changed after a trip to Afghanistan in 2014: He became more serious, growing a full beard and began wearing oriental clothes.

The Rahami family has had problems with the police. In 2011, the police wanted the restaurant owned by them closed at 10 pm, but the family objected, accusing neighbors who complained of discriminating against them "because we are Muslims."

The population of the United States, which recently recalled the attack on the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001, fears that terrorist cells are present in the country ready to strike.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating another attack took place on the evening of September 17. A young Somali, disguised as a security guard, entered into a mall and wounded nine people with a kitchen knife in St Cloud (Minnesota). The police chief said that the man made at least once a reference to Allah and asked the victims if they were Muslim, before attacking them. The man was killed by an off-duty policeman. None of the injured are in a serious condition.

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