21 March 2018
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  • » 05/30/2016, 09.19

    SYRIA - UN

    Syrian conflict: Chief opposition negotiator quits

    Mohammed Alloush, leader of the High Negotiations Committee (Hnc), has resigned. His decision the result of the "failure" of the indirect UN peace talks and the continuing violence on the ground. Other leading opposition figures also ready to step down. United Nations peace efforts at risk.


    Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The chief Syrian opposition negotiator Mohammed Alloush has resigned, due to the "failure" of the recent indirect UN peace negotiations in Geneva (Switzerland). The leader of the High Negotiations Committee (Hnc), which is supported by the Saudis, said that the negotiations have not been conducive to reaching a political agreement or improving the situation of the civilian population in areas under siege.

    Analysts and experts say the resignation of Alloush -a member of Jaish al-Islam, the Islamic Army - could push other opposition leaders to abandon the talks, torpedoing any project of peace and political transition.

    Last month the HNC "suspended" participation in the United Nations talks, led the UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura, blaming the government delegation for the stalemate in negotiations and the escalation of violence in the field.

    As announced in recent days by the same de Mistura, currently there is no official date for the resumption of negotiations, at first announced for the end of May.

    In an official statement the opposition leader (pictured right) stressed that "the three rounds of talks have not been successful" because of the "stubbornness" of the regime and the "continuous bombardment and attacks" against the Syrian people. In recent months, the anti-Assad opposition leaders (non-jihadist) in Geneva have expressed frustration at the lack of progress in talks.

    Unresolved issues include the distribution of aid in the areas under siege, the slow progress in the release of political prisoners by the government and the total absence of steps towards a political transition that has ruled out the presence of President Bashar al-Assad.

    So far the fragile truce reached on February 27 through the mediation of the United States and Russia remains in force, in spite of frequent violations on the ground.

    The Syrian conflict broke out in March 2011 as a civil uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.  It has caused at least 280 thousand dead and sparked off an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with millions of refugees.

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    UN: Syria peace talks in deadlock, no meeting in the near future

    The special envoy Staffan de Mistura confirms that there are no further meetings scheduled within the next three weeks. Oppositions constrain the resumption of talks to end the violence and the distribution of aid. On the ground continue the violence increasingly puts the fragile truce at risk.


    15/09/2016 10:06:00 SYRIA - UN
    UN: basic aid to Syria, the US and Russia must keep out warring factions

    Ban Ki-moon appeals  for the distribution of food and basic necessities. For days a convoy has been blocked on the Turkish border. Situation still insecure. Washington and Moscow agree on the extension of the truce for another 48 hours. Situation in east Aleppo critical, 250 thousand people trapped.


    07/09/2016 09:30:00 SYRIA
    Rebels claim chlorine barrel bombs used against civilians in Aleppo. No confirmation

    They claim the  gas was used during the raid in the Sukari area. At least 80 people injured, with severe breathing problems. However there is no independent confirmation of the news. Opposition leaders are meeting in London to seek a new transition plan. Even the Saudis are pushing for a truce.


    16/03/2016 16:13:00 SYRIA – UNITED NATIONS
    Syrian government and opposition moving towards a political solution

    Government and opposition envoys present proposals at “indirect” talks in Geneva as UN mediator works on finding "common ground." “Direct" talks are not excluded. Kerry will be in Moscow next week. In the last 14 months, the Islamic State group lost 22 per cent of the territories it controlled in Syria and Iraq.

    19/12/2015 SYRIA – UNITED NATIONS
    UN adopts resolution for peace in Syria but no word on Assad’s fate
    The Security Council unanimously adopts Resolution 2254 to achieve “credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance” within six months and elections within 18 months. Air strikes against the Islamic State group are set to continue. The fate of Syria’s president is not mentioned.

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