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Thanks to Beijing, Donald Tsang again the Chief Executive

With 649 votes in favour out of 795, the bureaucrat chosen by Beijing for the next five years will guide the Territory. The challenger, the democrat Leong, announces he will run again in 2012, while protestors shouted “shame” on the candidate elected and on the system that chose him.
Hong Kong (AsiaNews/Agenzie) – Donald Tsang Tam-Kuen the Chief Executive of the Region’s special administration of Hong Kong for the next 5 years. With 649 votes in favour out of 795 voters, Tsang – 62 – won the elections which took place yesterday on the Territory.
His challenger, the democrat Alan Leong Kah-kit, received 123 votes, nine less than he obtained during the nominations that decide the candidate’s role. In any case, Leong was first nominated to the democratic group to run for the most important position in Hong Kong, and has already announced that he will be running again in 2012.
Immediately after the announcement of the results, Tsang declared that he intended to govern in the name of all social layers, listen to the population, and reinforce contacts with society.” At the same time, a group of protestors gathered in front of the electoral offices shouting “shame on you Tsang and on the tight-knit circle that elected you. We want universal suffrage.”.
To congratulate him for his re-election, the central government’s liason offices in Hong Kong- military barracks of the Office of the Foreign Ministry Commissioner – have affirmed that “this vote shows how different layers of the population approve of Donald Tsang”.
These words are what brought the bureaucrat to power in Beijing. In Hong Kong, a small Constitution is in force, inherited by the British colonial government, that for sees universal suffrage by 2008. Beijing, however, gave itself the approval of every reform in a democratic sense, contradicting the promises included in the constitution (Basic Law).
Actually, the elections for the Chief Executive comes through a vote of 800 large constituents, almost all chosen by Beijing, that in theory represents 6,5 million inhabitants of Hong Kong. Also the Catholics push for elections towards the Chief Executive and for universal suffrage in the parliamentary elections.
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