08/18/2018, 09.26
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Tokyo, a robot with the features of the deceased to last the 49 days of mourning (Video)

A program records the person's face, voice and habits. After death, a mask is reproduced to be placed on the robot.


Tokyo (AsiaNews) - A robot that has the face of the deceased, to help people face the loss of one of their loved ones, continuing to "talk" to them even after their death. Thisis the idea behind the Digital Shaman Project, of young Japanese artist Etsuko Ichihara.

Before death, a program records the person's facial features, behavior and voice. In this way, after their death, a reproduction of the face will be printed in 3D that will be attached to the droid, which at the same time will move and use the same voice of the deceased person. 

The program lasts for 49 days, a traditional period of mourning in Japan. According to the Buddhist tradition, the soul of the deceased remains on earth for 49 days after their death. At the end of the last day, the automaton offers its final goodbye.

During a recent demonstration in Tokyo, many approached robots to interact with them. "My brother-in-law died of cancer last March," comments one of those present. "I heard I could talk to this robot. This project is perfect for people like me who want to continue talking to those who are not there anymore ".

Speaking of his project, Ichihara comments: "As technology advances, there is less and less room for things like emotions. I think there are those who can not keep up with this kind of change. That's why I created this robot". 

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