08/10/2019, 08.00
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Woman retires at 34 after spending no more than US$ 2 a day

Leading a frugal life since she was 18, she ate only food at discount prices and never bought new clothing. She also was scavenged for junk furniture, saving enough money to buy three flats.

Tokyo (AsiaNews/Agencies) – A woman in Japan who spent no more than 153 yen () a day for the past 16 years has achieved her dream of retiring before her 35th birthday.

Xiao (picture 1), 34, reached the goal she set for herself at the age of 18. At 27, the she appeared on a Japanese television for the first time to show her legendary saving abilities.

The young retiree claims to have always fed herself with simple and inexpensive meals, buying only items sold at great discount prices.

At breakfast she ate a slice of bread with a little butter; at lunch she fried some salmon, plus rice; for dinner she cooked udon noodles with vegetables also bought at a discount (picture 2). She saved water by eating from the pot (picture 3).

She never bought new clothing in 16 years, wearing only hand-me-downs, and didn't spend a penny on furniture, which she scavenged from junk yards.

Such a frugal life enabled Xiao to save money to buy a first flat (picture 4) for 10 million yen (US$ 95,000) at the age of 27. Unhappy with only one house, she bought a second one two years later for 18 million yen (US$ 170,000).

When she decided to retire at the age of 34, she bought a third flat for 27 million yen (US$ 255,000). Now Xiao earns a monthly income of 300,000 yen (US$ 2,850) from rents.

Her philosophy: “Save your energy and money for something you love; only then, can one be said to be responsible for one’s own life”.

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