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Young woman in Mumbai carries her cross to follow Christ

by Surabhi S

Surabhi S, who will be baptised on Easter Sunday in a parish in Mumbai archdiocese, was born into a Hindu family. " I chose him and he’s chosen me. Just like that."

Mumbai (AsiaNews) – Surabhi S, a young woman from Mumbai, answered Christ’s call to “carry your cross” and follow him. On Easter Sunday she will be baptised in one of the archdiocese’s parishes.  Born into a Hindu family, the young woman felt the presence of Jesus in her life and chose to become Christian. Her story follows.

My life is quite simple. My parents are educated and religious Hindus who firmly believe in their religion as strongly as they believe in having faith and humanity. I grew up in a multi-religious neighbourhood, with people of diverse religious beliefs. Christianity was one such religion that came to me along with other religions. As a child I spent endless hours at the house of my best friend who was Catholic. And thus, my journey with Jesus began. I did not understand his presence in my life then, but I knew he existed.

One of the ways in which Jesus' presence was revealed was rather unpredictable. I attended a seminar I didn't want to go to, but my best friend convinced me to do so. The three-day seminar was about how we should not be greater than our own voice, clearing our conscience and the past with our parents. I did that only to find out that this would be my ultimate conversation with dad. Jesus wanted to make sure I made peace with the man I loved the most.

Jesus' second revelation was when I was introduced to my now fiancé who asked to marry me. He comes from a family with strong Christian beliefs. His only request to become a Christian did take some thinking and consideration, but taking the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) course, and learning about Christian scriptures made me realise how close I was to Jesus. I learnt a better way to communicate with Him. Not only did this help me in life, but it also helped me face all the paths that were in front of me then. Of course, there were moments of doubts and questions, but as Jesus said: "Carry your cross".

The third revelation came with my grandmother’s death, which took place just a little while back. This made me realise Jesus' presence even more. My grandmother was a healthy 90 years old who fell ill suddenly and turned to the worse faster than anyone of us expected. There came a point in my life when her worsening health made time stand still. I couldn’t think of anything but pray, asking Jesus to forgive her sins.

Somewhere the discomfort and anxiousness kept growing until one Sunday, before attending the third scrutiny, I heard my answers in the scriptures of that day, which were about resurrection and the living spirit. My mind felt calm after listening to Jesus tell me that death is but natural and that it is not the end, but the beginning to an eternal life. There was a certain kind of peace within me that day. I came home and prayed for her only to find that His will was being done and that he would take her away, peacefully. I know my grandma is in a better place.

I know Jesus is around me whenever I want Him and He’s been watching me grow into the fine woman he’s planned for me. My greatest solace is talking to him every day, asking him when I am in need, thanking Him for everything he’s given me. And he makes sure he answers my prayers through the birds I meet and the music I hear and the happiness I feel at different moments. I chose him and he’s chosen me. Just like that.

Coming to the RCIA and learning about His scriptures made me realise how close I was to Christ. Jesus came to me in various forms in order to help me through times He had planned for me. Of course, there have been moments of doubts and questions, but as Jesus said, "Carry your cross".

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