02/20/2017, 13.55
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Al Azhar under the influence of Daesh Islamism

by Kamel Abderrahmani

The official religious institutions and so-called Islamic universities are the cause of the immobility of the Muslim world. The programs taught and literature used at Al Azhar are the same that are applied on the ground by all armed terrorists. No comparison possible between Al Azhar and the Vatican. The Vatican has hosted Iraqi Muslims and Syrians fleeing the war. Al Azhar has never done anything for Christians and Yazidis. The persecution of Nasr Mohamed Abdellah, eager to modernize Islam. The comment of one Muslim student.


Paris (AsiaNews) - While the West and the rest of humanity evolve with all their religious, cultural, social, economic institutions, the Muslim world and its institutions are sinking further  into archaism. Nothing is moving in the right direction, and any attempt to evolve things ends up being fought and resulting in failure. But where is the problem? Is it linked to a genetic failure, or to a moral decay?

As we all know well, religion is the focus of the entire Muslim world. For centuries this world stagnates on all aspects of life, and offers nothing to humanity, except death, terrorism and religious extremism. The official religious institutions and so-called Islamic universities are the cause of this calamity. Al Azhar, which is one of the oldest Islamic universities in the world, exerts a hypocrisy par excellence and plays a huge  role in subjecting the Muslim world to this closure.

In May 2016, after the unprecedented meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar mosque gave an exclusive interview to Vatican media. As you know, he was questioned about the conflicts and the advance of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East. In response, he said he wanted to take advantage of his presence at the Vatican to launch an appeal to the whole world to  unite and close ranks to confront and put an end to terrorism. The Grand Mufti did not hesitate for a second to appeal to all "free men of the world" to put an end to "rivers of blood".

Unfortunately, it is the literature produced by Al Azhar that is the basis of radicalism and terrorism! Proof of this is its refusal to excommunicate Islamic terrorists and the organization of the Islamic State of Daesh. Why do you think? Simply because the programs taught at Al Azhar are the same that are applied on the ground by all armed terrorists!

In fact, these terrorists have not invented anything, they have a readily available literature. A literature that has spread everywhere, especially in Al Azhar. The only difference with the different fundamentalist movements are in the manner and to the extent of their application of the different teachings. If not for this, they have the same references and the same literature.

Al Azhar must be reformed as well as its teaching programs. I can honestly say that Al Azhar, as it is now, is a danger for the Muslims and for all humanity.

Recently one of his former students has pursued legal action, accusing it of defaming religion. This is Sheikh Mohamed Nasr Abdellah, a former student of this institution. After receiving his license in theology with excellent results, he has devoted his life to research and asked to be an imam, but his case was always rejected by the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Affairs. That would be because of his speech that constitutes a danger according to "the guardians of the Islamic temple". More than 80 of his speeches are present on satellite channels; He is the author of many articles on religious issues where he condemns the veil, stoning, amputation of hands of thieves, jihad, etc ...

During the Egyptian Revolution, he was among the first to say no to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. After the attacks in Paris in November 2015, he was in the group of Muslim theologians who came to Paris to present their condolences and publicly denounce the barbaric acts of the Islamic movement.

At present he is one of the greatest figures of Koranic current of thought in Egypt. This current leads to the actualization, to the reform, the modernization of Islamic jurisprudence and especially the coexistence among all members of the Arab-Muslim societies.

Sheikh Nasr Mohamed Abdellah in one of its publication on Facebook denounces the Muslim Brotherhood designs on Al Azhar and the key posts in the Egyptian religious institutions.

At present, as a Muslim, I think that Al Azhar plays a very negative and dangerous role. Al Azhar is often termed the "Muslim Vatican": any comparison with the Vatican is illogical, irrational, absurd and coarse. The Vatican maintains a clear, clean and precise line of thought, and abolished hate speech and threats of excommunication. It also welcomed the Iraqi Muslims and Syrians fleeing the war. And then we can ask the question: why did Al Azhar not do the same with Christians and Yazidis persecuted by Daesh? Is this not sufficient proof of the bad faith of its components?

If Daesh proceeds with an unlawful physical elimination of the enemy, Al Azhar uses legal methods, ready, in order to silence those who reveal its skeletons in the closest.

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