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Appeal of the "Weeping Mothers " of Iran: free our children, arrest those who killed them

On the 31th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, a group of mothers protesting regime violence against the young. Demonstration in support of Ahmadinejad with tens of thousands. Opponents demonstrations threatened.

Teheran (AsiaNews) - Everything as was expected: on the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the regime is flexing its muscle and the parallel organization of official celebrations, mobilizing a massive Basij militia to quell Green Wave protests. The police announce that "every conspiracy will be vanquished" and President Ahmadinejad once again threatens Israel.

Speaking before the masses gathered in the large Azadi square, the controversial president has accused Iran's enemies of using the nuclear issue and human rights to dominate the region. Meanwhile, news filters through of opposition demonstrations in Tehran and Tabriz. They are the first manifestations of the massive movement led by former presidential candidate Moussavi, after those of 27 December which ended in a massacre. Tear gas and shots were fired against the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets today in Tehran. There have already been dozens of injuries and arrests.     

On the occasion of the sensitive anniversary, mothers of young people arrested, disappeared or killed during the last eight months of demonstrations have launched an appeal for democracy and justice in Iran. These women - united in the group " Weeping Mothers”, now comparable to the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, or those of Tiananmen – have met every Saturday for seven months in public places in major cities in Iran staging peaceful sit-in protests. Punctually regime officers come to disperse them but nothing can stop them.

Here is their appeal:  

"We are the mothers of today and yesterday's daughters, who participated actively in the Revolution of 1979. Is it just that 31 years after the revolution we continue to witness the sentencing to death of our children? This question is for all mothers of Iran. Is it just that we mothers must witness the annihilation of our children? Who condemns us mothers to a slow and gradual death caused by the constant mourning for our loved ones? What have our children claimed in these 31 years to deserve this? Should the participation of our children in the elections be rewarded by imprisonment, torture, rape, murder and the death penalty? We weeping mothers of Iran condemn the illegal and inhuman acts in all their magnitude, and notify the authorities that if they continue to ignore our demands and if they continue the violence, they will meet with ever growing protest.

The weeping mothers demand: the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who are detained all those who killed our children be tried before a court and, finally, we beg all the Iranian people and the world to support our children and use all possible means to stop these cruel acts.  

Our life depends on the life of our children. We will not allow a repeat of the catastrophic 1980 massacre.  

Signed: Weeping Mothers  

(Translated by the "Iranian Students of Milan")



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