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China accuses Dalai Lama of profaning Tibetan Buddhism over reincarnation

The next governor of Tibet launches attack on the Nobel Peace Prize winner: "His statements about reincarnation are hypocritical and contrary to religion. It is the Chinese central government that recognizes and endorses the leader of Buddhism." In Nepal the authorities prohibit "any event" to commemorate the failed uprising in Tibet.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - With his statements about reincarnation, "the Dalai Lama is profaning Tibetan Buddhism. His positions change constantly, and now says he will not be reborn in order to avoid political interference. But this is absurd and contrary to religion If the Chinese central government had not approved, how would he have become the XIV Dalai Lama? Says the newly appointed governor of Tibet, Padma Choling, on sidelines of the National People's Congress underway in Beijing.

The official Communist refers to an interview in September 2014 given by the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, in which he suggested that he will "not be reincarnated when he dies" given that the figure of the Dalai Lama "has had its day."

A few days after the office of the Nobel Laureate clarified that the interview "had been partly misunderstood", but also pointed out that the next reincarnation of the Dalai Lama "will be out of the control of Chinese politics."

According Choling, these positions "are a profanity. Nobody in Tibetan Buddhism will accept the end of the role of the Dalai Lama only because the current one has states as much. We have to respect history, respect Tibetan Buddhism and not profane it."

Despite these liberal positions, the local government of Tibet has put security forces in the area on alert to prevent "all forms of protest" linked to March 10, the anniversary of the failed Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

Moreover, since 2008 there has been an increasingly repressive policy towards monasteries, schools and local communities that call for greater cultural autonomy and religious freedom.

The same choice was made by the Government of Nepal, which is home to about 20 thousand Tibetan refugees: to avoid any friction with Beijing, Kathmandu has "warned" the local community "not to take part in protests, marches or demonstrations" in memory of the anniversary of March 10.

Karma Dawa, director of the Tibetan Refugee Center, explains: "We will not do anything public, we are under constant police surveillance and they never leave us in peace. We will pray for our martyrs and for a free and independent Tibet".

(Christopher Sharma collaborated)


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