06/26/2021, 13.41
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Chinese fighter jets and Taiwanese warships enhancing the militarisation of the Strait of Taiwan

China will deploy 150 new stealth fighter jets on its east coast. For experts, this is a warning to Japan and South Korea not to join the US in the defence of the island. The Taiwanese launch a second missile corvette with 12 on order against a possible invasion by China.


Beijing (AsiaNews) – China will deploy 150 new fighter jets in the Taiwan Strait and East China Sea, the South China Morning Post reported this morning.

The upgraded version of the stealth fighter (invisible to radar) will be delivered to bases in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, and the eastern and northern theatre commands.

Communist China considers the island a “rebel” province, to be retaken by force if necessary.

According to experts, this massive deployment is meant as a warning to Japan and South Korea not to join the United States in defending Taiwan.

This follows Japan’s recent decision to boost its support for Taiwan.

"The peace and stability of Taiwan are directly connected to Japan and we are closely monitoring ties between China and Taiwan, as well as Chinese military activity,” said Japanese Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi is quoted as saying on Thursday in Bloomberg.

Tension remains high in the Strait of Taiwan. On Tuesday, a US destroyer sailed through the body of water that separates the island from the mainland, the sixth time a US warship has done so since Joe Biden took office in January.

Last week, 28 Chinese planes flew into Taiwan's air identification zone, prompting a response from Taiwan’s Air Force.

In response to the Chinese challenge, Taiwan has begun a massive rearmament campaign, thanks in part to US help.

Yesterday, the Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration took delivery of a new missile corvette, the second of 12 that the Tsai Ing-wen administration wants to buy for the country's maritime defence.

In the event of an invasion by China, the new corvettes can fire modern Hsiung Feng III and Hsiung Feng II anti-ship missiles.

In November Taipei began work on the construction of eight submarines, the first home-made underwater vessels to be fitted with digital sonar systems, integrated combat systems, and periscopes provided by the United States.

The island also has new Hsiung Feng-2E cruise missiles, capable of hitting targets in mainland China, more than a thousand kilometres away.

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