08/10/2020, 13.46
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Faisalabad man: ‘Now I am healed’ from COVID-19 after praying for 45 days

by Shafique Khokhar

Younas Masih caught the virus in hospital where his father had to undergo an operation. For this reason, he remained isolated at home as hospitals had no places available. Instead of reading books and watching movies, he prayed all the time. Now that he's healed, he wants to donate his plasma for coronavirus patients.

Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – Younas Masih, a 61-year-old Christian man, came down with COVID-19 in June 2020. Refused by doctors and hospitals, he spent 45 days confined at home in isolation.

Yesterday, 9 August, he celebrated his recovery with a moment of prayer telling those present that he stood firm in his faith, kept praying, and God saved him.

Back in May, Younas Masih's 83-year-old father fell and broke a leg. To help his father prepare him for surgery, Younas Masih stayed with him in hospital for two weeks, just as the pandemic was reaching its peak in the country.

After he went home with his father, he began to have fever and cough. The increasingly strong cough and continuous fever made him very weak and after consulting a doctor, he tested positive for coronavirus.

Because of his infection, doctors refused to see him, and hospitals, even private ones, would not accept him because they were already overflowing with coronavirus patients.

Younas had to isolate himself in a room in his house and stay there for 45 days. During this time, “I was heartbroken and frightened of the possibility of dying,” he said. “My cough and fever didn't spare me even for a minute””

Death seemed so close to him that he called his son on the phone to give him his last wishes. He didn't think he would survive. But yesterday, he told his friends that "continuous prayers and faith in God" brought him back to life.  

“My doctor suggested that I read some books and watch movies during the isolation to avoid boredom and laziness, but I had a better option. I spent all my time in prayers, asking God Almighty to heal me for only He could save me from the virus.

“And lo and behold, as I stand in front of you, my prayers were answered and God brought me back to life. During the time I spent in prayer, I never felt alone and never afraid, because Jesus protected me.”

At yesterday's ceremony, Younas Masih thanked the Lord first of all for the new life given to him; the doctors who gave him advice during his isolation; his family, who were close to him, bringing him food and medicines every day, remembering him in their prayers.

“Now I am healed and I feel blessed by Jesus Christ,” Younas said. “I would like to share this blessing with other COVID-19 patients. This is why I want to donate my plasma for the sick who need it.”

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