01/18/2019, 15.58
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For China Citizens Movement, Xi Jinping is destroying China

by Wang Zhicheng

In its New Year message, the group founded by Xu Zhiyong calls for the end to Xi Jinping’s dictatorship. The latter is accused of amending the Chinese Constitution, monopolising resources, and governing everything. The movement’s only "weapons" are truth, courage, and hope.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – In its New Year statement, the China Citizens Movement writes that President Xi Jinping is "bringing China to a destructive point of no return" as well as “sabotaging the legitimate rules of the international community” and “building a new model of totalitarianism".

The Movement, which emerged a few years ago to denounce and fight corruption in Chinese society and in the Party, was founded by human rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong, 45.

For asking Party members to publicly disclose their wealth, Xu was given a four-year prison sentence.

After his release on 15 July 2017, he resumed his action to raise awareness and expose wrongdoing, but remains closely monitored by police.

In addition to exposing the hidden wealth of Party leaders and the corrupt way they got it, Xu – who taught law at a Beijing university – backed the legal battles of Chinese families whose children were poisoned by melamine-laced baby formula. He has also defended the right of children of migrant workers to get an education at all levels in the cities where their parents work.

In the New Year Message, the Movement slams Xi Jinping's attempt to remain in power for life, after he got the Chinese Constitution amended, and to "monopolise all the resources and gain the privilege to rule over everything”.

Citing the various groups that make up the movement (students, artists, business people, prisoners of conscience, human rights lawyers, persecuted believers, etc.), the message points out that their weapon of choice is not "guns or canon" but "common sense to dispel lies” as well as “courage to resist violence" and “hope to overcome tyranny."

"We know very well that we will pay a price that’s too stiff for ordinary people. But we have made our choice, and that is: instead of succumbing to tyranny, we are willing to dedicate ourselves to the cause of freedom.”

In view of this, “We want to tell the world that the Chinese people love freedom, pursue freedom, and will enjoy freedom. One day the rest of the world will witness us being free and rejoicing.”

For the full text of the movement’s message, click here.

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