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"God showed me the power of hope," says TV director after his conversion

by Xin Yage
One of the island's foremost TV directors, author of two books, was baptised at the age of 58. Working for TV, he saw "many believers, believers in Jesus Christ," full of energy and doing good things. "God gave me the gift of a cancer, which showed me the way. Now I am happy."

Taipei (AsiaNews) - Each Wednesday night, we come together as a group to share the Bible. Every time we try to involve new people. The group is open to everyone, and no one needs a certificate of baptism to participate.

For the past three years, Mr Jiang (蔣 導演), a retired TV director, has been one of the most regular participants.  Since he converted to Christianity, he has been engaged full time in spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

He has also published two bestsellers and his outgoing personality has made him one of Taiwan's foremost media figures.

"Two years ago I was baptised in one of the most beautiful and most intense experiences of my life," a confident Mr Jiang told us.

"I was not ten-years-old, nor 22. I was 58 and retired," he explained. "I always worked as a TV director. Through the shows I made for TV, I heard many stories, saw many believers - believers in Jesus Christ and in his love. They impressed me a lot. I had always wondered where these people found the energy to do all those good things? This is what struck me."

He wanted to find out more about the Christian religion. "I thought I would do it when I retired. However, I think God the Father had other plans for me. And he sent me a gift. Actually, I did not think of it as a gift at that time. I was diagnosed with cancer and it is that experience of illness that I now consider a gift."

At the beginning, it was physically and psychologically tough. But "It was then that I began to think about the stories of the believers I had aired on television. Simple but tenacious people who heard God's calling even in hardest of times. Perhaps, especially in the hardest times."

"I underwent treatment and lived through dark moments, but, thanks to medicine and an unexpected inner strength, I gradually focused, calmed down and got back on my feet."

Starting with this experience, he now says he can "certainly understand much more the anguish of those who suffer."

"If I can take part in some of the journey of those who have physical, moral or psychological problems, I feel more humble and ready to share," he explained.

"The page I like the most in the Gospel is that about the disciples of Emmaus. When all seemed lost, Jesus just started walking with them and listening to them, and they were very confused. He hen gave them a lot of courage. I believe Jesus did the same thing with me: he gave me courage when I thought the light in my life was going out forever."

For this reason, he says God gave him a gift. "Now I feel a lot of energy inside me. I want to learn new things, communicate hidden but important stories, which I discovered from week to week through my work. After all, God's 'work' is also about communicating a message of hope when it seems there is none. Thus, I feel that the Gospel stories, which are very inspiring, are repeated again and again even today."

Mr Jiang works for free at two universities where he trains new movie makers and TV studio directors. He is especially generous with his advice and inspiration for their film projects.

"I remember I needed points of reference and noteworthy stories when I began my career. I hope to convey to young people at least some of what I learnt over the years. I want to tell them never give up, that nothing can defeat them!"

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