04/26/2016, 09.05
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In memory of the genocide, Armenian districts of Aleppo bombarded. Christians rail against Assad

Explosions also in Yerevan and Karabakh. The Aleppo Armenians accuse the "Islamic terrorists" backed by Turkey, of  using raids to "commemorate" the anniversary of the genocide. Fires in the districts of Suleymaniye and Ashrafieh. 17 Armenians killed, including three children and a woman. For the first time, in Yerevan, a bus packed with explosives is detonated .

Aleppo (AsiaNews) - Islamic terrorists have launched a series of heavey bomb attacks from areas not under government control on Armenian districts of Aleppo, in clear violation of the ceasefire. The bombs killed 17 Armenians including 3 children and a woman, and have sparked a series of fires that are still raging due to the lack of water, causing extensive destruction and damage to property.

The inhabitants of Suleymaniye and Ashrafieh, the Armenian districts of Aleppo bombed yesterday, have no doubt: These attacks are "Turkey’s direct response to the 101th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide", marked the day before, on April 24, in the churches of Aleppo, already battered by more than four years of war.

Speaking to AsiaNews over the phone from Aleppo, Armenian Sevag Tashdjian,  said the "Islamic terrorist groups supported by Turkey," who "cross Turkish-Syrian border trafficking arms, ammunition and stolen goods" are responsible.

"We woke up under the bombs, it is Turkey’s gift" he added, "entire neighborhoods have caught fire and we went under the bombs to bring relief to sick and elderly trapped in their homes and take them to safety, to safer underground shelters".

The few open shopkeepers closed their doors, and for the first time in five years of conflict, "anger has overcome fear". It must be said that the Aleppo Armenians are the group who paid the highest price so far in the war, with the destruction of the ancient churches (including the church of the 40 martyrs, a seventeenth century architectural jewel). The churches were destroyed by explosives placed in underground tunnels carved from areas controlled by pro-Turkish Islamic terrorists). But this time, for the first time, the Armenians are angry with President Bashar Assad.

"Where are you Bashar? You claim to protect Christians, why have you forsaken our neighborhoods at the mercy of Islamic terrorists for 4 years now? ". "Syrian troops are freeing areas controlled by 'Isis all over the country, even in the desert so why not here?" asks Tashdjian.

A Syrian television station sent a reporter to cover the news, but she was abruptly interrupted by the Armenian inhabitants who vented their rage live on television, speaking directly to Bashar Assad shouting "Enough! Do something that goes beyond the words of support and promises to defend the Christians! We are Armenians, Turkey is continuing the genocide of our people here in Aleppo! Why not sweep away these terrorists from our neighborhood? It's been four years, you do nothing but talk about it! If the Syrian army cannot, or will not save us, give us weapons and we will. " The voices and the loud cries prevented the journalist from continuing the news report.

Confirming the suspicions expressed by Aleppo Armenians of Turkish involvement in these crimes, there were two more explosions: one in Armenia, in the center in the capital Yerevan, on the street named after Aleppo; the other in Nagorno Karabakh, always after the celebration of the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government in 1915.

In fact yesterday in Yerevan a bus packed with explosives exploded causing deaths and injuries. It is a sad first for the Armenian capital: it had never been the scene of  attacks, which closely resemble the attacks in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Another explosion occurred in Karabakh. This was reported by the Russian broadcaster Russia Today, without giving further details on damage to persons and property. (PB)

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