05/14/2020, 14.51
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Indonesia Day of Prayer: All focus on humanity

by Mathias Hariyadi

 “This is a problem for all humanity. Moreover, this global issue for humanity in the most critical moment of our modern history, means that everyone has a moral and religious duty to help and support each other ".

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - The Pope's appeal for prayer today, May 14, promoted by the High Committee of Human Fraternity, finds significant echo in Indonesia, among scholars and religious and political leaders.

Professor Kiai Hajj Nazaruddin Umar (photo 2) of the Grand Istiqlal Mosque, founder of the Indonesian interreligious organization "Masyarakat Dialog antar Umat Beragama", deputy minister of religious affairs (2011-2014), member of the UK-Indonesia Advisory Team and visiting scholar at Shopia University, Tokyo (2001), SOAS University of London (2001-2002) and Georgetown University, Washington DC (2003-2004), speaking to AsiaNews said: "We have also made the same appeal. In the Indonesian Council of Ulema or in the MUI, this appeal has also been brought to all members and the entire Muslim community across the nation. "

Why is appeal important?

“This is a problem for all humanity. Moreover, this global issue for humanity in the most critical moment of our modern history, means that everyone has a moral and religious duty to help and support each other ".

“Nobody - he adds - can do everything, but everyone should be side by side. And this is why the Pope's appeal for prayer and to do good things for others means that we are called spiritually and morally to practice this humanity in society. "

Kiai Hajj Yahya Cholil Staquf, (photo 3) illustrious Muslim scholar and co-founder of the "Humanitarian Islam" movement which seeks to reform the obsolete principles of Islamic orthodoxy which enjoins religious hatred, supremacy and violence, and restore rahmah (universal love and compassion) to its legitimate primary in Islam, in a telephone conversation with AsiaNews he said that he "firmly supports the Pope's initiative to call today for world prayer to ask for God's grace and mercy for put an end to this pandemic ”.

"As an executive member of the PBNU (Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama, the UN's Grand Leadership) - he adds - all members of the Nahdlatul Ulama have been involved in responding to this appeal. Not only in this special moment in which international leaders, including the Pope, they strongly supported the same appeal, but from the initial moment of the pandemic. "

Why is this national appeal to pray for all UN member States important?

“This covid-19 knows no boundaries and knows no preferences, including our own peer-groups. Everybody is an easy “target” of this fatal virus that is spreading. So, in this very crucial time when everybody is prone to this deadly virus, we are –as human-beings—spiritually called by our religious teachings to become more consciously aware on our own nature as human-beings".

“We must adopt the true teaching of our fundamental religion that spiritual well-being for all people is urgently needed now, not which religion everyone follows. All of us human beings who should adopt the fundamental values ​​of any religion: the spirituality of the social being, tolerant and friendly to others ".

"The Pope's appeal to pray and do good things for others is therefore the true 'real thing' of such spirituality." "This spirituality does not belong to individuals, but should be adopted by all society, as desired by Pope Francis and by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar and then relaunched by the High Committee ".

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