05/02/2018, 10.23
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Iranian Nuclear, Tehran: Netanyahu a 'liar' who spreads baseless accusations

The Islamic Republic’s strong response to the Israeli prime minister's accusations. According to Netanyahu Tehran is still working on atomic arms. But he produces only old documents and his claims are also denied by the IAEA. The White House initially supports him, but later back tracks. The EU re-emphasizes the importance of the agreement as a guarantee of peace in the Middle East.

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Israeli premier is a " infamous liar " who spreads baseless accusations concerning a non-existent secret nuclear program in Teheran. According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements accusing the Islamic Republic of "lies" and renewed atomic ambitions,  are "worn out, useless and shameful".

Minister Javad Zarif emphasizes that the documents produced by Israel ere a rehash of old allegations already dealt with by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN's nuclear watchdog. In a statement Minister Bahram Ghasemi's spokesman adds that they come from "an infamous and shattering liar, who has nothing to offer". "Netanyahu and his infamous Zionist regime - he adds - must understand that the world has had enough".

In a televised speech broadcast over the past few days on unified networks, the Israeli Prime Minister had said he had "new evidence" of a nuclear plan that can be activated at any time. However, he did not provide any specific evidence of activity by the Islamic Republic to obtain the atomic bomb since  2015, when the nuclear agreement was signed (the JCPOA).

In an escalation of the tension that is more and more likely to lead to a conflict between Israel and Iran, Netanyahu has obtained the power to declare war "in extreme situations" with the sole consent of the Minister of Defense. On April 30, the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) approved the request of the premier, which transfers the power to declare war from the entire executive to a small circle of people, the security committee.

Meanwhile analysts and experts dismantle the controversial accusations launched by Netanyahu to Iran. The premier TV show would have been a frontal attack without any substantial and current evidence. The goal would be to hide the internal problems of the country and to push the American ally to blow up the historic agreement reached by the previous Obama administration. The decision of President Donald Trump on the reintroduction of sanctions against Tehran is scheduled for May 12th.

In the face of Netanyahu's accusations (which showed documents of an alleged atomic program filed 15 years ago), Iran reiterates that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.


At this time, the IAEA, which in the past - the material is from 2003 - replied to the Israeli attacks had planned the production of "nuclear devices". However, experts continue, "there are no credible indications" about Iran's "significant nuclear activities" since 2009.

Meanwhile, international diplomacy continues to move on opposite sides to try to save (or erase) the agreement. The White House at first responded to the allegations launched on live TV by Netanyahu defining them consistent and that Iran "has" still today a "robust nuclear program" in place. A few hours later the American leaders corrected the statement, underlining that Tehran "had" (transforming the verb to the past) an atomic program.

The position of the European leaders remains unchanged and they strongly defend the agreement as the only way to peace in the Middle East. The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union Federica Mogherini confirms that the documents produced by Netanyahu have "in no way questioned" the accession to the agreement and the IAEA itself has certified its observance.

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