11/11/2016, 09.31
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Israel and Islamic State celebrate neo-US President Trump

Daesh and jihadist websites celebrate the victory of the Republican candidate. Trump will show "the ugly face of America." He is a "stupid bull, arrogant and conceited, dumber than Bush." For the ideologue of al Qaeda it is the beginning of the "destruction" of the US. Netanyahu recalls the "iron link" between the two countries. The invitation to Washington at the "first opportunity."

Washington (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The election of Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States, met by the ritual declarations of good wishes and felicitations from world's leaders, is being seen as a "golden opportunity" by Israel and the State Islamic (IS). Social media sites and pages linked to jihadist movement have celebrated the victory of the Republican candidate for the White House, reputed to be a "sniper openly hostile to Muslims."

During the campaigning, the Daesh leaders [Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, IS] made no big differences between Trump and the Democratic leader Hillary Clinton. However, a few hours after the official victory of the "populist billionaire " some personalities close to the IS, and other jihadist websites began to show their enthusiasm.

In some messages relayed on Telegram [an encrypted messaging program, ed] the IS leaders invited group members to "rejoice" because Trump "will show the ugly face of America." His victory "is a good thing for the Muslim nation", claimed another jihadist, who says he is "optimistic" because the President elect is a "stupid bull, arrogant and conceited, more stupid than [George W.] Bush".

Still others claim that Trump’s "vulgarity" will "embarrass" the "Arab tyrants" and "widen the field of jihad".

Moreover during the months of campaigning the new president did not hesitate to attack the Muslim community, promising to ban the entry of faithful of Muhammad to the US and he also had stinging words for Saudi Arabia and to the monarchy. Over recent months Daesh propaganda increasingly described Trump and Clinton as "engaged alongside the Jewish state in the war against Islam."

The Islamic State social media highlight the street protests that have greeted the Trump victory in the United States with the hope that they will increase, so the US "will withdraw their armies" in the Middle East to quell the internal revolt.

Al Qaeda ideologue Abou Mohammad al-Maqdis, who lives in Jordan, has also weighed in. "Trump in power - said the extremist leader - could be the beginning of a division in the United States and of its destruction."

Along with the Islamic state, even the Israeli government leaders seem - at least in official statements - happy with the election results. The local leadership recalls the statement made in recent months by Trump, who said he was ready to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, defying the dominant positions at the UN.

The premier Benjamin Netanyahu, called Trump "a true friend of Israel," and said he is certain that the newly occupant of the White House will bring the relations between Israel and the United States to "new heights". "I look forward to working with him - said Netanyahu - to strengthen security, stability and peace in the region".

The Israeli Prime Minister recalled the "iron link" between the two countries, which has its roots in the "shared values" reinforced by "shared interests and guided by a common destiny." "I am confident - said Netanyahu - that President Trump and I will continue to strengthen the only alliance that binds our two countries." The phone call from Trump to Netanyahu and the invitation to the United States at the "first opportunity" for a meeting seem to confirm this special bond.

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