03/18/2019, 14.54
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Muslim speaks out on the Christchurch massacre: Hate is the religion of terrorism

by Kamel Abderrahmani

The attacks reflect a malaise, reinforced by extreme right-wing and hate-filled intellectuals. The murderer was obsessed with the end of Europe and the idea of "a great replacement" of its peoples. Islamic terrorism is a direct cause of the emergence of nationalism and Islamophobia.

Paris (AsiaNews) – There can be no justification nor case for the killing of peaceful innocent people praying in their place of worship. Every human life is sacred and no one has the right to take it away or strike at its wholeness. Apparently though, not everyone agrees.

What just happened in New Zealand is inadmissible, it is barbarism. Forty-nine Muslims were slaughtered in cold blood because for the simple fact that they were Muslims. The killer was equipped with a camera and broadcast part of his terrorist act live on social media after publishing a "manifesto" of about 60 pages on a discussion forum in which he denounced immigrants, whom he calls "invaders".

The manifesto was clear. It accurately details the author's obsession with the end of Europe and the idea of the "great replacement" of its population by immigrants. It should be known that this theory is also popularised by a certain Renaud Camus,[1] a right-wing writer whose work gave the "manifesto" its title. He brings together most extreme right-wing fantasies and shamelessly and unscrupulously calls on Europeans to attack anyone with an immigrant background.

That is why I say that what has just happened in New Zealand reflects a certain malaise reinforced by a dangerous discourse by extreme right-wing circles in Europe and some hate-filled Islamophobic intellectuals invited to speak on TV platforms who think that all Muslims alike. This is a monumental mistake that could eventually lead to other Islamophobic acts. That is to say, innocent people will pay for what a guilty and sick few do.

For this reason, I believe that this terrorist act is also connected to Islamist terrorism. Indeed, hatred only breads hatred and one kind of terrorism also causes another kind. In France, for example, Islamophobic acts against mosques have multiplied in recent years, especially after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, and those of 13November 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis. In other words, Islamist terrorist acts have contributed directly to the emergence of extremist nationalism and to Islamophobic acts. There is a certain relationship between events!

What I mean is that we believe in a human community that builds bridges that connect different cultures and religions for a better world, a world where Jews are not killed for what they are, and the same goes for Christians, Muslims, atheists, deists.

This mission may not appear easy but it is possible. It is possible to see that the man who killed 49 Muslims does not represent the 2 billion Christians on earth. It is possible not to confuse the Islamic State group and other terrorist groups with one billion Muslims. Ultimately, terrorist deeds must be attributed to those who carry them out.

[1] Martin, Clémentine et al., La théorie du grand remplacement de Renaud Camus (The Theory of the Great Replacement by Renaud Camus).

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