11/29/2019, 09.21
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Police siege of Hong Kong Polytechnic University ends (Video)

by Paul Wang

The police removed thousands of Molotov cocktails, explosives, bottles of corrosive liquid, stones, bows and arrows. But the building was empty: there were no demonstrators. So far over 1000 people have been arrested over the PolyU. Demonstration against the siege last night in Tsim Sha Tsui. A show in Edinburgh Place to thank the United States for their support, after the signing of the human rights law. Events continue at lunch time.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - Shortly before midday today, police ended the siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), which began about 12 days ago.

Before handing the building over to the academic authorities, the police inspected the site to verify its safety. In a media statement, the police say they removed 3989 Molotov cocktails, 1339 explosive items, 601 bottles of corrosive liquid, 573 offensive instruments, including stones, bows and arrows (photo 1).

The university has been occupied since November 17, after violent clashes between anti-extradition demonstrators and police. For days the police have besieged the PolyU not allowing anyone to enter for supplies, food, medical care. It is unclear how many tear gas, bullets and other offensive instruments they used to bring out radical groups and their supporters holed up inside.

In recent days, over a thousand people came out surrendering to the police, accused of revolt. At least 300 children under the age of 18 were released, although the police registered their names and reserved the right to incriminate them in the future. Several others fled risking their safety, lowering themselves from the bridges with ropes and being transported by their friends on motorcycles. Most of them have been arrested.

Although it was thought that at least 20 protesters were still living in the building, the police claim they encountered no one. According to a journalist from the RDK, who managed to get in, Poly U looks like a ghost town, with garbage, graffiti on the walls, broken glass, mess, etc.

Meanwhile, the anti-extradition and democracy movement shows no sign of stopping. Last night in Tsim Sha Tsui about 1000 people gathered to express support for those who were besieged in the PolyU and to criticize the police (photo 2).

Yesterday evening, in Edinburgh Place in Central, several thousand young and old people celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a show to thank Donald Trump and the United States for signing the human rights law, offering support for the Hong Kong demonstrations ( photo 3). Celebrities included singer Denise Ho and an Italian singer named Stefano. Ho sang the anthem of the demonstrations "Glory to Hong Kong" (see video).

And today, at lunch time, there were still several thousand people who have walked the streets of Central, Kowloon Bay and Cheung Sha Wan for the demonstration "Lunch with You" (photo 4). In addition to employees and managers, there were also many secondary school students among the participants.

One of the participants told SCMP: "The protest during lunch in Central is now famous all over the world. I will continue to come until we have universal suffrage."

Video Credit: Guardians of Hong Kong


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