09/10/2022, 14.55
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Pope warns against ‘all out’ war, calls on Mary to preserve us from atomic disaster

In a heartfelt appeal before the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Francis urges scientists to reject research with “deadly ends” and instead come together to make science “a force for peace.”

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis met this morning in the Vatican with members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, gathered for their plenary meeting centred on the topic of Basic Science for Human Development, Peace, and Planetary Health.

In his address, the pontiff once again expressed his great concern for the conflicts raging around the world. “I have said that it was a Third World War being fought ‘piecemeal’” – perhaps we can now say that it is ‘all out’ – putting people and the planet at ever greater risk.

“Saint John Paul II gave thanks to God that, through Mary’s intercession, the world had been preserved from atomic war. Unfortunately, we must continue to pray for protection against this danger, which should have been averted long ago.”

“After two tragic world wars,” the pontiff told the scientists gathered at the Vatican, “it seemed that the world had learned to move progressively towards respect for human rights, international law and various forms of cooperation.

“Unfortunately, history shows signs of regression.  Not only are anachronistic conflicts intensifying, but instances of a myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism are re-emerging, and new wars of domination, affecting civilians, the elderly, children and the sick are causing destruction everywhere.”

Pope Francis stressed the specific role scientists can play at this point in time in promoting peace and countering war-related research.

“All knowledge based on science and experience must be utilized to avoid wars and overcome suffering, poverty and new forms of slavery. By rejecting research that in the past has been destined for deadly ends, scientists around the world can unite in a common readiness to disarm science and thus become a force for peace.”

“In the name of God, who created all human beings for a common destiny of happiness, we are called today to bear witness to our fraternal vocation to freedom, justice, dialogue, mutual encounter, love and peace, and avoid nurturing hatred, resentment, division, violence and war.  

“In the name of the God, who gave us the planet to safeguard and develop, we are called today to ecological conversion, to save our common home and life, and that of future generations, rather than increasing inequality, exploitation and destruction.”

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