06/13/2019, 14.53
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Pope: a "Decalogue" to worthily represent the Roman pontiff

Francis gave a series of rules of behavior to the papal nuncios. He is a man of God and of the Church, attentive to the poor and to the situation of the country to which he is sent, obedient, devoted to prayer, he avoids slander, he does not criticize the Pope and he does not wear “designer clothes”, which are contrary to his witness.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The papal nuncio is a man of God and of the Church, attentive to the poor and to the situation of the country to which he is sent, obedient, devoted to prayer, he avoids slander, he does not criticize the Pope and he does not wear “labels”, which are contrary to his witness. These are some of the "commandments" that the Pope addressed to the 103 pontifical representatives (in the photo) who participated in the third meeting desired by Francis and which takes place in the Vatican from June 12 to 15.

Francis, who gave the prepared speech to the nuncios, called it "a kind of" decalogue "which, in reality, is addressed through you also to your co-workers and, indeed, to all the bishops, priests and consecrated persons that you met in every part of the world ”.

The nuncio, then, is first of all a "man of God", which means "to follow God in everything and for everything; obey his commandments with joy; to live for the things of God and not for those of the world; to freely devote all his resources to Him by accepting with a generous spirit the sufferings that come as a result of faith in Him ”.

The nuncio, then, does not represent himself, but the Church. This is why "it is bad to see a Nuncio seeking luxury clothes and objects" labels "among people without the necessary". It is a counter-witness ”.

He also "is a man of apostolic zeal", as "announcer of the Good News". And he is a "man of reconciliation". "It is an important part of the work of every Nuncio to be a man of mediation, communion, dialogue and reconciliation". "Being a man of communication," the activity of the Pontifical Representative brings first of all a precious service to the Bishops, to the Priests, to the Religious and to all the local Catholics, who find in him support and protection, as he represents a Higher Authority , which is for everyone's benefit. His mission does not overlap with the exercise of the powers of the Bishops, nor does it replace or obstruct it, but respects it and, indeed, favors it and supports it with fraternal and discreet advice".

The nuncio represents the Pope. "Being sent by the Pope and the Church, the Nuncio must be prepared for human relationships, have a natural inclination for interpersonal relationships, that is, be close to the faithful, priests, local bishops, and also to other diplomats and rulers ". His mission is naturally "irreconcilable" with criticizing the Pope, "having blogs or even joining groups hostile" to Him and to the Church.

He is also a "man of initiative", who is "a positively curious person, full of dynamism and initiative; a creative and courageous person, who does not let himself be overcome by panic in unpredictable situations, but knows, with serenity, intuition and imagination, how to try to turn them over and manage them positively ".

The pontifical representative is also a "man of obedience". "A Nuncio who does not live the virtue of obedience - even when it is difficult and contrary to his personal vision - is like a traveler who loses his compass, thus risking to fail the goal".

The nuncio is a "man of prayer". In this regard, Francis recalls "the unsurpassable words with which St. John the Baptist Montini, as substitute Secretary of State, described the figure of the Pontifical Representative:" It is that of one who truly has the conscience to bring Christ with him "(April 25, 1951 ), as the precious asset to communicate, to announce, to represent ”.

He is a "man of industrious charity". "The Nuncio having the task of interpreting" the solicitude of the Roman Pontiff for the good of the country in which he exercises his mission; in particular he must zealously take an interest in the problems of peace, progress and collaboration of peoples, in view of the spiritual, moral and material good of the entire human family "".

And finally, he is a "man of humility". (FP)

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