04/01/2020, 15.13
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Pope: those who work in the media should help others endure isolation

Being a disciple means letting oneself be guided by the Holy Spirit. For this reason, a disciple of Jesus is someone of Tradition and novelty, a free person, never subject to ideologies.


Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis urged those who work in print and broadcast media to help people endure this period of isolation.

Speaking at the start of the Mass he celebrated this morning at Casa Santa Marta, the pontiff said: “Today I would like us to pray for all those who work in the media, who work to communicate today, so that people don’t feel too isolated, for the education of children, for information, to help endure this time of isolation.”

In his homily, Francis spoke about the Gospel passage (Jn 8:31-42) in which Jesus tells the Jews: “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Discipleship, he said, means letting yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. For this reason, a disciple of Jesus is a person of Tradition and novelty, a free person, never subject to ideologies.”

In the Gospel passage, “there is an intense discussion between Jesus and the doctors of the Law,” explained the Pope. “Above all, people try to show their identity. John tries to get closer to the struggle to clarify his identity, that of Jesus, as well that of the doctors. Jesus backs them into a corner by showing them their contradictions. And they, in the end, find no other way out than through insult. It is one of the saddest pages, it is blasphemy. They insult Our Lady.”

“Speaking of identity, Jesus spoke to the Jews who believed and advised them: ‘If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples.’ The Lord repeated many times the word he loved so much, at the dinner too: ‘Remain in me,’ Remain in the Lord. He did not say: 'Study well, learn the arguments well;’ this is taken for granted. But he does get into the most important thing, the one that is most dangerous for life, if it is not done: remaining. ‘Remain in my word’.

“Those who remain in the word of Jesus have their own Christian identity. Which one? ‘Truly be my disciples.’ Christian identity is not a card that says 'I am a Christian', an identity card. No. It is discipleship. You, if you remain in the Lord, in the Word of the Lord, in the life of the Lord, you will be a disciple. If you don't remain, you will be one who sympathises with the doctrine, who follows Jesus as a man who does a lot of good, who is very good, who has the right values, but discipleship is precisely the true identity of the Christian.”

“Discipleship will give us freedom. Disciples are free people because they remain in the Lord. What does ‘Remaining in the Lord’ mean? [it means] Letting yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. Disciples let themselves be guided by the Spirit; for this reason, they are always people of tradition and novelty, they are free people Free. [Someone who is] Never subject to ideologies, to doctrines within the Christian life, doctrines that can be discussed ... Remaining in the Lord is the Spirit that inspires. When we sing to the Spirit, we tell it that it is a guest of the soul, dwelling in us. But this [is possible] only if we remain in the Lord.”

“I ask the Lord to let us in on the wisdom of remaining in him, to give us access to the familiarity with the Spirit: The Holy Spirit gives us freedom. And this is anointing. Whoever remains in the Lord is a disciple, and the disciple is anointed, anointed by the Spirit, who has received the anointing of the Spirit and carries it forward. This is the path to freedom and life that Jesus shows us. Discipleship is the anointing received by those who remain in the Lord.

“May the Lord make us understand this, which is not easy. The doctors did not understand this. One does not only understand with the head; one [also] understands with the head and the heart. [This is the] Wisdom of the anointing of the Holy Spirit that makes us disciples.”

The Pope ended the celebration with the Eucharistic adoration and the blessing, inviting the faithful to make spiritual communion.

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