03/17/2021, 10.02
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Putin's health worsens. Naval'nyj surviving in the concentration camp

by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Russian leader seems to be suffering from serious neurological problems: he forgets or increasingly confuses the intended use of objects; he starts rambling speeches, which he then forgets about. Putin pushes for the search for the elixir of eternal life. Naval’nyj's first message from prison: he is 100 km from the capital, in Pokrov's "Colony No. 2". A photo of his shaven head.

Moscow (AsiaNews) – There are increasingly reports of the worsening neurological conditions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, wrote the Khartia77 website yesterday.

The reports came just one day after a message was released from his main opponent, Alexei Naval'nyj, who declared himself "amazed that there is a real concentration camp 100 km from Moscow".

Putin has been suffering from attention and memory loss for some time, as is evident from many reports in which he appears on television or on video. The 68-year-old "tsar" forgets or increasingly confuses the intended use of objects, touches them and turns them over in his hands: sticks, notebooks, statuettes and much more without knowing what to do with them, as an analysis by sprotyv.info of 13 March also shows.

Internal voices in the Kremlin claim that these circumstances are becoming increasingly frequent, and sometimes Putin remains disoriented even for an entire hour. On March 8, Putin reportedly alarmed his closest aides by starting a spontaneous and rambling speech for over a quarter of an hour, of which he would later not remember anything.

The Russian president is expected to undergo extensive medical tests shortly. But in the meantime, concerns are growing that a crippled and unpredictable leader could remain at the head of one of the major nuclear powers. The situation is similar to that already experienced by the USSR in the last years of Brezhnev and his immediate successors.

Other rumours from the Kremlin claim that Putin is looking for the elixir of eternal life, in the form of miraculous pills that extend life. Together with neurological weaknesses, these instincts are typical of the excess of staying in power, which lead to the illusion of one's "super humanity" or almost divinity.

If Putin's Belarusian friend, Aleksandr Lukashenko, reacts to his crisis of power with hysterical-aggressive forms, Putin would be assuming a "paranoid-mystical" condition, seeking immortality through religious, superstitious and scientific ways at the same time.

It is no coincidence that the president is personally following an ambitious genetic research project, having it financed by the oligarchs closest to him. The project is entrusted to the direction of Putin's daughter Maria Vorontsova, at the Kurchatov Institute, and aims to find solutions for extending human life, with the permission to carry out any experiment on any guinea pig, even creating "mutants ", in order to achieve the goal.


Naval'nyj’s survival

While Putin seeks eternal life, his enemy Naval’ny is grappling with the problem of survival. After days in which no one was sure where he was, the opponent managed to send a message through his lawyers from Pokrov's "Colony No. 2", on the border between Moscow and Vladimir provinces.

The text begins with a "Kantian" reminder: "Three things never cease to amaze me: the starry sky above us, the categorical imperative within us and the amazing sensation of when you pass the palm of your hand over your shaved head" (the message was posted with an old photo of him with a shaved head).

The message is addressed to the whole world: “Hello everyone from Enhanced Control Sector A! I must admit that the Russian prison system has managed to amaze me. I did not imagine that it would be possible to organize an authentic concentration camp just 100 km from Moscow”.

Naval’nyj claims that he has neither suffered nor witnessed any violence, although various signs show that it was not lacking before his arrival, "looking at the terrified poses of the condemned, who are afraid to raise their eyes and look around".

Now, however, everyone turns to him with respect and even sympathy, so much so that Naval'nyj calls the place of detention "our friendly lager", to the point that it is forbidden to use vulgar expressions. "Can you imagine a prison without swearing? ... I feel like I'm inside Orwell's 1984 novel!"

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