04/11/2022, 09.22
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Pyongyang celebrates Kim Jong-un's 10 years in power

Today's headlines: a 17-year-old Palestinian boy is the latest victim of the wave of violence;  Burmese military abandons Mandalay Cathedral;2021 sees a doubling of human trafficking victims in Cambodia; Yerevan and Baku are close to an agreement on the normalization of bilateral relations; Kazakh governmen to pay 12 million euros to demolish the former presidential palace; Patriarch Kirill invitesRussians to "rally around" Putin. 


Pyongyang celebrated Kim Jong-un's 10 years in power today, extolling atomic weapons development and political achievements. The party unveiled new portraits of the marshal, who came to power on April 11, 2011 after the death of his father Kim Jong-il in December 2011. Seven days of celebrations are planned, also commemorating the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, founder of North Korea. 


17-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Zakarneh is the latest victim of the wave of violence in Israel and Palestine. In two weeks there have been at least four attacks and 15 victims, only in Jerusalem there is a climate of relative calm. Yesterday a woman and two young people were killed by security forces in Bethlehem and Hebron. Meanwhile the government has approved new settlements in the Negev. 


Sri Lankan doctors are sounding the alarm about life-saving drugs, whose stocks are almost exhausted. The difficulty in obtaining supplies is linked to the island's severe economic crisis and could cause more victims than the Covid-19 pandemic. The trade association (Slma) warns that all hospitals no longer have access to vital equipment and medicines. 


Yerevan has reportedly accpeted the document submitted by Baku for normalization of bilateral relations. This was announced by the Azerbaijani president during talks with Putin. A joint commission will deal with the borders, according to the agreements brokered by the UN and Moscow for the November 2020 truce. There is a commitment to mutual recognition and respect for borders. 


The Burmese army abandoned Mandalay Cathedral and the surrounding area this weekend, after a search for weapons. The only discovery was of two ornamental weapons given to the local archbishop, Monsignor Marco Tin Win. No one was reportedly injured after the military raid, but there is a strong fear of further violence. 


The number of victims of human trafficking has almost doubled in 2021 in Cambodia, touching 359 (at least the official ones, but there is also the underground) compared to 155 in 2020. The Committee to Combat Trafficking (NCCT) reports cases of surrogate mothers, organ trafficking and people reduced to sexual slavery. The situation has worsened despite restrictions against Covid-19. 


Patriarch Kirill has presided over the consecration of a church on the outskirts of Moscow, inviting all Orthodox people "to rally around those in power". In schools, the Ukrainian "special operation" is told about, defining it as necessary and attacking the ideology of the enemy, called "the Anglo-Saxon world" which for centuries has polluted the life of Russia, in opposition to the Russkij Mir.


The government of Kazakhstan, according to statements by Finance Minister Tatiana Saveleva, has allocated over 11.9 million euros for the demolition of the presidential palace in Almaty, which had been occupied and set on fire by protesters in early January. A car had exploded on the first floor in those circumstances, which had devastated all the upper floors of the building.

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