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At the Angelus, Pope Francis expresses "pain" and "prayer" for the tragedies of shipwrecks in front of the Libyan coasts and north of Cyprus. He calls for the "decision and promptness" of the international community "in order to prevent such tragedies from reoccurring and guaranteeing security, respect for the rights and dignity of all". The three verbs of the Pastor: to see, to have compassion, to teach.



The United States has rebuffed the EU request to grant exemptions to European companies from its sanctions against Iran. For Pompeo, there can be waivers only for “very specific circumstances” and if they benefit US national security. Khamenei urges all state bodies to support the actions of the government and President Rouhani.

| 16/07/2018

“No Christian proclaims the Gospel 'on his or her own' but only when sent by the Church who received the mandate from Christ himself. It is precisely Baptism that makes us missionaries,” said the pontiff. “The staff and the sandals are the endowments of the pilgrims because so are the messengers of the Kingdom of God, not all-powerful managers, not irremovable officials, not touring stars."

| 15/07/2018

Article 265 of the Iranian Penal Code imposes this kind of punishment, which is applicable to more than 100 other offences. For Amnesty International, the incident represents “another horrific example of the Iranian authorities’ warped priorities”.

| 13/07/2018

Some analysts expect oil to reach US$ 250 a barrel. Blocking the strait could cut global oil supplies by sea by up to 17 million barrels a day. However, a head-on confrontation on crude remains remote. At present, prices are stable around US$ 77.

| 11/07/2018

In a report presented by the UN it emerges that 357 million minors are involved in bloody conflict. The worst situation in Yemen, Mali and South Sudan. Unicef: situation " almost beyond comprehension". Unanimously approved resolution considers child soldiers as first victims. And highlights the different treatment needs between males and females. In 2017, over 21 thousand cases of violations.

| 11/07/2018

Cardinal Parolin signs message full of encouragement and blessing for relief efforts. Meanwhile, rescuers are carrying out a house-to-house search for survivors, with dwindling hope. The death toll rises to 156 but is expected to get worse. Thousands are in shelters. Authorities warn against the effects of 35-degree heat on construction workers.

| 10/07/2018
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by Suor Mary Prema

The disappearance of a child who was sold has "nothing to do with the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity". The nuns are victims of "many myths [. . .] information distorted and false news” as well as “baseless innuendo". Sr Prema gives her version of events and defends her congregation. Only two weeks before, the authorities described the children’s home involved as an “excellent environment for the care of children”. Now they have been taken by social services.

| 17/07/2018
by Shafique Khokhar

Many Pakistanis are in Rome for the official celebration of his elevation. Political leaders, members of civil society groups and community leaders appreciate him. “He is a leader who has lived through the different and tormented phases of Pakistani history,” said one observer. He “is a strong voice for minorities in Pakistan,” said another.

| 29/06/2018

On the solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul, Pope Francis blessed the palliums for the metropolitan archbishops appointed during the year (including three from Asia). He prayed together with the delegate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople at the tomb of Peter. “We too have been brought back to life, healed, renewed and filled with hope by the anointing of the Holy One,” he said. “Like Peter, we [. . .] will always be tempted to hear those “whisperings” of the evil One, which will become a stumbling stone for the mission." He warned against "empty forms of triumphalism". Meanwhile, “millions of people continue to ask the question: “Are you he who is to come, or shall we look for another?

| 29/06/2018
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