24 November 2017
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  • 24/11/2017 - VATICAN

    In his 2018 Message for World Peace Day, the pontiff cites John Paul II and Benedict XVI, who called for openness towards migrants and refugees and action to build the world as a "common home". Migrants are not just an economic burden, but are also players in "building peace", full of "courage, skills, energy, and aspirations." By visiting Romani people, Pope Paul VI showed the way.

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    24/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Fr. Czerny, Peace Message urges the care of our common home

    "Decision-makers should establish practical measures to welcome, protect, promote and integrate “and – so far as the good of their own community, rightly understood, permits – to further the aims of those who may wish to become members of a new society." At the same time, newcomers must not forget that they have a duty to respect the laws, culture and traditions of the countries where they are welcomed. "

    24/11/2017 - CHINA – MYANMAR – BANGLADESH

    Rohingya Crisis: Will China’s Mediation Succeed?

    by Sudha Ramachandran*

    Beijing’s intervention in the Rakhine conflict conceals economic and political interests. Beijing has already invested tens of billions in the region, building a deep-sea port for cargo ships, as well as oil and gas pipelines to Yunnan. Rakhine is an important component in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. Bangladesh is the second largest importer of Chinese weapons. Mediation will be difficult and may cause more violence.

    24/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: to welcome, protect, promote and integrate those who are forced to migrate

    In the message for the World Day of Peace, Francis states that all members of the one human family have the same rights to the goods of the earth, even migrants. "Those who, for what may be political reasons, foment fear of migrants instead of building peace are sowing violence, racial discrimination and xenophobia, which are matters of great concern for all those concerned for the safety of every human being."

    24/11/2017 - MYANMAR-VATICAN

    Kachin Pilgrims travel for three days and two nights to see the pope

    by Paolo Fossati

    About 200 people ae travelling from the remote north of the country, carrying with them the joy, prayers and suffering of the Christian majority ethnicity. Many are unable to see the pontiff because blocked up in refugee camps. They found hospitality at the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi. In the next few days, parishioners will receive around 1,300 Catholics. From our correspondent on the ground.

    24/11/2017 - BANGLADESH - MYANMAR

    Bangladesh and Myanmar sign agreement on Rohingya repatriation

    Dhaka authorities expect the repatriation to commence within two months. Aung San Suu Kyi has promised that transfers will be "safe and voluntary". Activists are concerned about the conditions of refugees, who no longer have the villages to return to.

    23/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: praying for peace “in all lands devastated by war”

    Francis led a prayer service for peace in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. May the Lord “protect children who suffer from conflicts in which they have no part, but which rob them of their childhood and at times of life itself.  How hypocritical it is to deny the mass murder of women and children!”

    23/11/2017 - ​MYANMAR - VATICAN

    “Hectic hours” before pope's arrival in Yangon, Catholics to help pilgrims

    by Paolo Fossati

    Some 200,000 people are expected at the solemn Mass at Kyaikkasan Grounds, including Buddhist and Muslim leaders. Some 6,000 kids will take part in the Mass for young people the next day. Filipinos, Australians and Thais are also expected for Pope Francis’ apostolic journey. From our correspondent.

    23/11/2017 - INDIA – THAILAND

    Caritas Asia meets in Bangkok

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Catholics reflect on how best to respond to emergencies. For Fr Frederick D'Souza, executive director of Caritas India, charities should "never forget the biological needs of women and girls." Caritas is helping the Rohingya.

    23/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Women as defenders from the ideological colonization that indoctrinates young people

    Old and new dictatorships take liberty and memory to impose an educational system. It is the mothers and women, the keepers of memory, of the dialect, "able to defend the history of a people" and "to convey the faith" which "theologians will explain".

    23/11/2017 - CAMBODIA

    Cambodia’s economy remains strong despite political turmoil, World Bank says

    The economy is expected to grow by 6.9 per cent next year, slightly higher than this. Investments from China, Cambodia’s main economic partner, play a crucial role. Hun Sen remains defiant vis-à-vis foreign donor, especially the US and EU, which are threatening to end aid to protest against repression.

    22/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: When we go to Mass, it is as if we were going to Calvary

    The celebration is "entering" in the passion, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus. It is not time to chat, take photographs, comment. "Every celebration of the Eucharist is a ray of sun without sunset, that is the Risen Christ Jesus. Participating in the Mass, especially on Sunday, means entering the Risen One's victory, being illuminated by his light, warmed by his warmth. "

    22/11/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    The Philippine churches goes red in solidarity with persecuted Christians in the world

    Various dioceses, shrines, basilicas and universities spread throughout the country. Even the faithful invited to dress in red, in the context of the campaign #RedWednesdayPH campaign. Among the goals are educating the public on the vastness of persecution and encouraging the defense of the faith.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN

    For Pope, martyrdom is medicine against cultural and ideological colonisation

    During the Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis warned against “new things” that destroy the traditions, history, and religion of a people. Martyr Eleazar was a "root" for the young and the future of his people.

    21/11/2017 - MYANMAR – VATICAN

    Catholics ready to welcome the Holy Father in Yangon

    The high point of the papal visit will be the Solemn Mass at Kyaikkasan Grounds in Yangon. Some 200,000 people from around the country are expected, about a third of all Myanmar Catholics. The Church will provide accommodations and transportation. Kachin people made the wooden crosier that Pope Francis will use during the service. As they wait for the pontiff, young people pray.

    21/11/2017 - CAMBODIA

    Opposition party officials quit or defect after party dissolution

    On 16 November, the Supreme Court banned the CNRP at the request of the government. The prime minister gives CNRP officials another week to join his party. The ruling party said it received 390 defectors as of yesterday, including a parliamentarian, 33 provincial councillors, and 356 municipal officials.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN - BANGLADESH

    Pope to the people of Bangladesh: I come to proclaim Christ’s message of reconciliation (Video)

    Pope Francis's video message for his upcoming pastoral journey from November 30 to 2 December. The Pope emphasizes that his visit wants to confirm the Christian community, but he also places great importance on meeting with religious leaders. 

    20/11/2017 - VIETNAM

    Vietnam celebrates Teachers’ Day, but its educational system is in crisis

    by Paul Hung Quoc

    For critics, Vietnam’s education is too politicised and centred on producing graduates, and not enough on the moral training of younger generations. Forced by the regime to think a certain way, young people are unable to develop creative thoughts. The economic impact of an education at the service of the Communist Party is negative.

    20/11/2017 - MYANMAR-EU-CHINA

    China and EU set to move on the Rohingya crisis

    The head of EU diplomacy has promised help to find a "sustainable solution" to the emergency. Europe strongly supports the democratic transition in Myanmar. The new Beijing approach to the emergency in Rakhine. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi illustrates a "three-stage plan". Economic interests push China to play a more active role in the humanitarian crisis.

    20/11/2017 - INDONESIA

    Papua, special forces free 345 hostages from separatists

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    323 adults and 22 children from the village of Tembagapura saved. The troops first successfully occupied Kimberly and Bunti. Free Papua Movement militants have fled into the jungle. Gun fire heard during evacuation of hostages exploded some shots. Two corpses found.

    19/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope hopes that Lebanon can continue to be a message of respect and coexistence

    People should not be afraid of God, as if he were "a master who wants to punish us". For the pope, “Jesus has always shown us that God is not a stern and intolerant master, but a father full of love, tenderness, and goodness. Therefore, we can and must have immense trust in Him.” The pontiff also urged “drivers to be prudent and respect the rules as the first form of protection of themselves and others.”

    19/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Taking care of the poor is an “evangelical duty”, pope says

    Francis celebrated Mass on the First World Day of the Poor noting that "God will not ask if we felt righteous indignation, but whether we did some good.” The “great sin” against the poor is “indifference”, turning away “from a brother or sister in need,” growing “indignant at evil but do[ing] nothing about it.” For the pope, “God will not ask if we felt righteous indignation, but whether we did some good.”

    18/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: not everything that is technically possible is ethically acceptable

    Great progress in science raises "great and serious" questions. “Scientific and technological progress is needed for the good of all humanity, and its benefits cannot only profit a few”.

    18/11/2017 - INDONESIA

    In Jakarta, the bishops remember the important role played by the Church in Indonesian history

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    The prelates renewed their support for the nation’s values ​​of unity and harmony to which Catholics were committed before and after independence. The Vatican was among the first foreign states to recognise the new country, which the Indonesian Catholic Church helped stabilise. Mgr Albertus Soegijapranata of the Semarang Apostolic Vicariate played an important role.

    17/11/2017 - INDONESIA

    Indonesia plans to build a thousand eco-friendly mosques

    There are 800,000 mosques in the country. Muslim clerics, the private sector, universities and communities are called to work together. Religious leaders are in favour of environmental understanding and education. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has already issued fatwas on forest fires and mining.

    17/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: It is good to think every day when that 'the Lord will call me'

    For some this call will be sudden, for others after a long illness, we do not know. But "the call will be there!" And it will be a surprise, but then there will be the other surprise of the Lord: eternal life. For this reason, "the Church in these days tells us: stop a little, stop and think about death."


    Hong Kong, centre for recruitment fraud of Filipino workers

    Recruitment agencies deceive domestic helpers with the promise of well-paid jobs in Moscow, getting US$ 3,500-5,500 in fees. Victims are forced to turn to banks or loan sharks. About 75,000 Filipino workers worldwide are stuck in limbo with no income.

    17/11/2017 - VATICAN - MYANMAR

    Pope: In Myanmar, I come to encourage every effort to build harmony (Video)

    Francis’ video message on the eve of his November 26 to 30 journey. "I come to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace".

    16/11/2017 - INDONESIA

    Ahok’s accuser is convicted of hate speech

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    The sentence is more lenient than the one demanded by the public prosecutor. Buni Yani posted comments to a video he altered. The latter triggered Islamist violence and influenced an election. The images also led the former Christian governor to a two-year prison sentence for blasphemy.

    16/11/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope says euthanasia is always wrong, but so is overzealous treatment

    Francis sends a message to a meeting on end-of-life in which he says the sick must be accompanied with love in the last phase of their life, given information and allowed to decide. This requires “careful discernment of the moral object, the attending circumstances, and the intentions of those involved”. From this perspective, palliative care plays a major role.

    Editor's choices

    “Hectic hours” before pope's arrival in Yangon, Catholics to help pilgrims

    Paolo Fossati

    Some 200,000 people are expected at the solemn Mass at Kyaikkasan Grounds, including Buddhist and Muslim leaders. Some 6,000 kids will take part in the Mass for young people the next day. Filipinos, Australians and Thais are also expected for Pope Francis’ apostolic journey. From our correspondent.

    The genocide of Yemen:First bombs, now hunger, thirst and cholera

    Pierre Balanian

    The coalition led by Riyadh blocks the arrival of fuel needed to run the wells. Over a million people without water in Taiz, Saada, Hodeida, Sana'a and Al Bayda. According to UNICEF, 1.7 million children suffer from acute malnutrition”; 150,000 children are likely to die in the coming weeks. The silence and neglect of the international community. The threat of hitting crude-cargo ships. Yesterday, Saudi Arabia allowed the reopening of Sana'a airport and Hudayda port, but only for humanitarian aid. An insufficient measure.


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