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Responding to the pope’s call, the Filipino Church will mark World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation with masses, exhibitions, and meetings
The event coincides with the start of Manila’s "Season of Creation". Cardinal Tagle will lead a solemn Mass. Parishes will host meetings, seminars and exhibits on environmental issues. The prelate calls for a million signatures to be presented to climate conference in November.
Manila (AsiaNews/CBCP) – Catholic churches around the Philippines plan to observe the ‘World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation’ on 1 September, thus responding to the call Pope Francis issued at his general audience last Wednesday. In Manila, the occasion will coincide with the opening...

Jakarta and Dili to settle territorial disputes before the end of the year
The two governments have agreed in principle to boost trade and technical cooperation as well. Maritime disputes should be settled by the end of the year. Border posts are opened to facilitate cultural exchanges. Following its agreement with the Holy See, the latest steps will further Timor Leste’s foreign policy.
08/28/2015 VATICAN - IRAQ
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo Cervellera
The Chaldean priest met Pope Francis, asking him to keep the world’s focus on Christian refugees from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain. His diocese is home to 3500 Christian families and almost half a million Yazidis who fled Islamic State violence. ISIS is not all Islam and there are Muslims who want an Iraq of coexistence. Christians might not emigrate, but remain in their own land. Aid projects for refugees: school for children, work for adults, a home for every family. An appeal to AsiaNews.
08/28/2015 VIETNAM
Hanoi frees two Catholic activists, four years in jail for "anti-government activities"
Tran Nhat Minh and Thai Van Dung are released from prison after serving the full terms of the sentence. In prison they were pressured to sign a "confession". Equality, justice and love are the basis of "progress" and "civilization" of a society.
08/28/2015 MALAYSIA
Kuala Lumpur blocks websites critical of Prime Minister Najib. Army ready to intervene
Malaysian authorities have blocked access to the site of the Bersih group and others. The activists were planning a demonstration against the government for the weekend. Prime Minister Najib, embroiled in a corruption scandal. The military ready to intervene in case of protests.

08/27/2015 INDONESIA
Christians, Muslims and Buddhists celebrate coexistence in Kudus, central Java
by Mathias Hariyadi
The Archdiocese of Semarang organised an event that brought together leaders of all denominations to boost relations of friendship. Each community prepared dances and songs. The region, which has a Muslim majority, has always been an example of tolerance.
08/27/2015 MYANMAR
Jailed Burmese students in isolation for going a hunger strike
by Francis Khoo Thwe
The students are protesting the refusal by the authorities to let them out on bail to take exams scheduled for September. The four students, who are from a Mandalay university, were arrested on July 1 for demonstrating against education reform. For Myanmar activists, the four have been abused and denied their basic rights.
08/26/2015 ASIA – CHINA
China’s former deputy finance minister to head new development bank
The new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will compete with US-backed World Bank and Japan-backed Asian Development Bank. The new president speaks both English and French.
08/26/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok blast: little progress in the investigation, but life for people is back to normal
A taxi driver says he dropped off the prime suspect near the blast site. Military government confirms the number of tourists in the country is still high. For a source in Bangkok, “One good thing was seeing a feeling of solidarity on the day of the explosion.”
08/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope on prayer: God is "the caress that keeps us alive"
At the general audience, Pope Francis explains the value of prayer in family life. Rediscovering our love for God. He is not only "the great Being, the Almighty, who created all things, the judge who controls every action." "There are mothers and fathers who could win the Nobel Prize" because in 24 hours they do things that they would need 48 hours for. "The Gospel read and pondered in the family is like a good bread that nourishes everyone’s heart". Appointment for September 1 at 17 in St. Peter for a Liturgy of the Word on the World Day of Prayer for the care of creation, together with the Orthodox.
08/26/2015 MYANMAR
Aung San Suu Kyi: If November elections "free and fair" the opposition will win
The leader of the National League for Democracy voices concerns about possible fraud or irregularity and promises the NLD can form a government better than the current one. The danger of religion exploited "for political purposes". Little or no citizens trust in police, judiciary or electoral commission
08/25/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian ulema tell 42-year-old man named ‘god’ to change his name or lose his rights
by Mathias Hariyadi
Born in Banyuwangi, East Java, the man in the middle of the controversy was given the name Tuhan at birth. The latter means god in the local language. For religious extremists, he should pick an ordinary name or lose his basic rights. Any changes to his name is the purview of civil authorities.
08/25/2015 MYANMAR
With the authorities unable to cope, civil society groups organise flood relief
Scores of organisations join to provide relief to 1.6 million people. By the end of the month, plans should be in place to rehabilitate affected villages so that they will not “depend on government’s resettlement plan”.
08/25/2015 VIETNAM
Fresh out of prison Vietnamese blogger reboots website denouncing government abuses
Truong Duy Nhat continues his social commitment checking up on Communist leaders activities. In spite of two years in prison, he does not want "a quiet life" but steps up his civic engagement. He keeps the sites name and moves the server out of Vietnam.
08/24/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar passes polygamy and conversion laws that please Buddhist extremists
The country’s Parliament approves controversial laws that could be used against minorities and marginalised groups. Untried, the new laws make it harder on converts and on people who have extra-marital affairs. For Human Rights Watch official, the new laws will further poison relations among religions.

Altri articoli
Catholics in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei use rosary and website against human trafficking
08/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Who is Jesus for me? Answer in the silence of our heart. Appeal for peace in Ukraine
08/22/2015 VIETNAM
Vĩnh Long diocese gives scholarships to Mekong Delta’s poor children by Thanh Thuy
08/21/2015 VIETNAM
Hanoi ignores Caodaists and Catholics who criticise new religious bill for violating human rights by Nguyen Hung - J. Dang
08/21/2015 INDONESIA
In Jakarta, Card Tagle says that Catholic universities must be a missionary tool for rich and poor by Royani Lim
08/21/2015 MALAYSIA - ISLAM
Kuala Lumpur, 10 people arrested for suspected links with the Islamic state
08/20/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the challenge migrants represent find an answer in the Gospel of mercy
08/20/2015 THAILAND
As suspicion falls on the country’s military junta, international terrorists not likely involved in Bangkok bombing
08/19/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Today’s world of work considers families a burden, a weight
08/19/2015 INDONESIA
Card. Tagle to Indonesian bishops: Laudato sì is for non –Catholics too by Mathias Hariyadi
08/19/2015 MYANMAR
An alliance between Aung San Suu Kyi and Shwe Mann could be positive, local Catholic source says by Francis Khoo Thwe
08/19/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok temple reopens after attack. Police still looking for suspect
08/18/2015 MYANMAR – ASIA
For Myanmar cardinal, Asian Churches are united behind Francis against climate change by Francis Khoo Thwe
08/18/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian bishops: still too much corruption and too little democracy by Mathias Hariyadi
Editor's choices
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph YuanThis is not the first time that the old bishop and his priests speak out against the demolition campaign against crosses and churches, which has touched more than 400 buildings. During the protest, police tried to disperse the group, which sought to submit a petition. The faithful recite a Crown of the Divine Mercy is in support of the Chinese Church. In Lishui, churches are expected to be torn down by 31 August.
After nuclear deal, Israel ought to become Iran’s best ally
by Uri AvneryThis is the thesis of Uri Avnery, leader of Gush Shalom, a major supporter of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. According to the great statesman and peace activist, Iran only wants to be a regional power in the Islamic world, able to trade with everyone, inspired by a sophisticated experience that goes back thousands of years. Iran, which faces backward-looking Gulf monarchies and emirates, could be a great ally against Daesh. Meanwhile in Israel Netanyahu, politicians and the media continue to blunder.
Top 10
08/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad: Christian family forced to flee from place to place after wife converts from Islam
by Stephen Masih
08/25/2015 LEBANON
Muslims defend Christians’ freedom in Beirut Declaration
08/22/2015 LEBANON
Islamic Makassed launch doctrinal battle against Muslim extremism
by Fady Noun
Catholics in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei use rosary and website against human trafficking
08/22/2015 IRAQ - SYRIA
Unesco: Islamic State most brutal destruction since Second World War
08/24/2015 RUSSIA - CHINA
As price per barrel drops so do Russia’s hopes of signing a second gas deal with China
08/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope on prayer: God is "the caress that keeps us alive"
08/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Who is Jesus for me? Answer in the silence of our heart. Appeal for peace in Ukraine
08/24/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar passes polygamy and conversion laws that please Buddhist extremists
08/22/2015 VIETNAM
Vĩnh Long diocese gives scholarships to Mekong Delta’s poor children
by Thanh Thuy


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