The meeting in Thailand "manifests the desire of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to support local Episcopates in their responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the doctrine of the faith, considering the specific challenges that face the continent of Asia today.”

| 12/01/2019

In the preface to the book "Evangelii gaudium con don Bosco", Francis writes that the Salesian is "an optimist by nature, he knows how to look at children with positive realism". "The Salesians - he writes - have trained me in beauty, at work and in being very happy". "They helped me grow without fear, without obsessions". "They helped me to move forward in joy and prayer".

| 11/01/2019

"If we do not love our brothers and sisters whom we see, how can we love God whom we cannot see?". "Only faith will give us the strength not to gossip, to pray for everyone, even for our enemies and not to let feelings of jealousy and envy grow".

| 10/01/2019

"The only uncertainty is when, but we do not doubt that He will answer. Maybe we will have to insist for a lifetime, but He will answer ". "How often have we asked and not received, knocked and found a closed door? Jesus urges us, in those moments, to insist and not to give up. Prayer always transforms reality: it transforms reality always: if things do not change around us, at least we will change".

| 09/01/2019

"God takes the first step, who has compassion, who has mercy and so often we, our attitude is indifference. Let us pray to the Lord to heal humanity, beginning with us: let my heart recover from this sickness which is the culture of indifference ".

| 08/01/2019

Message from Francis for the next day of the sick that this year is celebrated in solemn form in Calcutta. " Mother Teresa, in all aspects of her life, was a generous dispenser of divine mercy, making herself available for everyone through her welcome and defence of human life, of those unborn and those abandoned and discarded."

| 08/01/2019

In the speech to the diplomatic corps, Francis lists concerns over crisis of multilateral diplomacy and violations of respect due to each person. Thanks to the agreement "all the Bishops in China are in full communion with the Successor of Peter and with the universal Church".

| 07/01/2019

Since December 22nd the two ships have not received any permit to dock and land the migrants. Best wishes for Catholic and Orthodox Churches that celebrate Christmas tomorrow. "Fear" before Jesus.

| 06/01/2019

Marking the commemoration of the Adoration of the Child by the Magi, Pope Francis suggests we imitate the Magi. Gold is adoration; frankincense is prayer; myrrh, the cure for suffering bodies. Looking for God "not in worldly pomp, but in the luminous poverty of Bethlehem". The Magi "arise to be covered with light". "There is an alternative way to take ... the path of humble love".

| 06/01/2019
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