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12/27/2014 IRAQ
For Chaldean Patriarch, Christmas is the source of hope for Iraqi Christians "displaced" like Jesus
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
In his homily, Mar Sako noted the Christian community's "difficult and painful circumstances," but also pointed out that the festivity is cause for renewed hope. He looks forward to a future of peace, harmony and coexistence, but to reach that goal, the country needs a strong political system and the foreign policy of the United States and the West must change.
Erbil (AsiaNews) - Iraqi Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus in "difficult and painful circumstances," away from their homes and cities, like displaced people. However, the festivity brought "new hope" because...

12/26/2014 VATICAN
Pope: like Saint Stephen, in the trials accepted because of one's faith, violence is defeated by love
During the Angelus, Pope Francis notes that the festivity of the first martyr continues "the celebration of Christmas", stripping it of "that false sugar-coating that does not belong to it." He mentions "those who are discriminated against, persecuted and killed for bearing witness to Christ." Religious freedom is "an inalienable right of every human person."
12/25/2014 VATICAN
Pope; May Christmas bring the hope of peace to those suffering in the Middle East and the world, especially the children
In his 'Urbi et orbi' message, Francis turned his thoughts to the victims of war in the Middle East, Nigeria, Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as to those who suffer from tensions in Ukraine. " May Jesus save the vast numbers of children who are victims of violence, made objects of trade and trafficking, or forced to become soldiers; children, so many abused children. May he give comfort to the families of the children killed in Pakistan last week. May he be close to all who suffer from illness, especially the victims of the Ebola epidemic".
12/25/2014 VATICAN
Pope: May the world and each of us accept "God's tenderness" at Christmas
"The question the Child asks us with his presence is: Do I let God love me? And again, do we have the courage to accept with tenderness the difficult situations and problems of those next to us, or do we prefer impersonal solutions, more efficient perhaps but lacking the Gospel's warmth? How much does the world need tenderness today! God's patience, God's closeness, God's tenderness."
12/24/2014 IRAQ - VATICAN
For Chaldean Patriarch, pope's letter to the Christians of the East is an "oracle," a source of courage and hope
Francis' words are "beautiful" and "moving," said Mar Sako, expressing "profound suffering" and "closeness". They are the voice of a prophet who embraces a community that is preparing to celebrate Christmas under tents. The pope's "spiritual closeness" is "even stronger than the physical distance."

12/24/2014 ASIA
Tears (and Best Wishes) for Christmas
by Bernardo Cervellera
At Christmas God shows us that he has not tired of us. Despite so many wars, injustice, torture, persecution, God has not stopped trusting in man and comes to his aid. The world lives of sterile immobility and apocalyptic terror. With Jesus' birth the world began to change and there are witnesses of hope in Iraq, in Hong Kong, in the Middle East. The revolution of solidarity.
12/23/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the suffering of Christians and other persecuted religious groups in the Middle East "cries out to God"
In his Christmas Letter to the Christians of the Middle East, Francis calls on "all religious leaders [. . .] to condemn these crimes unanimously and unambiguously". Likewise, he calls on the international community to act, "above all by promoting peace through negotiation and diplomacy". He also stresses the "ecumenism of blood" with other Christians, especially the Orthodox.
12/23/2014 TUNISIA - ISLAM
Despite suspected ties to the old regime, Essebsi is the new president of Tunisia
Beji Caid Essebsi wins more than 55 per cent of the vote. More than 3.1 million voters cast their ballots with a turnout of around 60 per cent. The new president dedicates the victory to "the martyrs of Tunisia," stating that he "will be president for all Tunisians". His challenger admits defeat and pledges cooperation for the sake of "national unity". The economy and Islamism are the main challenges.
12/23/2014 LEBANON
The war against Sunni terrorism is Lebanon's main news for 2014
by Fady Noun
Talks to trade Islamist detainees for 30 captured soldiers and police officers are evidence of how the authorities are unable to elaborate a clear strategy to free the hostages, powerless vis-à-vis the execution of soldiers. This failure underscores the country's sectarian divisions in which each group tries to free its own hostages. It also shows how the legal state has failed to enforce its authority militarily, especially since its military forces lack the necessary equipment and intelligence to mount operations against jihadist strongholds.
12/23/2014 SYRIA
The Islamic State claims to have captured "religious extremists"

In a video IS militants accuse "a cell" that aimed to destabilize the internal security of the Islamic State in preparation for “an attack by the international coalition of the Free Syrian Army "and by the Damascus regime. Those captured accuse "Caliph Al-Baghdadi of being an infidel”, because he takes money from the infidels."
12/22/2014 ASIA - OPEC
Oil price war aimed at non-OPEC countries
The United States, Mexico, Russia, and Norway are among the countries targeted. Non-OPEC countries are blamed for an overproduction of 2 million barrels a day. Prices are expected to go up again in the second half of 2015.
12/22/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the 15 "diseases" of the Curia, from careerism to "gossip", from pomposity to accumulation of wealth
In a speech entitled "The Roman Curia and the Body of Christ", Francis lists a "catalogue" of "curial diseases" that "weaken our service to the Lord." You can not live without "a relationship with Christ that is vital, personal, authentic and solid." "The closer we are to God the more we are united among ourselves." An examination of conscience is needed.
12/22/2014 SYRIA
Aleppo: Christmas among Christian families broken by war, praying for peace
by Giorgio Istifan
A young Christian from Aleppo victim of the Syrian conflict tells his story. He went from leading a normal life with a wife and daughter to one of unemployment and separation. The war has split his family; now he can see his wife and daughter only a few hours a day. Yet, the conflict has boosted his faith. For Christmas, he calls on Christians around the world to pray "for us, Christians of Syria."
12/22/2014 TUNISIA - ISLAM
Essebsi claims victory in presidential poll, but official results due tonight
Marzouki, the outgoing President, says the self-proclaimed winner's announcement is "undemocratic". The elections were conducted peacefully. There was only one incident in Kairouan.
12/21/2014 VATICAN
Pope: At Christmas, once more, Christ comes by and knocks on the doors of our hearts, and we should not let him get away
On the fourth Sunday of Advent, Francis emphasises two aspects in Mary's life, "a model to prepare for Christmas," namely her faith and her capacity to recognise God's time. "The example of Mary and that of her husband Joseph are an invitation to accept with total openness of mind Jesus, who became our brother out of love." What is more, "If you feel the desire to improve, Christ will come by and knock at your door: open it!"

Altri articoli
12/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the most dangerous misery is "the presumption that we can do without God"
12/20/2014 IRAQ
Chaldean Patriarch: on Christmas, Christian refugees should not feel "abandoned" or "forgotten" by Joseph Mahmoud
Gaza: Israel launches airstrike in response to rocket fired from the Gaza Strip
12/19/2014 LEBANON - SYRIA
Syrian refugees in Lebanon face new challenge, children "without citizenship or rights"
12/19/2014 VATICAN
For pope, even to non-believers the crèche and the Christmas tree "speak of fraternity, intimacy and friendship"
12/19/2014 VATICAN
Pope: May the Church "allow itself be surprised by the Holy Spirit", it is not an entrepreneur but a mother
12/19/2014 IRAQ - SYRIA
Mount Sinjar, the peshmerga break siege of Islamic State militias
12/18/2014 VATICAN - US - CUBA
Pope: "Today we are all happy" for the new relations between the US and Cuba
12/18/2014 VATICAN
Pope: God walks with us in history, and when we go wrong he correct history and brings it forward
12/18/2014 SYRIA
Syria, over 230 bodies in a mass grave: massacred by Islamic State
UN: Palestinians call for an end to Israeli occupation despite threat of US veto by Joshua Lapide
12/17/2014 MIDDLE EAST - ISLAM
Secularism, Sunni-Shia divide, and the Islamic state are wiping out Christians from the Middle East by Fady Noun
12/17/2014 VATICAN
Pope: May God "convert the hearts of the violent who do not stop even before children"
12/17/2014 IRAN
Tehran, six-year sentence revoked for three Protestant clerics
Editor's choices
As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
by Amel NonaPersecuted by the Islamic state, refugees have lost everything: belongings, home, jobs, school, and their future. Yet, their faith and mission remain strong. For them, almost 900,000 euros have been raised and sent. Pope Francis sends a message of closeness. The campaign continues according to the Patriarch of Baghdad's proposal of fasting and moderation at Christmas and New Year, with the money saved offered to the Christians of Mosul.
Chaldean Patriarch calls for fasting on Christmas Eve for refugees' return to Mosul
by Joseph MahmoudMar Louis Sako calls on the faithful not to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a "worldly" fashion, with pomp and abundance, out of solidarity with the people who fled the Nineveh plains, persecuted by the Islamic Army. AsiaNews is joining the fast proposed by the Patriarch and calls on all readers to give what they would have otherwise spent in support of the campaign 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul'.
Top 10
12/21/2014 VATICAN
Pope: At Christmas, once more, Christ comes by and knocks on the doors of our hearts, and we should not let him get away
12/22/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the 15 "diseases" of the Curia, from careerism to "gossip", from pomposity to accumulation of wealth
12/22/2014 INDONESIA
Indonesian Islamists threaten Christmas celebrations
by Mathias Hariyadi
12/22/2014 MYANMAR - CHINA

Growing illegal tiger and wild cat trade from Myanmar to China
12/22/2014 SYRIA
Aleppo: Christmas among Christian families broken by war, praying for peace
by Giorgio Istifan
12/23/2014 CHINA
As more than 400 crosses are destroyed in Zhejiang, violence spreads to Henan, Shandong, and Anhui
by Bernardo Cervellera
12/22/2014 MALAYSIA
Kuala Lumpur, religious leaders: Dialogue, the basis of coexistence between different faiths
Manila, rector of Catholic University: the meeting with the Pope, an inspiration for young people
12/23/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the suffering of Christians and other persecuted religious groups in the Middle East "cries out to God"
12/24/2014 INDIA
As India shifts towards fundamentalism, Indian priest urges Christmas prayers for religious freedom
by Dominic Emmanuel*


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