28 July 2017
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  • 28/07/2017 - FRANCE – ISLAM

    Dr Hocine Drouiche calls on Muslims to "take their share of responsibility" in terrorist attacks. France’s Islamic leaders tried to disrupt the Muslim March against Terror. Most Islamic leaders in France and Europe come from political Islam or work for foreign countries who use political Islam for their policies.

    28/07/2017 - IRAN

    Health of Kharrubi and Musavi worsens

    Both are under house arrest since 2011 for supporting the "Green Wave" movement and challenging the 2009 election results. Human rights groups have called for their release, which Rohani had promised during his election campaign, but which has been opposed by hard-liners.

    28/07/2017 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Palestinians return to pray at al-Aqsa, but tensions remains high

    Israel removes all the security measures imposed two weeks ago. Some skirmishes with the police. Other violence is feared today. Netanyahu: "Time to consider the death penalty for terrorists."

    27/07/2017 - HOLY LAND

    Interfaith conference for peace and forgiveness held in Jerusalem

    All three monotheistic religions in the Holy Land were represented. In a world where hurting others has become a "pastime", it is necessary to embark on a journey to build a future that is not marked by hate. Whoever hates is its first victim. It is crucial to educate children to carry these values ​​into the future. For Cardinal Tagle, we must follow the example of Christ on the cross and bear witness to forgiveness.

    27/07/2017 - ISRAEL

    Netanyahu promises to 'expel al-Jazeera from Israel'

    According to Israeli Prime Minister, the broadcaster "incites violence" with tensions in Jerusalem. A reporter had filmed an Israeli soldier kicking a Palestinian.

    26/07/2017 - FRANCE – ISLAM

    Christians and Muslims together in memory of Fr Jacques Hamel’s martyrdom

    The archbishop of Rouen led the Mass in the church where the priest was murdered. Emmanuel Macron thanks the Church of France for her "power of forgiveness". Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray has become a place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims.

    26/07/2017 - PALESTINE – ISRAEL

    Palestinian religious and political authorities continue to boycott the al-Aqsa mosque compound

    Israel has removed metal detectors, but has announced new security measures. Mahmoud Abbas wants a return to the status quo ante before things can get back to normal and talks resume. Israel’s Supreme Court rules in favour of a human rights NGO that called for the return of the bodies of the 14 July attackers.

    26/07/2017 - CHINA

    Bao Tong: Liu Xiaobo was a great Chinese patriot

    by Bao Tong

    The great statesman talks about his friendship with the great dissident, who was left to die of cancer by the authorities. Liu’s peaceful and non-violent proposals in the 2008 manifesto are almost all already in the Chinese constitution; yet Liu was convicted for "subverting state power". Bao proposes the nationalisation of the army and federalism.

    26/07/2017 - AUSTRALIA - VATICAN

    Card. Pell professes his innocence at preliminary hearing in pedophilia trial

    Today, the trial began with an administrative hearing. Although he was not required to be present, the Cardinal came to court.


    ‘Fun weeks' for 190,000 children in Gaza

    The "Summer Fun Weeks" programme is organized by the UN’s Palestinian Refugee Agency, and will last almost a month. It will provide a "window of hope" for children, but faces the effects of the Strip’s energy crisis.

    25/07/2017 - TURKEY

    Trial under way against the staff of independent daily Cumhuriyet

    Seventeen writers, cartoonists and executives risk years of imprisonment if found guilty of supporting terrorist organisations. For their supporters, the charges are unfounded. The newspaper has been a thorn in the side of Erdoğan in recent years.

    25/07/2017 - IRAQ

    Europe seeks role in the political future of Iraq

    by Luca Galantini

    The fall of Mosul opens a new chapter. On the back of its experience in the former Yugoslavia, the EU should seek to encourage the reconciliation process through medium to long-term diplomatic initiatives that can involve all local and central political and social institutions in order to avoid the risk of fragmentation that would fuel sectarianism And contrasts.


    25/07/2017 - FRANCE - ISLAM

    One year on from the assassination of Fr. Jacques Hamel: what has changed in France

    by Catherine Field (*)

    Commemorations for the 85-year-old parish priest whose throat was slit in front of the altar, presided by the Archbishop of Rouen, include President Emmanuel Macron, the Interior Minister and Muslim Representatives. The unity between Catholic and Muslim communities has been strengthened. But the government's fight against jihadism has many flaws. Overcrowded prisons, unemployment and marginalization are the ingredients for recruitment and radicalization.


    25/07/2017 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Israel removes metal detectors from Temple Mount

    The devices were dismantled before dawn. Netanyahu proposes to replace them with new "advanced" security technologies. The UN Security Council had asked for a solution by Friday. UN Middle East envoy: These events can create disasters far beyond the Middle East.


    24/07/2017 - ISRAEL – PALESTINE

    Palestinian Christians and Muslims oppose monitoring the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif compound

    Christians pray with Muslims. For Bernard Sabella, religion cannot and should not be a cause of conflict. Wisdom is needed to restore calm and engage dialogue, just as the pope says. For Adil Misk, Palestinian Christians and Muslims have said "no" to religious conflict. Israel has "climbed a tree and no longer knows how to come down." Muslims will not give up.

    24/07/2017 - JORDAN - ISRAEL

    Israeli Embassy in Amman: two Jordanians killed and one Israeli wounded

    Amman's security forces seal off neighborhood. Little news from Jordanian police. The Israeli foreign ministry censors information. Pope Francis makes appeal.


    22/07/2017 - IRAQ

    Karamles, welcomes home first Christian family, after Isis: "Like letting go of a heavy weight".

    Labib Rammo, along with his wife and children, left Ankawa's exile to return home. After three years, "we really feel we are in the right place." Hope to find coexistence with Muslims; Reconstruction a "duty"; Sufferings have "strengthened our faith".


    22/07/2017 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Protests in Jerusalem: Hundreds of Palestinians injured and three dead

    Tensions high since early morning. The clashes exploded after prayers, triggered by the stun grenade launched by the police to separate demonstrators. The victims between 18 and 20. In the evening, a Palestinian stabbed tand killed three settlers because "there is no life after what I have seen at al-Aqsa".


    21/07/2017 - SYRIA

    Disabled and orphaned by war, boy calls for a spring of peace in Syria

    Rabee Zarife is a 15-year-old Muslim. In November 2016, he lost his father and both legs when a shell exploded. Today, Caritas Syria is caring for him materially and psychologically. His greatest desire is to complete his studies but he still cannot go to school. Sometimes, he feels “like when I was a baby of one-year old”.

    21/07/2017 - ASIA

    AIDS-related deaths drop, except in Central Asia and the Middle East, UN agency reports

    UNAIDS found an "alarming" trend in the two Asian regions. Cases and deaths are up, with many people going without treatment.

    21/07/2017 - TURKEY – GREECE

    Quake hits Turkish coast: two dead, hundreds injured

    The 6.3 quake struck overnight at 1:31 am, just 10 kilometres below the seabed.

    21/07/2017 - IRAN

    Lawmakers to scrap citizenship law that discriminates against women

    Only men can pass their citizenship to their children and spouse. This way, thousands of children remain stateless. The most vulnerable are the children of Afghan refugees.

    20/07/2017 - LEBANON

    “Surrender or die”: Countdown for Al-Nusra in Jaroud Arsal and Qalamoun

    by Pierre Balanian

    Serious fighting is underway in Idleb with Al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and allies. Al-Nusra in Lebanon is totally isolated and time is on the Lebanese army’s side. According to Basel El Hugeiri, mayor of Arsal, the Lebanese army urged civilians to leave.

    20/07/2017 - SAUDI ARABIA

    Miniskirt-wearing Saudi woman released

    Officially the police accepted the version of the aspiring model who said that the video was private and posted without her knowledge. The case sparked opposite reactions on Saudi social media.

    20/07/2017 - SYRIA – UNITED NATIONS

    FAO: Wheat harvest in Syria improving, but still less than half of prewar production

    This year's harvest is 1.8 million tonnes, up 12 per cent over last. Some 6.9 million people are food insecure, another 5.6 million are at risk without monthly aid. Deir-ez-Zor and Ar-Raqqa are the most at risk.

    20/07/2017 - ASIA

    Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai among most sought-after destinations in 2017 City Index

    New York is still first, but Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong are second and third for business. The top ten includes Tokyo (fifth), Beijing (seventh), and Shanghai (tenth). The younger generation prefer Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. The data comes from the Ipsos Global survey of the best cities in which to live, work and visit.

    19/07/2017 - ISRAEL – PALESTINE

    Clashes break out in Jerusalem between Israeli police and Muslims

    Violence started at the end of the evening prayer. Worshippers prayed outside the mosques in protest against the presence of metal detectors. Fatah called for the "Day of rage".

    19/07/2017 - IRAN – UNITED STATES

    New US sanctions angers Iran, which pledges its own sanctions

    New sanctions against the Islamic Republic are due to its support for “terrorist” groups and the Syrian regime as well as its missile programme. Some 18 entities or individuals are targeted. Washington is “deeply concerned" about Iran's "malign activities". Tehran slams the sanctions as illegal, pledges sanctions of its own against the US.

    18/07/2017 - TURKEY

    More human rights activists arrested in Turkey, including Amnesty International's Turkey director

    A Turkish court has remanded into custody six militants, including İdil Eser, in what Amnesty International calls a "travesty of justice". Two trainers, a Swedish and a German, have also been detained. They were charged with "committing a crime in the name of a terror organisation without being a member”, namely the Gülen movement.

    18/07/2017 - IRAN

    President Rouhani's brother released on multi-million-dollar bail

    Hossein Ferydoun was arrested yesterday for "financial issues". His initial bail of US$ 13 million was reduced to US$ 9.3 million. The inquiry remains ongoing and he could still end up in jail again. The struggle between the judiciary (backed by the Guardians of the Revolution) and Rouhani gets worse.

    Editor's choices

    60 years of the Chinese Patriotic Association: the Church subordinated to Politics

    Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

    Although in a low key - perhaps because of talks with the Vatican - the slogan for an "autonomous" and "independent" Church (from the Holy See) is completely subjugated to Party politics. Official bishops die like "state officials" far from the faithful. The Party forces its members to atheism. There are few  "witnesses" among official bishops and many  "opportunists".


    Pope appeals for "moderation and dialogue" in Jerusalem

    At the Angelus Francis, concerned about the violence in the Holy City, asks all to pray "so that the Lord may inspire intentions of reconciliation and peace in all." Evil and good are "intertwined" in each of us, and it is not for man to distinguish or judge.


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