In the country a spirit of coexistence, accepting others and those who are different, is missing. African refugees are in a legal "limbo". Christian migrants are pained by the rejection of the "Country of Jesus, the Gospel and the Bible". Many in Israel help, but "these" many "must be multiplied, because they are a drop in the bucket.”

| 20/06/2018

Israeli army says the Palestinian extremist movement launched at least 45 cross-border missiles overnight. Seven were intercepted by the Israeli defense system. Since the beginning of the violence there have been 132 victims among the Palestinians, none among the Israelis. The UN agency for Palestinians suspends payment of salaries and humanitarian operations due to lack of funds.


| 20/06/2018
by Nirmala Carvalho

Fr George Muttathuparambil is the Salesian provincial superior in Bangalore, Karnataka. In 2016 he was in Yemen when an Islamist group took Fr Tom Uzhunnalil, killing four sisters of Mother Teresa. “This is an unjust war,” he says. “Innocent people are suffering horribly.”

| 19/06/2018
by Bernardo Cervellera

In the Instrumentum Laboris published today, young people are "seekers of meaning", but also suffer from "volubility of impulsiveness". The Church struggles to understand them. The "mutual estrangement" between generations can be overcome with the discovery that we are all "called" to life, and an "ecological conversion": the discovery of relationships with the history and environment that make up each person. An "outgoing" Church, close to the religious outbursts of young people, able to propose the person of Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of every road taken. Mission and friendship.

| 19/06/2018

We understand that "we must forgive our enemies", even if it is not easy, and also " pray for others", for "those who give us a hard time.” However, “praying for those who want to destroy me, having God bless them, that is really hard." Yet many “Christians sent to Siberia" or “Auschwitz have done so.”

| 19/06/2018

The "Instrumentum laboris" of the Synod on Youth presented. An opportunity to address vocational discernment for the Church and to rediscover how it can best correspond today to its call to be the soul, light, salt and leaven of our world.

| 19/06/2018
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With today's signature, the two leaders commit to a lasting and stable peace on the Korean Peninsula. The deal calls for the recovering the remains of prisoners of war. Kim makes an "Unwavering commitment" to denuclearise the peninsula. Trump offers security guarantees to North Korea. China approves; France has doubts. South Koreans “hope” for peace. North Korean refugees are concerned.

| 12/06/2018
by Lawrence Jangma Gam

The civil war in the northern state has entered its seventh year. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has exceeded 150,000. Some tell of their flight from their homes and of their life in the reception facilities.

| 12/06/2018
by Liao Yiwu

Writer Liao Yiwu spoke with Liu Xia, wife of the late dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was left to die in prison from cancer. Under house arrest, Liu Xia was promised by the government that she could leave China for treatment. But nothing has happened so far. Despite her request, Angela Merkel could not meet her. Liao pleads with politicians and ordinary people.

| 01/06/2018
Lahore, donne cristiane e musulmane chiedono uguali diritti degli uomini
Pakistan, un pastore protestante denuncia il clima di insicurezza tra i cristiani
Cristiani manifestano a Lahore e Karachi
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