60 years of the PR China: the Party against the people

The military parade of 60 years: Only socialism can save China
The anniversary celebration has exhibited the full military strength of the country. Hu Jintao reaffirms socialism with Chinese characteristics and exalts the party. Maximum security. Roads blocked and monitored until the third city district. The international airport also closed.
Celebrating 60 years of (censored) history in China
Whether under Imperial China or the People’s Republic, the state demands that the individual be sacrificed, this according to journalist and scholar Xiao Jiansheng. Given the subject-matter, mainland authorities banned his book ‘Chinese History Revisited’, and no one in Hong Kong dared to publish it. The author of this article, Bao Pu, is the son of Bao Tong, a top Chinese Communist leader and a former aide to Zhao Ziyang. Because of his opposition to the Tiananmen crackdown (1989), he spent seven years in jail and is currently under house arrest.
60 years of the PRC: Christian churches say the Party is not God
The Christian Churches have been prophetic: from the outset they have experienced the violence of absolute power. Today there are the supporters of civil society in the search for justice and human rights. Many dissidents converted to Christianity. Third and last part of a dossier for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.
60 years in the PRC: From Mao to now, the corruption of power
The history of Communism in China is one of the most horrible. Amidst ideological purges, famines, repression, democracy was never given a voice (the fifth modernization). Deng Xiaoping made the supremacy of the Party the ideal to which all of society had to sacrifice itself, unleashing an avalanche of abuse and corruption. The 100 thousand "mass incidents" in a year show that the people want to count. Civil society is the only hope for stability in China. Second part of a dossier dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
60 years of the People’s Republic of China: the Party against the people
The ceremonies of the 1st October aim to celebrate the greatness of China and the supremacy of the Communist Party. But Beijingers are "invited" to stay home. The paranoia of security and 800 thousand people are recruited to spy, investigate, control. Objective historical studies on 60 years are banned. First part of a special report on China 60 years after the founding of the People's Republic of China.
Give power back to the people, says Bao Tong on the PRC’s 60th anniversary
A former aide to Zhao Ziyang, held by the authorities for 20 years, talks about how Chinese leaders are preparing to celebrate their so-called power, whilst hiding the country’s real problems: corruption, lack of freedom and civil rights, and pollution. He insists that all the people of China want is more democracy and freedom.