60 years of the PR China: the Party against the people

Millions of Muslims devoted to Our Lady and eager for exorcism
Fatima, Harissa, Damascus, Samalut, Assiut, Zeitun and many other places where the Virgin appeared are the destination of incessant pilgrimages from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran. Pilgrims in search of physical but also spiritual healing; spontaneous and mystical prayer and not the schematic and formal verses of official Islam. The iconoclast Salafists destroy places of pilgrimage every year. But the devotion to Mary is growing, also fueled by the stories of the Koran. The spiritual dialogue between Christians and Muslims is much more promising than cultural, theological or political dialogue.
25/07/2013 CHINA
Bo Xilai trial set for August, charges of corruption and above all, of defying Beijing
Xinhua states: "He threatened the central power." Bo is accused of having confiscated more than 20 million yuan. Silence on his responsibility in covering up the murder of British citizen Heywood, poisoned by Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai. The trial set for mid-August in Jinan (Shandong). But the judges have "disappeared" and the defense lawyers are not allowed to meet with their client.
25/07/2013 EGYPT
For Egyptian activist, everyone will be in the streets tomorrow for "a non-violent country'
Mina Magdy, a young man from the Maspero Youth Union, told AsiaNews that "people will embrace with enthusiasm General al-Sisi's appeal to demonstrate against fundamentalism." For him, "Tomorrow, the streets of Cairo will see protests for a free country." At the same time, as the Brotherhood accuses the generals of pushing the country towards civil war, warrants are issued for the arrest nine Brotherhood officials for inciting violence. Meanwhile, the US suspends delivery of weapons to Egypt.
Refugee boat directed to Australia sinks off Indonesia, at least three dead
The sinking, which occurred off the coast of Java, causes criticism towards Australia's new stand on refugees as Canberra's 'hard line' worsens the plight of migrants.
24/07/2013 BANGLADESH
Same-sex marriages in Bangladesh: two girls arrested, threatened with life imprisonment
Homosexuality and any kind of union between persons of the same sex is illegal in the country. The young people - aged 16 and 21 year - are runaways. Only once found by the police did they confess to being lesbian, and were arrested.
24/07/2013 CHINA
China, manufacturing drops to lowest level in the past 11 months
Preliminary index confirms a general slowdown of the Chinese economy. Employment rate and product orders also drop. Analysts warn: "Pressure on jobs market is rising". Guarantee of 7% threshold for national growth at risk.