John Paul II is beatified

Entry into force of the agreement on the recognition of study qualifications between Taiwan and the Vatican
The Treaty covers both the educational and ecclesiastical degrees awarded in every part of the world, and respect for the canonical norms concerning the structure and management of Catholic universities. It will also benefit ecclesiasticswho from mainland China will go to study at Fu Jen Catholic University of Taipei.
Shiite ayatollah launches fatwa: Iraqi Christians, conversion to Islam or death
From an Egyptian TV Jihad leader Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani speaks of Christians as polytheists and friends of the Zionists. Sources tell AsiaNews: a grave fact, but the government is attentive to these claims. Card. Sandri reconsecrates the cathedral scene of the massacre in October 2010. The tears, said the cardinal, "are seeds of communion and witness".
Christmas tea to reconcile tribal Bodo and Assam's Muslims
A diocesan NGO in Bongaigaon is behind the initiative. In July residents were hit by floods and sectarian violence. Church and Caritas are working together to bring peace to the two communities.