The Ukrainian Crisis

02/11/2011 INDONESIA
Java: Muslim violence against statues of other religions
A radical Muslim group, the Islamic Defender Front (FPI), launches an appeal for the destruction of “un-Islamic” statues, like Chinese dragons, representations of the Buddha or Christian icons if they are in public places rather than in places of worship.
31/10/2011 TIBET – CHINA
Writers and scholars arrested and jailed to strike at Tibet’s culture
After a year in detention, a well-known Tibetan writer from a Tibetan area of Sichuan is sentenced to three years in prison on unknown charges. Chinese authorities are arresting Tibetan intellectuals, monks and ordinary teachers to wipe out Tibetan culture.
26/10/2011 SRI LANKA - VATICAN
Assisi 2011, Anglican Bishop: Building peace is an urgent duty
Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe, of the Church of Ceylon, says: "Our world is blessed by the diversity of religions, ethnicities and races: the genuine commitment of all is needed."
25/10/2011 HONG KONG
Card. Zen: My struggle and that of Hong Kong for Catholic schools
Since Hong Kong’s return to China, the government has planned control over local schools. The new management committees undermine freedom of education and are likely to twist the Christian and Catholic proposal. The reasons for the hunger strike launched by the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong.
24/10/2011 VATICAN - G20
Vatican: a world authority for an economy free of "market idolatry"
A document of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. The crisis shows the need to subordinate finance to politics. Globalization requires an "impartial authority, with the power to decide through democratic processes and to sanction in accordance with law." Among the "steps" the establishment of a tax on financial transactions.
22/10/2011 SAUDI ARABIA
Saudi Crown Prince dies
Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz was 86. He died in the United States where he was undergoing treatment. He modernized the army and always supported the alliance with Washington. The new Crown Prince Nayef, 78 years old.
20/10/2011 LIBYA
Gaddafi is dead, killed in Sirte
The prime minister of the transitional government confirms the news. In Tripoli, thousands celebrate by firing int the air. A Libya-based Italian businesswoman deplores the huge loss of life. The situation in hospitals is grim as drugs are in short supply.
19/10/2011 HONG KONG - CHINA
Card. Zen on hunger strike for freedom of education in schools
The cardinal criticizes the decision of the Supreme Court in favour of government control (and China) which is likely to destroy the educational system of the territory, considered among the best. Card. Zen will take only water and communion every day. Revelations of donations received by him, attempt to cast suspicion on use. The long list of help he has provided: scholarships, donations to disaster hit dioceses , theological texts and translations of documents of the Church.
17/10/2011 RUSSIA
Thirteen new dioceses for the Russian Orthodox Church
The Holy Synod approved the creation of new eparchies from Irkutsk to Kazakhstan. The restructuring of the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate continues, the largest reform since 1991.
16/10/2011 VATICAN
Pope: The Year of Faith in the footsteps of John Paul II and Paul VI
The apostolic letter that explains rationale, objectives and guidelines of the Year of Faith is ready, and will be published in the coming days, after nearly 50 years since the Second Vatican Council. As for the Polish pope, the new evangelization and mission ad gentes go together, and are "aspects of the mission of the Church." Paul VI proclaimed a "Year of Faith" in 1967.
14/10/2011 HONG KONG
Appeals Court decides less freedom for Hong Kong schools
Despite a long and hard battle, led by Cardinal Zen, the Territory judges reject an appeal against order requiring private and religious schools to set up monitoring bodies to have the state funds. Bishop Tong: "We have a commitment, we will respect it."
13/10/2011 INDONESIA
Strong earthquake in Bali. Widespread damage, but no deaths
Thousands of foreign tourists fled to the beaches. At least 50 injured, three seriously. Damage to hotels and other buildings, including dozens of Hindu temples. An earthquake in the same area, in '76 caused the death of 471 people.
12/10/2011 MYANMAR
Amnesty in Myanmar: dozens of political prisoners freed including the actor Zarganar
The measure is expected to cover at least 300 prisoners of conscience. So far 70 released. Among them Shin Gambira, one of the monks who lead the Saffron Revolution in 2007. AsiaNews sources: government decision linked to attempts to remove sanctions and obtain ASEAN presidency in 2014.
08/10/2011 INDONESIA
Jakarta, moderate Muslims against 300 Islamic extremist websites: block them
Nahdlatul Ulama leaders support the government struggle, which last year blocked jihadist and fundamentalist sites. They promote "false teachings" of Islam and incite attacks in the country. Criticism from activists: block is not the "best solution" to halt the extremist drift.