Tsunami in Asia - the sorrow and the compassion

Pope: the migrant, "a reminder of the need to eradicate inequality, injustice and abuses"
Migration "remains an aspiration to hope… to seek a better future wherever that may be". Those who leave their country should not be seen as a problem, but a person who contributes to the economic development and a possible "partner in the construction of richer communities", "stimulating the development of inclusion, creativity and respect for the dignity of all".
Pope: churches must never become businesses
Redemption is free " when the Church or churches start doing business, then it is said that salvation is not so free ...". "There are two things that the people of God cannot forgive: a priest attached to money and a priest who mistreats people. This they cannot forgive!"
Jerusalem: calm returns to the Esplanade of the Mosques
Israeli police drops age limit on men visiting the holy place. For now, things are under control. A spate of attacks shake but do not break the calm. PM Netanyahu attacks mayor of Ashkelon for banning Arab workers from his town.
Pyongyang threatens nuclear test in response to UN inquiry
Pyongyang responds to the UN’s request to refer the country to the ICC charging the United States, of “orchestrating everything". Satellites show great activity in areas of the reactors. North Korea’s number two flies to Moscow to meet Putin.
Haryana, guru charged with murder arrested. One child and five women found dead
The five dead bodies were found in the ashram where he was hiding. The causes of their death still unknown. More than 16 thousand devotees were held as a hostage in the holy place. Another woman died in hospital shortly after being released.
Myanmar army attacks Kachin camp: 23 dead and 13 wounded
The military fired artillery shells hitting a training center of the ethnic formation located not far from Laiza. Kachin spokesman "it was an intentional attack," preceded by "fighting". Peace talks between the central government and ethnic minorities at risk. New round of talks was scheduled for next week.
Pope: Jesus weeps before the closure of our hearts, as he wept over Jerusalem
"I ask myself: today we Christians who know the faith, the catechism, who go to Mass every Sunday, we Christians, we pastors are we content with ourselves? Because we have organized everything and do not need new visits from the Lord ... And the Lord continues to knock on the door of each one of us and of His Church, the pastors of the Church”.
Occupy Central supporters arrested in mainland China
The Chinese government detained almost a hundred activists and citizens last month for expressing support for Hong Kong's democratic struggle. Now it is putting them on trial for "creating a disturbance" or "inciting subversion of state power". The "guilty" face up to five years in prison.
Pope at FAO: food is not a commodity subject to speculation, the hungry "ask for dignity, not for charity"
The "challenge" of solidarity and the "paradox of plenty": "there is food for everyone, but not everyone can eat". "The the struggle against hunger and malnutrition is hindered by “market priorities”, and the “primacy of profit”. The "moral obligation to share the economic wealth of the world." "A source of inspiration is natural law, inscribed in the human heart, that speaks a language that everyone can understand: love, justice, peace, elements that are inseparable from each other"
A Hindu "living goddess" chooses to study with Catholics
Samita Bajracharya has spent the last few years as "Kumari" or "living goddess", the incarnation of Kali worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists. After her "divine" period, she chose to enrol in the St Francis Xavier Catholic School. "I am still a Hindu," she told AsiaNews, "but I received solidarity and respect from Catholics."
Patriarch of Baghdad to Muslim leaders: Unbefitting silence on the Islamic State, a Nazism in the name of Islam
Speaking at an interfaith conference sponsored by a Saudi institution, Mar Sako describes a "wounded" Middle East. The liberation of Mosul and the Nineveh Plain is a priority for the return of displaced people, Christian and non-Christians, forced to live in appalling conditions. The silence of Muslim leaders is fueling jihadist violence, we need a clear condemnation.
Christian politicians and religious leaders agree to a memorandum for a "single Ukrainian Church"
A Greek Catholic representative signed the Rivne Memorandum, as did two bishops loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate, who later withdrew their signature. Pressure is coming from many sides. Moscow Patriarchate slams Catholics, saying that if they wish to be part of this process they must end their communion with the pope.
Indonesia's Year of the Consecrated Life celebrates the "beauty and dignity of vocations"
In a pastoral letter, the country's Catholic bishops highlight the example of priests, religious or nuns. A children's book with information about all the religious orders and congregations is planned. The country has at least 6,800 seminarians.
Israeli Soldiers ready to demolish Palestinian attackers' homes
Abd al-Rahman al-Shaludi's house of in Silwan was demolished yesterday. The families of Ibrahim al-Akkari, Muhammad Jaabis and Mutaz Hijazi received their demolition notices. "Violence begets violence." For B'Tselem, it is wrong to punish innocent people just because their relatives carried out acts of violence. Haaretz notes that the homes of Israeli terrorists remain intact. Selective justice is not justice - it is vengeance.
After five months Iraqi army controls Baiji refinery, militants on the run
The security forces have entered into the country’s most important oil refinery, the center of a bitter struggle with the Islamic State. Retreating, the jihadists lay landmines. The agriculture minister accuses militants of having stolen more than one million tons of cereals.
Pope appeals for the Holy Land, "building peace is difficult, but living without peace is a torment"
"Unacceptable episodes of violence that have not even spared places of worship." The "universal call to holiness" which concerns not only consecrated persons, but is a "gift" offered to all Christians, towards which we must take "small steps", in everyday life. "Money is not to be considered idol to be served, but a means to pursue the common good."
Netanyahu "iron fist" against terrorism on synagogue
Homes demolished the of two terrorists who yesterday attacked the place of prayer in Har Nof. The two are not members of any organization. Abbas condemns the attack; Hamas in Gaza celebrate it. The UN secretary: We need a long-term solution for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Christian leaders visit the synagogue in solidarity with the victims. Patriarch of Jerusalem: We must get to the root of the conflict.
Set to go on trial in Beijing, Gao Yu claims innocence, blames her "confession" on threats
Her trial for "leaking state secrets" is set to start on Friday. Police is accused of getting the 70-year-old journalist to confess by threatening her son. Ongoing arrests and trials indicate that Xi Jinping's crackdown continues.
Singapore overtakes Beijing as biggest investor in Myanmar. With the "help" of US companies
Behind the boom of the city-state are US companies which, in order to circumvent the embargo, are registered in Singapore. Revelation of Washington tries to down play the revelation made by Burmese Vice-Minister of Finance. In 2014 registers more than 5 billion in foreign investment in the former Burma, with further growth prospects for next year.
Yujiang's underground bishop released but under police surveillance
The prelate cannot leave Jiangxi province or exercise his episcopal ministry. The government might be trying to favour the official bishop, who toes the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association line. For now, the bishops of Shanghai, Baoding, and Yixian are still imprisoned.
Jerusalem: deadly attack at a synagogue. A Palestinian "suicide"
Four Jews died and eight were injured. The two attackers were killed by police. One is on the run. A Palestinian driver found dead on his bus. Police claim it was a suicide, but Palestinians believ he was murdered.
Yangon, students march for reform and freedom in schools. Authority "on alert"
After four days of protests, the youth threaten to widen protests to a national scale. They are demanding the removal of restrictions on academic freedom and the possibility of union membership. Government given two months to meet their demands. The student protests, "a sensitive issue" in Myanmar.
Tamil Nadu, 100 Hindu radicals attack a Christian community
Four people, including the Reverend, are hospitalized in serious condition. The extremists also attempted to attack them in the hospital. Desecrated the altar, and a Bible, community’s vehicles destroyed. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC): "The violence spreads a culture that holds religious conversions to be illegal ".
Mgr You: popes have shown how to overcome the crisis of Korean society
At the 2014 AsiaNews International Symposium, the bishop of Daejeon looks at the trips by John Paul II and Francis to the peninsula, the last country still divided by war. "The seeds that were planted have borne fruit. Let us hope they become a way of salvation for us and throughout Asia."
Chaldean Patriarch and Speaker of Parliament: Christians essential to Iraq's future
Salim al-Jubouri met Mar Sako and expresses solidarity and closeness to the Christian victims of violence. Sources of the Chaldean Patriarchate speak of "historic visit" that instills "new confidence". The Church asks Christmas be recognized as a "national holiday". New violence in Baghdad, five people dead and 20 wounded in a series of attacks.
Al-Baghdadi message: "Volcanoes of jihad" against Jews, crusaders, apostates even in Saudi Arabia
The audio message released to assure followers that their leader is alive. Apocalyptic push for new recruits. Saudi Arabia called "the head of the anti-Islam snake".
New president of the Korean bishops: Renewing the Church through mission and joy
Msgr. Hyginus Kim Hee-jong, tells AsiaNews about the priorities of his mandate: "Push the clergy to change and the laity to engage more and more in proclaiming the Gospel. Using Evangelii Gaudium as a compass and looking at the teaching of the Fathers the Church". The evangelization of Asia "must start from the understanding, affection and respect for those we meet on the streets".
Occupy students to travel to Beijing in "political protest"
Students want to meet with Premier Li Keqiang and members of the National People's Congress, which curbed Hong Kong's freedom. Protesters are concerned that police might move in to clear protest sites and end sit-ins. About 31 people arrested in October are released.
Chhattisgarh, "forced" sterilizations assassin doctor arrested
Dr. RK Gupta was trying to flee. A second government center discovered, where at least 26 tubal ligations were carried out, one woman died and 20 were hospitalized.
Korea, a church in memory of the Sewol victims
Among the 304 victims of the shipwreck there was also a young man who was about to enter the seminary. To realize his dream, his parents decided to build a place of worship. The help of many volunteers and the love of the people leads to the construction of "Seongho" church – named for the young man – in record time.
Vietnamese Catholic blogger and activist on trial for criticizing Hanoi government
For more than six months Nguyen Huu Vinh and his assistant Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy have been held without formal charges. For the defense, the prosecution is "illegal." Pro human rights activists warn of little hope of seeing them free. If found guilty face up to seven years in prison.
Archbishop of Moscow: A spiritual Chernobyl shrouds the family
Msgr. Paolo Pezzi meets the faithful of the Archdiocese of the Mother of God to speak of the last Extraordinary Synod on the Family, in which he took part: "The family, like the priesthood is a vocation."
Pope: the communion of saints unites heaven and earth, and is not broken by death
"We are here on earth, along with those who have entered into eternity, we form one great family. This family connection is not broken". Prayers for Jerusalem which has recently "witnessed a number of tensions, that it may always be a sign and foretaste of the peace which God desires for the whole human family".