YOUNG PEOPLE IN COLOGNE"We have come to worship Him"

Sanaa: Shiite suicide bomb attack leaves 15 dead and over 50 injured
The bomber struck a hospital, used as a base of operations by the rebel group, in the town of Majzar, in the province of Maarib, east of the capital. Islamist Ansar al-Sharia militia linked to al Qaeda behind attack. Saudi Arabia says political instability in Yemen poses a global threat.
Death toll rises to 36 following Mount Ontake's eruption
Saturday's event was the first fatal one in modern times. At least 63 people suffered injuries and more than 230 climbers had to seek overnight refuge in local lodges. It is still unclear how many may be missing.
South China Sea: Manila and Washington play war games against Beijing
Thousands of US and Filipino soldiers begin 12-day joint military exercises today near Palawan Island, where Manila is involved in a bitter territorial dispute with Beijing. Recently, the Philippines boosted its military presence in the area.
Hong Kong police arrest 50 students
The student class boycott has culminated in clashes with security forces. Young people react peacefully, shouting: "No fear for civil disobedience". The authorities deny bail to one of the student leaders.
Pope says Jesuits must be expert rowers because today, even the boat of Peter can be tossed about
Francis attends the solemn liturgy of thanksgiving to mark the 200th anniversary of the reconstitution of the Society of Jesus: "Many temptations come, especially in difficult times and in crises: to stop to discuss ideas, to allow oneself to be carried away by the desolation, to focus on the fact of being persecuted, and not to see the other ."
Death toll in Xinjiang attacks jumps to 50
Of the victims, 40 were "terrorists" killed in the explosions; six civilians; two police officers and two security agents. Chinese authorities have imposed a curfew and closed schools and offices.