October: Rosary and mission

12 Muslims arrested from group that attacked the church of Boldipukur
The robbers were after documents pertaining to land ownership. Not the first attempt to steal the deeds. The parishioners are mostly tribal, very poor and poorly educated and often Muslims try to take over their lands. During the attack, three PIME nuns suffered attempted rape.
Syria similar to Somalia, a “failed state” with warlords all over, Brahimi said
According to the Algerian diplomat and former UN peace envoy, the country is “failing” and consequences will affect the entire Middle East. With "no political” solution, the region is doomed to “blow up”. Hundreds of French, Britons extremists ready to fight “jihad” tighter with thousands from all over the world.
Donetsk, bishop invokes week of fasting for peace
Metropolitan Hilarion, of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, has distanced himself from the parties in conflict in the East and warns: "There can be no blessings for those who violate the commandment that says Thou shalt not kill".