30 August 2016
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  • mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato

    29/08/2016 - CHINA – CENTRAL ASIA

    Beijing has replaced both Russia and the United States in the strategically important region. Taking advantage of these countries’ internal weaknesses, China is seizing control of local businesses and farmland. "Chinese nationals living and working in Tajikistan have increased by 30 percent since 2015,” notes a Tajikistan expert. “Tajiks have ceased to be masters in their own country”. Courtesy of the Jamestown Foundation.

    by Paul Goble

    29/08/2016 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Rethinking China-Vatican accords (with a touch of irony)

    by Il prete eremita del Nord (华北的山人神父)

    There are various discrepancies in discussions on relations between China and the Holy See. Despite the fact that there is still no public agreement, many commentators hotly discuss it as if it were common gossip. Even the bishops are often reduced to mere puppets; the lack of mutual trust between the two parties; the Taiwan issue: these are some of the problems outlined by the informed author, who calls himself "the hermit priest of the North" and is a very famous priest-blogger in China.

    27/08/2016 - CHINA

    Rough sailing for Chinese shipyards

    Private shipbuilders face greater obstacle than their state-owned counterparts, which get government subsidies. One company plans to lay off up to 28 per cent of its workforce. Over-capacity and low demand are the main causes. Bankruptcy looms for many.

    26/08/2016 - CHINA-SYRIA

    Beijing will train army troops of Bashar Assad

    The training will take place in China and will deal with medical and nursing professional care. The division present in the UN Security Council is now evident in the military alliances.

    25/08/2016 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Msgr. Ma Daqin: We must learn from Matteo Ricci

    by Zhao Nanxiong

    A new article by the auxiliary bishop of Shanghai after his "U-turn" on the role of the Patriotic Association. The prelate emphasizes the work of the great Jesuit missionary, who married the Chinese "Classics" with the Gospel. Today we must proclaim the faith with commitment "without interfering in politics”.

    24/08/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope cancels audience: Sorrow for earthquake victims in Italy

    Francis speaks to the pilgrims gathered in the square: "I express my great sorrow and closeness to all the people present in the places struck by the quake, to all the people who have lost loved ones and to those who still feel shock, fear and terror”. The Pope invites those present to recite the Sorrowful Mysteries. The tremors that devastated the Rieti area, were felt worst in Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. 21 are confirmed dead, but many are still missing.

    23/08/2016 - SYRIA – CHINA

    For Chinese media, the picture of Syrian child could be a fake in the West’s "propaganda war”

    A Chinese state broadcaster questions authenticity of the Aleppo child video, seeing it as a tool to provide an humanitarian excuse to intervene in the country. The video was shot by a group close to the British military.

    23/08/2016 - CHINA

    The decline of China’s Catholic population and its impact on the Church

    by Anthony Lam Sui-ky

    Dr. Anthony Lam Sui-ky, a researcher at the Holy Spirit Study Centre of the diocese of Hong Kong and a leading expert of the Church in China, analyses the "plateau" phenomenon that affects Chinese Catholics. After a great wave of baptisms and vocations, the numbers show a slowdown that keeps the number of the Catholic community stable but stagnant. Catholics are now about 10.5 million. The official and underground Church have the same dilemma and must work together to overcome it. Courtesy of Tripod.

    23/08/2016 - TIBET - CHINA

    Tibet, Beijing tightens laws against protests and self-immolations

    The government plans of the prison "longer" for anyone who sets himself on fire, manifested for independence or autonomy for Tibet, sends abroad about the situation of the province. Chinese repression threatens to exacerbate even more the situation.

    22/08/2016 - TAIWAN - CHINA

    Protests welcome Chinese communist leader’s visit to Taipei

    A group of protesters organise “welcome” protest at Taipei airport for Sha Hailin, a member of the CCP Standing Committee and head of the United Front Department in Shanghai. He is the highest-ranking communist official to visit Taiwan since the new government led by Tsai Ing-wen took office. Doubts hover over the future of bilateral relations.

    22/08/2016 - HONG KONG

    Two new priests for Hong Kong: A vocation born of witness

    by Lucia Leung

    The diocese celebrates the ordination of Fr. Ignatius Lo and Fr. Paul Nguyen: With 384 thousand faithful, there are only 68 consecrated from the diocese. The life of a priest "has to be interesting. We must put aside ourselves and draw near to others, especially to young people”.

    21/08/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: The door of God's mercy is always wide open. For everyone!

    The goal, says Pope Francis before the Angelus prayer, "is Jesus himself. He leads us into fellowship with the Father, where we find love, understanding and protection. But why is this door is narrow? It is a narrow door not because it is oppressive, but because it asks us to restrict and limit our pride and our fear, to open ourselves with a humble and trusting heart to Him, recognizing ourselves as sinners, in need of his forgiveness. " An appeal for peace "in dear Turkey ".


    20/08/2016 - MYANMAR - CHINA

    Dams and diplomatic relations: Aung San Suu Kyi in China

    The Burmese State Minister is in Beijing from August 17. Yesterday she met with President Xi Jinping. China ready to play "a constructive role in promoting the peace process in Myanmar". Talks also on Myitsone dam project and $ 3.6 billion suspended in 2011 after strong protests.

    19/08/2016 - CHINA

    Internet crackdown: Beijing to censor online streaming

    The government fears live streaming and wants full control over providers. However, the huge number of users and the huge amount of content make the task hard to accomplish.

    19/08/2016 - CHINA

    After the crosses, Zhejiang bans religion from hospitals

    For the past two years the authorities of the Eastern Province have been carrying out a campaign against the symbols and the Christian presence. The latest act involves treatment centers, where today "all forms of religious activity are banned". It is now forbidden to pray, preach and receive priests or Protestant pastors at the bedside of the sick.

    18/08/2016 - CHINA

    Chinese journalists ousted from maverick magazine sue government

    Senior editors at Yanhuang Chunqiu are suing the authorities that seized their magazine and published a fake issue. The matter is sensitive because the publication is loyal to the Communist party, the real one, not Xi Jinping’s.

    18/08/2016 - CHINA - ASEAN

    Manila conducive to bilateral talks with Beijing to resolve disputes in the seas

    President Duterte does not intend to raise territorial issues in the South China Sea during the next ASEAN summit. He wants to address the issue "face to face", avoiding open conflict. Jakarta reaffirms its sovereignty projects and is ready to change the name of the waters off the coast of Borneo. It will present its request soon to the UN.

    17/08/2016 - CHINA

    Hong Kong and Shenzhen bourses linked, but markets do not rejoice

    Together they represent the second largest financial centre in the world with a market capitalisation of 7,400 billion dollars. A year after it was announced, the regulatory and supervisory authorities give the green light, but investors need time and trust to recover from the shock caused by Shanghai in August 2015.

    17/08/2016 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Random thoughts on "imminent" China-Holy See relations

    by Cheng Zhi

    The author is a priest of the underground Church in China Eastern. A lot of media speak as if the agreements between Beijing and the Vatican were already ready. The problems of illegitimate bishops with lovers and children. Card. Tong and Card. Zen, separated only by optimism and pessimism. Doubts about the freedom that "the Chinese Empire" will grant the Church.

    17/08/2016 - NORTH KOREA - CHINA

    Beijing puts a price on the head North Korean refugees

    Those who flee the Kim dictatorship must pass through the northern border into China. After a period of relative tolerance, the border authorities are tightening controls and stepping up repatriation. 1000 yuan for reporting on refugees; 2000 for capture; 3000 fine if you help them.

    13/08/2016 - CHINA

    Activist Su Changlan's trial for "subversion" again postponed

    The police cannot find evidence to support the charge. In 2014, the woman expressed support online for the democratic movement Occupy Central in Hong Kong. Family members kept in the dark.

    12/08/2016 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    Olympics: badminton match with China stirs Hong Kong pro-independence groups

    “Localists”, who dream of breaking away from the motherland, choose the Mong Kok area for an outdoor screening of the match to show that “there is no reason for Hongkongers to support the Chinese team”. The “indigenous” groups behind this initiative are the same involved in past clashes between street vendors and police.

    12/08/2016 - CHINA

    Beijing introduces new, severe residency rules for immigrants

    National system requires a certificate (hukou) to have access to basic municipal services such as health and education. But the authorities want to control the urban population, and if possible to decrease it. From today, residency will require seven years of contributions - without any access to benefits - in order to submit an application.

    11/08/2016 - ASIA

    Boating accidents and atoll militarisation raising tensions in Asia-Pacific seas

    At dawn, a Chinese fishing boat sank after colliding with a Greek cargo ship off the Senkaku. Japan’s Coast Guard rescued six sailors. Up to 300 Chinese fishing boats recently sighted near Japanese waters. Washington confirms its support for Tokyo against Beijing. China strengthens its military installations on atolls.

    11/08/2016 - CHINA - GERMANY

    The Chinese edition of Card Hoeffner’s ‘Christian social doctrine’ now online

    The book by the German cardinal and theologian is one of the key tools to understand the field. In China, from Mao until now, the Church has had many difficulties to upgrade its approach to Christian social doctrine and theology. The book can be downloaded from Ordo Socialis.

    11/08/2016 - HONG KONG – ASIA

    Taizé, East Asia meeting of young people for "the mercy of courage"

    The gathering, which began yesterday, will end on Sunday, bringing together young people from Hong Kong, Macao, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. In the case of China, participants will come from Guangdong, Hebei, and Beijing. The goal is to educate them to be bearers of mercy and peace in society.

    11/08/2016 - CHINA - UN - KOREA

    UN, Beijing blocks condemnation of North Korean missiles

    The Chinese government wanted to include a reference to Thaad in the Security Council in the text, the anti-missile system installed by the United States in the south of the peninsula. Situation in deadlock, the statement is set aside. Experts: "There will probably be a weakening of the sanctions against its nuclear program".

    10/08/2016 - VIETNAM – CHINA – JAPAN

    Hanoi deploys defensive system on disputed islands in South China Sea

    The missile deployment, which could hit Chinese positions and installations in the region, is a response to Beijing's imperialist policy in the seas. For experts, this could lead to the "militarisation" of the area. Tensions are also rising between Beijing and Tokyo over the East China Sea. Japan denounces a series of incursions by Chinese boats.

    10/08/2016 - CHINA

    Beijing urges religions to "sinicise", threatens Dalai Lama

    For Wang Zuoan, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, some Western countries distort China's religious situation in the name of "religious human rights," and foreign hostile forces use religion to infiltrate China. The "clear example" is the Dalai Lama who is using Buddhism to divide the country.

    10/08/2016 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Continue China-Holy See dialogue, but defending Christians more (3)

    by AA.VV.

    The Chinese authorities want the legitimacy of their absolute control recognized. Trust in Pope Francis, "defender of the communion and unity of the Church". The third and final part of a series of comments on the recently published articles by Cardinal Tong and Cardinal Zen on dialogue between China and the Holy See.

    Editor's choices

    In China-Holy See talks, silence shrouds future of underground priests

    Zhao Nanxiong

    Later this year, all priests must register to receive a certificate that allows them to exercise their ministry. But the request has to go through the Patriotic Association, whose statutes are "incompatible" with Catholic doctrine. Many priests, official and unofficial, now face an enormous dilemma.

    Alqosh, despite the Islamic State, the Church celebrates the first communion of one hundred children

    On the feast day of the Assumption the whole community attended the function, celebrated by Mar Sako. For the patriarchal vicar, this is an historic moment for the frontier town long threatened by jihadists. The Chaldean primate calls on children to "contribute to the community." In Kirkuk His Beatitude opened a grotto dedicated to Our Lady.


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