28 July 2016
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  • mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato

    28/07/2016 - CHINA

    Built 600 years ago, the imperial palace has a drainage system that works better than modern ones. Despite weeks of pounding rains across China, hundreds of “water spitting” dragon-shaped drainage points in the Forbidden City release excess water and prevent flooding. Online humour stresses how “modern drainage systems can't even beat the ancient ones that were erected six centuries ago!"

    27/07/2016 - CHINA - HONG KONG

    Two Hong Kong journalists sentenced in Shenzhen for publishing gossip about Chinese leaders

    The publisher Wang Jianming and editor Guo Zhongxiao sentenced to five years and three months and two years and three months. The episode brings to mind the disappearances and detentions of the five book publishers. Beijing fears Hong Kong freedoms can "pollute" Chinese society. The principle "one nation, two systems" belittled.

    26/07/2016 - POLAND - CHINA - WYD

    Beijing's tricks and violence to stop Chinese youth from reaching WYD

    by Vincenzo Faccioli Pintozzi

    The government yesterday blocked a group of 50 young pilgrims who had already boarded a plane bound for Krakow. Interrogated for hours by immigration, they were "admonished" and sent home with orders not to contact anyone abroad. Meanwhile, "young Chinese Catholics" hang around central World Youth Day locations in groups of five or six, with the task of spying on fellow countrymen. They work for cultural institutes or Chinese companies in Poland.

    26/07/2016 - POLAND – CHINA – WYD

    "Our dream is to bring World Youth Day to China, despite government obstacles”

    The big Chinese delegation in Krakow for 31st World Youth Days has not lost hope. “The government has done so much to discourage us, but they cannot win all the time.” One day the Pope “will celebrate young people in China." Participants express the joy and the wonder of being in Poland. “Religious aspect of this trip aside, the trip is a source of wonder. At home, it is like living in a kind of cultural prison”; what impresses here “the most so far is meeting the world.”

    26/07/2016 - CHINA

    General Guo Boxiong gets life for corruption

    A former vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission and Politburo member, the senior officer used his influence to get promotions and took bribes. However, many believe his real crime was his loyalty to former president Jiang Zemin, not current leader Xi Jinping, and maintaining close ties with him even after he left office.

    25/07/2016 - POLAND – VATICAN – WYD

    WYD in Krakow, a “bridge of love and closeness for the Catholics in mainland China”

    by Vincenzo Faccioli Pintozzi

    A small informal delegation from Taiwan came to Poland to meet with mainland Chinese Catholics.  For its members, “it is very difficult for us to show our love and support to our brothers and sisters” in the mainland. Teresa Wang, from Kaohsiung’s Rosary Cathedral wants to work with disabled people in the mainland, “But political tensions between Beijing and Taipei make this wish almost impossible." An appeal is made to bishops not to forget religious freedom in Asia.

    24/07/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: Appeals and prayer for Munich and Kabul massacres. The prayer of Our Father

    At the Angelus, Pope Francis makes the pilgrims pray for the victims of terrorist attacks in Germany and Afghanistan, against the "dark security and peace prospects." "The word 'Father' is the 'secret' of the prayer of Jesus, is the key that He gives to us so we too can enter into that confidential relationship of dialogue with the Father who accompanied and supported all his life”. The Pope’s upcoming trip for World Youth Day in Krakow, from 27 July.

    22/07/2016 - CHINA - TIBET

    Chinese authorities bring demolition of Buddhist Larung Gar center forward

    The center houses up to 10 thousand Tibetan and Chinese people. The authorities want to reduce the number of monks and nuns. They suspect that the monastery has ties with "separatist forces in exile". Religious freedom shrinking since Xi Jinping became president. Similar to case of Zhejiang’s crosses and churches.

    22/07/2016 - CHINA

    Former village chief of Wukan arrested for corruption. But people support him

    Lin Zuluan has "confessed" his misdeeds on television, but people continue to demonstrate for his release, waving red flags.

    21/07/2016 - HONG KONG - CHINA

    Occupy Central: Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow convicted of unlawful assembly

    by Paul Wang

    The three young people who gave rise to the protest of the "umbrellas" will likely face a few years in prison. Occupy Central was born to demand full democracy in the territory. Wong: "We do not regret what we have done." The threat to freedom of expression.

    20/07/2016 - CHINA

    Xi Jinping’s new "Long March"

    by Wang Zhicheng

    The party’s secretary laid a wreath at the monument that marks the end of the Long March, which brought Mao Zedong to power. At the meeting in Beidaihe, there are concerns about clashes among various factions.

    19/07/2016 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Chinese youth and priests prevented from attending World Youth Day

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Some 2,000 young people from mainland China are expected in Krakow. However, many would-be participants have no money or sponsors. The authorities have banned official and underground priests from going because they are too friendly with the pope. Police have stopped young people at airports minutes before embarkation. Some fear that once home participants will be subjected to interrogation.

    19/07/2016 - PHILIPPINES -CHINA

    Manila rejects Beijing proposal to "ignore" the Hague ruling on South China Sea

    Perfecto Yasay says government rejected an offer of talks "outside, and [in] contempt" of the International Court verdict. A proposal, he adds, that "is not in line" with "our national interests". The Philippines priority is to negotiate the return of fishermen to Scarborough Shoal. Beijing wants to continue its expansionist policy in the area.

    18/07/2016 - CHINA

    Party ready to expel those who do not make decisions or create divisions

    The Central Committee will punish those who tarnish the image of the Party with their behavior, and even those who seek to divide it with different factions. A fierce battle between Xi Jinping, the Shanghai gang and the Communist Youth League.


    18/07/2016 - VIETNAM - CHINA

    Hanoi arrests dozens of activists for protesting against Chinese imperialism on the seas

    by Thanh Nhan

    Patriots and nationalists demonstrated in the capital and in Ho Chi Minh City. The protest  Beijing’s failure to respect the ruling on the disputed territories in the South China Sea. Hanoi fears that the demonstrations may turn against government. Vietnamese broadcaster cancels Chinese TV series: the actors signed a pro-Beijing petition.

    18/07/2016 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    More candidates in Hong Kong refuse to swear allegiance to China

    Demosisto president Nathan Law says he would not sign any confirmation, but would instead take legal action in favour of those excluded from the vote for refusing to sign.

    16/07/2016 - CHINA

    China vs Huaqiu Church: authorities threaten parents, force children to stay away from church

    Communist officials launch a campaign of intimidation against a community in Central Guizhou Province. The aim is to force its members to join the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, the mainland’s state-controlled Protestant Church. Taking one’s children to church can lead to a law suit.

    15/07/2016 - HONG KONG - CHINA

    Parliamentary candidates "must swear allegiance to China"

    In September, vote for the renewal of the Legislative Council, the executive body of the former British colony. In surprise move the government, close to Beijing, imposes a "formal act of acceptance" of Hong Kong "as an inalienable part of the Chinese mainland." Those who refuse will not be admitted. Democrats protest, amid  fear of the new push for independence, led by young people.

    14/07/2016 - VIETNAM - CHINA

    South China Sea: Hanoi satisfied with ruling against Beijing

    by Nguyen Dinh

    The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs "welcomes" the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Hanoi claims sovereignty over part of the disputed area and an exclusive economic zone. The majority of citizens in favor of territorial claims. But disputes must be resolved peacefully and according to international law.


    14/07/2016 - CHINA

    China: Eight strikes a day for the first six months of the year

    The China Labour Bulletin publishes data on protests and social unrest in the world of work: an increase of 18.6% over last year, despite government attempts to stabilize the economy.


    14/07/2016 - PHILIPPINES - CHINA

    Manila: Beijing must respect South China Sea ruling

    The Philippine foreign minister prepared to raise the issue in the euro-Asia Summit scheduled for tomorrow. Beijing replies: "is not the right place" to do so. Filipino bishops concerned about migrants in China. The appeal of Msgr. Santos: "Do not mention the dispute in public and on social networks."

    13/07/2016 - CHINA

    Chinese steel mills start to close following government orders

    Steel giant Baosteel is set to cut overcapacity by more than 9 million tonnes in the next two years. It might merge with Wuhan Iron & Steel as part of industry’s “restructuring”. China wants drastic cuts to coal-powered heavy industry to boost new activities and limit export losses.

    13/07/2016 - ASIA – POLAND

    WYD: young Asians preparing to leave for Krakow

    More young Asians are expected in Krakow than in Rio in 2013. Catholic Philippines will provide the largest contingent, some 1,500, followed by South Korea’s 800, which will include eight Laotians met during Asian Youth Day 2014.

    13/07/2016 - CHINA - PHILIPPINES

    South China Sea, Beijing's anger at Hague ruling: "This is a failed court"

    Chinese leadership publishes document criticizing yesterday's ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration on the Law of the Sea. Beijing reaffirms its sovereignty and attacks judges "incompetent and paid by the Philippines." Meanwhile, China calls for renewed bilateral talks with Manila - and the new president Duterte - to "resolve the dispute".


    12/07/2016 - PHILIPPINES – CHINA

    Tribunal rules that Beijing has no claim over disputed islands in South China Sea

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration rules on a case brought by Philippines. According to the judges China has no claim over the disputed waters. The legal decision has great political significance, but Beijing does not feel bound by it. For the Philippines’ legal representative, the ruling was "clear and unanimous".

    11/07/2016 - CHINA

    Museum praises murderers of a Catholic saint, “enemy of the people”

    A life-size diorama showing Saint Auguste Chapdelaine is on display in a tourist area in Guangxi. It shows the martyr kneeling before the magistrate who sentenced him to death. A six-metre bronze mural shows the cage in which he suffocated to death. A poetry contest gives prize money to those who praise “iron-willed” magistrate Zhang.

    10/07/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: May good works grow within us, for we will be judged by our mercy

    Francis comments on the parable of the Good Samaritan: "Let us ask ourselves: Is our faith fruitful? Does it produce good works? Or is it rather sterile, and therefore more dead than alive? Do I stop to help others or simply pass by?". After the Angelus prayer he recalls Sea Sunday: "May Mary, Star of the Sea, watch over you."

    09/07/2016 - CHINA

    Beijing attacks Paracels: military maneuvers "with real missiles"

    A few days before the international arbitration on the disputed islands, the Chinese government launches massive exercises in the area and blocks access to civilians. Tension mounts among nations that claim the same territories.

    08/07/2016 - TAIWAN

    Super typhoon Nepartak hits Taiwan: 66 injured and thousands displaced

    The tropical storm reached the island this morning at six am. Winds over 230 kilometers per hour and torrential rains. At least 270 thousand homes without power and 35 thousand soldiers deployed in rescue operations. The typhoon is moving northwestward, headed toward the Chinese mainland.

    07/07/2016 - TIBET - NEPAL - CHINA

    30 Tibetans arrested for celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday

    The Kathmandu authorities interrupted an event - scheduled for months and already authorized - to celebrate the Tibetan Buddhist leader, who turns 81. About 20 thousand members of the diaspora who fled the communist persecution live in the Himalayan country. China presses on Nepal to curb their freedom.

    Editor's choices

    Beijing's tricks and violence to stop Chinese youth from reaching WYD

    Vincenzo Faccioli Pintozzi

    The government yesterday blocked a group of 50 young pilgrims who had already boarded a plane bound for Krakow. Interrogated for hours by immigration, they were "admonished" and sent home with orders not to contact anyone abroad. Meanwhile, "young Chinese Catholics" hang around central World Youth Day locations in groups of five or six, with the task of spying on fellow countrymen. They work for cultural institutes or Chinese companies in Poland.

    Fr Samir: Islamic terror in France and Germany a crisis of integration, but above all of politics

    Samir Khalil Samir

    The kidnapping and murder of a priest near Rouen (France) and the various attacks in Würzburg, Munich, Ansbach (Germany) were carried out by young people, who were indoctrinated with ease. Germany was a model for the integration of refugees. But radical Islam cannot be assimilated. It is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. There is no other road other than integration. But we must tell the truth: the Koran contains elements of war and violence. Western politicians suffer from ignorance and a loss of all moral sentiment.


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