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10/13/2015 CHINA
September imports drop to under 20.4%
Imports and exports drop for 11t h consecutive month. Fears for equity markets and Chinese markets. Analysts predict a massive government intervention to stem unemployment and declining purchasing power.
Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - For the 11th consecutive month China’s import and export data has dropped. Incoming goods fell by 20.4% in September 2015, while outgoing  lost 3.7 percentage points...

10/12/2015 VATICAN
Synod: accompanying families as Jesus did with the disciples in Emmaus
Today, the work groups discussed the second part of the Instrumentum laboris. Some proposed a day of prayer and adoration for marriage and the family. Others suggested a "catechumenate as part of marriage preparation with witnesses, and not only experts. Participants mentioned Asia Bibi and Coptic martyrs. Questions about the final report and a letter by 13 cardinals to the pope were mentioned at the briefing.
10/12/2015 NEPAL
Nepal elects Communist Sharma Oli as prime minister
by Christopher Sharma
He stood against outgoing Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. During his campaign, he pledged to lead the country’s reconstruction following its recent earthquake and resolve the diplomatic and economic crisis with India. India and China sent congratulations.
10/12/2015 CHINA
Myanmar detains activist’s 16-year-old son on behalf of China
Working with Myanmar authorities, China gets Bao Zhuoxuan as he tries to flee the country. His "fault" is that he is the son of Wang Yu, one of China’s foremost human rights lawyers. Meanwhile, the crackdown against China’s legal profession continues, but some members are still holding their head high, demanding justice in an open letter.
10/12/2015 TAIWAN
Taipei’s National Museum celebrates Jesuit artist Giuseppe Castiglione
by Xin Yage
To celebrate the 90 years since the founding of the museum, one of the world's most important, exhibit of Jesuit artist who served three emperors living 51 years in the Forbidden City. Ceramic work, based on his paintings, was given to Pope Francis for the start of his pontificate.

10/11/2015 VATICAN – TURKEY
Pope: Great sorrow over the "terrible massacre that occurred in Ankara, Turkey"
During the Angelus, Pope Francis asks for a silent prayer in memory of the victims of the twin bombing in the Turkish capital that killed at least 95 deaths. Speaking about “Jesus’ three gazes with regards to ‘The Rich Man’ and the disciples, the pontiff said, “Money, pleasure, and success dazzle, but then let down”. Addressing “young people, young women and young men who are in the streets,” he asks, “Have you felt Jesus' gaze on you? What do you say to that?” He noted that this Tuesday, 13 October, is International Day for Disaster Reduction. Yesterday, he sent a telegram to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
10/10/2015 TAIWAN
2016 Presidential elections: Taiwan’s opposition leader in Japan to seek support
Tsai Ing-wen, who is the Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate, met with Japanese government ministers, Prime Minister Abe’s younger brother as well as other sympathizers. Her victory in the election would pave the way for the resumption of diplomatic ties with Tokyo, analyst says. Taiwanese are dissatisfied with the ruling Kuomintang’s pro-Beijing trade policies.
10/09/2015 CHINA
China’s sluggish economy boosting strike actions and protests over wages
In a report on the third quarter of 2015, the China Labour Bulletin shows, with figures and tables, the rising tide of labour protest, with almost 600 incidents. Contraction in manufacturing and unscrupulous employers are behind the trend. In some instances, this is taking an extreme turn. In the city of Jiaxing alone, three groups of workers commit suicide over a ten-day period.
10/08/2015 CHINA
Crackdown on lawyers continues as the party seeks to maintain its grip on power.
A former judge in Wenzhou, who became a lawyer to avoid political interference, fled to the United States. For him, it was impossible to stay. The crackdown “isn’t going to stop in one or two year”. The authorities misuse the law to do what they want.
10/07/2015 HONG KONG
Academic barred for being "a friend of Occupy Central"
Johannes Chan Man-mun has been barred from the post of pro-vice-chancellor. Fr Gianni Criveller, PIME missionary in Hong Kong, gives his opinion on the matter. Yesterday, 2,000 students and teaching staff marched in silence through the HKU campus for their autonomy from China. "This is one of many episodes,” Criveller said. "From now until the 2017 elections, Beijing will make its presence felt more and more.” A second rally is scheduled on 9 October.
‘Big Xi’ idolatry fails to dispel doubts about US visit
by Willy Lam
The Chinese leader’s visit to the United States and the United Nations did not produce concrete results. However, for Chinese media - and to some extent international media – it was a milestone. The president wanted to distract the average Chinese from the country’s economic problems. Although he partly succeeded, he did not bring home anything significant. What follows is an analysis by the great China expert, courtesy of the Jamestown Foundation.
10/07/2015 CHINA
Beijing "100%" under control with cameras and sensors
Proudly announced by municipal police: "No corners have escaped us". The "coverage" is part of a national policy called skynet: big cities will be all and always under the eye of the authorities. The dissidents protest "they speak of security, but it's just another way to control us all. "
10/06/2015 HONG KONG
Woman dies in a Hong Kong McDonald's, and no one notices for seven hours
The homeless woman was found dead on Saturday morning, 24 hours after she had entered the restaurant. CCTV footage shows her slumping after 1 am at a table. No one noticed until in the morning.
Pacific free trade treaty signed, covering 40% of the world economy
After five years of negotiations, the United States reaches deal with 11 other nations in the region on treaty which provides for the removal of trade barriers - including tariff - and adaptation of commercial standards. Obama: "We cannot allow the rules of the world economy to be set by China." Beijing welcomes "with caution" the news but does not join group.
10/06/2015 CHINA
Beijing’s pride over Nobel for Tu Youyou: Proves China’s progress
In a letter sent to the scientist, the Premier Li Keqiang writes: "Tu's winning the prize signifies China's great contribution to the cause of human health." The researcher, never admitted in the Academy of Social Sciences, used traditional herbs to treat malaria. Rewarded with her Irish colleague William Campbell and Japanese colleague Satoshi Omura.

Altri articoli
Xi Jinping’s “harvest” in the US: Understanding of Chinese people's anger by Wei Jingsheng
10/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Parents and educators, instruments "of the love with which Jesus embraces the little ones"
10/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.
10/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Every family is always a light in the darkness of the world, may synod set out once more from Nazareth
10/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope to the Food Bank: counter food waste by distributing it to the poor
10/03/2015 CHINA
Guangxi parcel-bomb suspect died in one of the explosions
10/03/2015 ASIA
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economy
Government cuts subsidies for its largely impoverished citizens by Alexander Kim
Top world leaders focus on economics and war at UN General Assembly
Jakarta chooses Beijing for the country’s first high-speed train by Mathias Hariyadi
10/02/2015 CHINA
Beijing, industrial production falls to 2009 levels
10/01/2015 CHINA
Guangxi, another parcel bomb: number of victims rises to seven
09/30/2015 CHINA
Guangxi: series of parcel bombs leaves dead and injured in Liucheng
09/30/2015 CHINA
Tiananmen Mothers mourn founder Jiang Peikun’s death
Editor's choices
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.The opening Mass of the Synod on "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world," Pope Francis speaks of the paradoxes of global society: "power" accompanied by loneliness and helplessness." Today's man "ridicules" the family and love, but thirsts for it. The Church bears witness to indissoluble love, but must not forget to care and sustain "the man who falls or who errs." "A Church with closed doors betrays itself and its mission, and instead of being a bridge it becomes a barrier."
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economyWorld Economic Forum on competitiveness ranking published. Top three unchanged since last year: Switzerland, Singapore and the United States. Japan sixth, followed by Hong Kong. The world economy is slowing down compared to the previous decade, only exception- addition to China - India, which gains 16 positions.
Top 10
10/07/2015 LEBANON-ISLAM
Muslim toddler cured by a miracle of St. Charbel (Video)
Rolando Del Torchio, a former PIME missionary, abducted in Dipolog City
10/11/2015 VATICAN – TURKEY
Pope: Great sorrow over the "terrible massacre that occurred in Ankara, Turkey"
10/09/2015 SYRIA
Syrian bishop: Ambiguous US policy favors Islamic state. Fears for kidnapped Christians
10/07/2015 EGYPT
Egypt is changing: burqa ban, Qur’anic exegesis, equal rights for Muslims and Christians
Saudi Arabia may lose finances and military prestige in Yemeni quagmire
by James Brandon - Nicholas A. Heras
10/09/2015 TUNISIA – ISLAM
Tunisian Christians and Muslims are excited by the Nobel Prize, a sign that “we are on the right path”
10/08/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God never abandons the just, while the wicked "in the Book of God's memory, have no name"
10/09/2015 VATICAN
Synod: today’s families are subject to many negative forces, but they also offer many shining examples
10/10/2015 VATICAN
Synod: the indissolubility of marriage, which "must be presented positively and not as a yoke"


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