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Innovative and a free spirit: the (Chinese) horoscope of the Royal baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
Born in the Year of the Goat, the fourth in line of succession to the throne of England "will have a strong character and an independent spirit. She will be admired and very beautiful and will help the Windsors’ image. " The feng shui experts "predictions" for Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - Born in the Year of the Goat, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana "will be innovative and have a strong spirit. She will be a happy girl, someone who does not like to follow discipline, but her beauty and character will help the royal...

05/04/2015 CHINA – TAIWAN
Xi Jinping meets KMT party leader to boost cooperation
China’s president, who is also Communist Party chief, met Eric Chu, head of Taiwan’s ruling KMT party. During the meeting, he praised their mutual efforts to co-operate, which has improved cross-strait relations and prevented war. He also urged the two sides to ensure a brighter future across the Taiwan Strait. For mainland China, Taiwan remains a breakaway province.
05/01/2015 VATICAN
For the pope, the faces of hungry men and women should take centre stage at Expo
by Papa Francesco
Pope Francis today addressed via a televised link-up the opening ceremony of Expo Milano 2015 (1 May-31 October), the world fair centred on ‘Feeding the planet. Energy for Life’. For the Holy Father, this “Expo is a propitious opportunity to globalise solidarity. Let us not waste it; let us make the very most of it.” In his view, a change of mind-set is also needed to overcome the “paradox of abundance” and the culture of waste and castoffs. The pope’s full speech is reprinted below.
05/01/2015 CHINA
China’s one-child policy is state violence against women and children
by Reggie Littlejohn
Although occasionally “tweaked,” the infamous law has not been eliminated and is having disastrous demographic consequences: labor shortages, an aging population, a skewed sex ration between men and women, women trafficking and sexual slavery. However, the government is not going to repeal it because it helps it control the population. The Party “is maintaining its grip on power by shedding the blood of the innocent women and babies of China,” said Reggie Littlejohn in her testimony before the Congressional Executive Commission on China.
04/29/2015 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong, electoral reform convinces only 47% of the population
A survey conducted by three universities in the Territory show that less than half of the population supports the proposal "inspired" by Beijing. The Executive Secretary Carrie Lam had spoken in favor of a margin of 60%. The standoff with Democrats continues, they are ready to veto the reform that does not allow true democracy.

04/28/2015 CHINA
Kong Zhenlan, a mother to dozens of orphaned and abandoned children
Since the 1970s, Kong opened her home to handicapped children and orphans in Qi County. For her, "Each of the kid is a little brother, a little Jesus.” Her faith inspired one of her own children, Father Fan, to follow the priestly vocation. For him, “We are all brothers and sisters, there is no difference.”
04/28/2015 MACAU - CHINA
A “memorable” concert Mass in honour of Matteo Ricci
Macau’s bishop, Mgr José Lai, was present at the event, featuring Latin songs, choirs and the solemnity of the liturgy. Composer Aurelio Porfiri is now writing a Mass in Chinese.
04/28/2015 CHINA-AFRICA
Chinese railways set out to conquer Africa (and the world)
by Paul Wang
Large contracts in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. In 2014, the orders of the Chinese railways have increased by nearly 60%, Sponsored by Premier Li Keqiang. Beijing accused of "new colonialism".
04/27/2015 NEPAL – ASIA
Nepal earthquake: Church and international community coming to the aid of survivors
The Italian Bishops’ Conference has pledged € 3 million in emergency medical assistance. The South Korean Church has allocated funds for the displaced. India, Pakistan and China are already on the ground. A Chinese airline has hiked ticket fares to evacuate its nationals. Israel is selective in its help, airlifting 25 children of surrogate mothers and gay couples.
A divided ASEAN takes a soft line against Beijing over South China Sea
Filipino President Aquino slams China’s imperialist tendencies at sea, which he deems a “threat to the security and stability of the region”. Summit host Malaysian Prime Minister Razak soft-pedals the issue to avoid direct conflicts. Meanwhile, the association is working on a code of conduct whilst maintaining a non-confrontational approach to dispute resolution.
04/27/2015 TAIWAN
Sister Marianeldis’ "three missions", 50 years in the service of Taiwan’s poor
by Xin Yage
The nun is from Silesia and has known the hunger and suffering of war. Her calling to religious life, from the example of an aunt who was a nun, a vocation that over time has turned into different, always stimulating paths. Today, retired, she helps people with HIV and those who have contracted HIV: "For all the gifts I have received I always thank the Lord."
04/27/2015 CHINA-VATICAN
Shanghai, Mass in memory of Msgr. Jin Luxian, while Msgr. Ma Daqin remains under house arrest
by Wang Zhicheng
The mass in the Cathedral was presided by the parish priest. The bishop of Shanghai was dismissed and he is forbidden to meet people and celebrate in public. Preparations for the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, on 24 May. Restrictions on pilgrimages throughout the month of May.
04/25/2015 CHINA
Most wanted graft suspects in the United States and Canada
The list of 100 names includes 40 who fled to the US and 26 to Canada, most from Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Extradition will be difficult because China has few treaties with other countries.
04/24/2015 CHINA – ASIA – AFRICA
Xi Jinping calls for a new world order to reflect the newfound influence of Asia and Africa
At the Asia Africa Summit, which marked the 60th anniversary of Bandung Conference, Chinese President called for a fairer international system that reflects the growing influence of the nations of the two continents. He also called on industrialised nations to stop putting political conditions on international aid.
South China Sea: Manila accuses Beijing of "armed robbery"
More clashes between Filipino fishing boats and Chinese vessels in disputed waters. The Chinese Coast Guard reportedly used water cannon against a group of Filipino fishermen; previously some Chinese vessels boarded, threatened with guns and robbed two Philippine ships of their load. Manila to lodge formal protest.

Altri articoli
04/23/2015 JAPAN-CHINA
Yasukuni visit, a few hours after meeting between Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping
Asia Africa Summit: leaders of Asia and Africa for a new world order by Mathias Hariyadi
04/22/2015 PAKISTAN – CHINA
Beijing “buys” Pakistan for US$ 45 billion
04/22/2015 HONG KONG – CHINA
The Hong Kong government closes the door on universal suffrage
04/21/2015 MACAU – CHINA
First Mass in honour of Matteo Ricci
04/21/2015 UN-EU
UN: 800 dead in the worst Mediterranean migrant tragedy
South China Sea: Vietnam offers the Philippines a deal to contain China
04/20/2015 CHINA
Following slower growth forecast, China cuts banks’ reserve requirement ratio
04/20/2015 TAIWAN - CHINA
More than 360 million viewers for premiere of film on imperial painter Jesuit Giuseppe Castiglione, by Xin Yage
04/17/2015 SRI LANKA
Colombo Port City causing "unimaginable" environmental harm by Sajeewa Chamikara
04/17/2015 CHINA
Beijing, journalist Gao Yu sentenced to seven years for defending human rights
South China Sea: satellite images confirm Beijing’s" imperialist" policies
04/16/2015 CHINA
As the economy takes a dive, the government is caught between new stimulus measures and a social crisis
04/16/2015 CHINA – TIBET
Beijing rejects dialogue on Tibet, calls on Dalai Lama to apologise
Editor's choices
Nepal earthquake: Church and international community coming to the aid of survivorsThe Italian Bishops’ Conference has pledged € 3 million in emergency medical assistance. The South Korean Church has allocated funds for the displaced. India, Pakistan and China are already on the ground. A Chinese airline has hiked ticket fares to evacuate its nationals. Israel is selective in its help, airlifting 25 children of surrogate mothers and gay couples.
Pope: on the persecution of Christians, the international community should "not stand by mute and inactive” and “look away”For the sixth time in a week, Pope Francis mentioned the martyrdom of Christians in today’s Regina Caeli (the Marian prayer at Easter), slamming the indifference of the international community towards this "alarming failure to protect basic human rights.” Today’s martyrs "are many, and we can say that they are more numerous than in the first centuries." In addition, “Faith in the resurrection of Jesus and the hope He has brought to us is the most beautiful gift that a Christian can and must offer his brothers and sisters. To one and all, therefore, do not tire of repeating: Christ is Risen!”
Top 10
04/28/2015 INDIA
Hindu leader blames Nepal earthquake on eating beef
by Nirmala Carvalho
04/30/2015 IRAQ – MIDDLE EAST
For Chaldean Patriarch, state secularism and religious freedom are the practical response to fundamentalist barbarism
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
04/30/2015 NEPAL
Nepal, thousands of earthquake victims between life and death: Government inept and corrupt (VIDEO)
by Christopher Sharma
04/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "do not be afraid" when the Spirit "says to take a step forward", to "change"
Pope discusses environment, migrants and humanitarian tragedies with UN secretary
05/01/2015 VIETNAM – VATICAN
Vietnam today, 40 years after the fall of Saigon
by Lee Nguyen
04/30/2015 VATICAN
For Pope Francis, the Christian identity is twofold: a history of sin and grace, and one of serving, not using others
04/28/2015 VATICAN – NEPAL
Pope's solidarity for Nepal’s quake victims
Filipino and Indonesian Christians celebrate Mary Jane’s reprieve. UN slams Jakarta over executions
Jakarta archbishop comes out for Mary Jane’s innocence, calls for an end to the death penalty
by Mathias Hariyadi


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