19 August 2017
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  • 19/08/2017 - CHINA - GREAT BRITAIN

    Most articles concern Tiananmen, the Cultural Revolution, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so on. The publisher agreed on the back of threats to take down the entire site. An additional demand for the cancellation of more than 1000 e-books. The Chinese Communist Party also controls international cultural production beyond its geographical boundaries. In 2012 Chinese loan to college, linked to Wen Jiabao.

    by Paul Wang

    18/08/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    Chinese Priest: The differences between the funeral of Msgr. Xie and Msgr. Li

    by Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

    For the first, the bishop of Urumqi, priests and faithful were banned from taking part in the funeral mass; there was no episcopal insignia in the photos; only half an hour for the ceremony. The other, bishop of Taiyuan, was surrounded by the affection and  esteem of thousands of his priests and faithful. But "the saints who welcome the two bishops to the door of Paradise are equally numerous."

    18/08/2017 - HONG KONG

    Stiffer sentences for Joshua Wong and two other pro-democracy activists

    Last year the court sentenced Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow to community service, but the decision was deemed too lenient for the Hong Kong government. A prison sentence of more than three months bars people from taking part in elections for five years. For human rights activists, the court decision was politically motivated in order to silence the three and deter further protests.

    18/08/2017 - VATICAN – SPAIN – ASIA

    Pope prays for Barcelona victims. Asian nations express their condolences

    Papal telegram is sent to the archbishop of Barcelona. Victims come from 20 countries, including some in Asia: China, Pakistan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Putin and Xi Jinping call for greater unity and coordination to fight terrorism. Arab countries express their closeness.

    17/08/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    The funerals of Mgr Xie Tingzhe and Mgr Li Jiantang show the government’s double standards

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The first, an underground bishop not recognised by the government, was cremated and hurriedly buried. The faithful and priests were forbidden to attend the funeral Mass, and taking pictures at the service was banned. The second, a bishop with the official Church and a political advisor to the Chinese parliament, was exposed for several days honoured and his funeral was open to concelebrants and the faithful.

    17/08/2017 - CHINA – SOUTH ASIA

    As China inks deals with Nepal and Pakistan confrontation with India continues

    For the past three months, Indian and Chinese troops have faced off near Bhutan. China’s deputy prime minister signs a humanitarian aid package and an agreement for oil and gas exploration with Nepal. Beijing is set to build a US$ 4 billion refinery and petrochemical complex near Karachi.

    16/08/2017 - KOREA – UNITED STATES

    Rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington toned down

    Kim Jong-un holds off on his threats against Guam. Tillerson says the US is open to talks with North Korea. South Korea, China and Russia continue to urge calm and demand no military action.

    16/08/2017 - HONG KONG - CHINA

    Activist 'kidnapped' and 'tortured by Chinese' arrested: the police doubt his version

    by Paul Wang

    Security Cameras at Yau Ma Tei picture Howard Lam always alone, wearing a hat, a surgical mask and sunglasses. He states he is not the man in the film. Doctors doubt his mental health. But the Democratic Party demands more evidence from the police and still defends Lam's version. chief of the executive Carrie Lam remains prudent .

    14/08/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Two elderly Chinese bishops die: Mgr Li Jiantang of Taiyuan and Mgr Xie Tingzhe of Urumqi

    by Victoria Ma

    Both spent scores of years in forced labour camps. Bishop Li devoted his life to the renaissance of the Diocese of Taiyuan as well as its clergy and nuns. Bishop Xie was an underground bishop, recognized by the Holy See, but not by the government. He chose to serve as a bishop in the same place where he was imprisoned for 20 years.

    12/08/2017 - CHINA

    Rising lung cancer rate due to air pollution

    The disease also affects groups not normally at risk, like women and non-smokers. This “might be related to the long-term exposure to air pollution, particularly PM2.5,” said Xue Qi, deputy director of thoracic surgery at the Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In 2015, nearly 4.3 million new cancer patients were recorded, more than 730,000 of them with lung cancer, almost 36 per cent of the world's total. In 50 years, the lung cancer rate rose tenfold.

    12/08/2017 - KOREA

    Korean Bishops say no to “unreasonable provocations', call for a stop to the nuclear escalation by working for the “coexistence of humanity”

    Korean bishops issued an Exhortation today on the rising tensions around the Korean peninsula. North Korea but also "neighbouring countries" are at risk of "hasty unrestrained action" that could lead to the "death of innumerable people" and "deep wounds for the whole of humanity." They call for reduced military budgets and more spending on human and cultural development. They urge using "conscience, intelligence, solidarity, piety and mutual respect". A prayer is set for the feast day of the Assumption, which is also Korean Independence Day.

    11/08/2017 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    Hong Kong activist 'tortured' by Chinese agents for sending a postcard signed by Lionel Messi

    Howard Lam was kidnapped and beaten, with staples punched into his legs. The attack is similar to an incident in which five Hong Kong publishers and booksellers were held for months in police custody in China. The Democratic Party continues its campaign to get the release of Liu Xia, Lui Xiaobo’s wife, who was left to die a month ago by Chinese authorities.

    11/08/2017 - KOREA

    China to be neutral if Kim attacks the US. Mattis now hopes in a diplomatic solution

    After the verbal joust between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the US Secretary of Defence stresses that a war in Korea would be "catastrophic." The Chinese Communist Party's Global Times writes that if the United States and South Korea attack North Korea, China will have to intervene to prevent it.

    11/08/2017 - CHINA

    Fujian, baby girl wrapped in plastics bag shipped to orphanage by courier

    The delivery man freed the child after seeing the parcel move and hearing cries. The incident occurred in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, on Wednesday. The new-born is in good condition. The mother, 24, has been detained, but it is still unclear why she did what she did.


    Mgr Kikuchi: The Church in Japan praying for peace, while political leaders fuel tensions

    by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi

    For the bishop of Niigata, tensions on the Korean peninsula go back 70 years, but new political leaders "have been fueling the existing fire." A solution involving US military aggression would only bring devastating results to everyone. Ten days of praying for peace are being held. Japanese and Korean bishops are working together.

    10/08/2017 - CHINA

    Sichuan quake: As death toll reaches 20 Hong Kong and Taiwan offer help

    Thousands of evacuees chose to sleep outdoors rather than in confined spaces because of ongoing aftershocks. Injured include foreigners from France, South Korea, and Canada. Hong Kong chief executive is ready to help the reconstruction effort. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen offers assistance in rescue work.

    09/08/2017 - CHINA

    A second shock hits Sichuan. Quake leaves 13 dead and 175 injured

    The strongest quake occurred last night. The area is a very well-known tourist area. Yesterday 38,000 tourists visited the site. Emergency teams are in action along with four helicopters and rescue dogs. Yesterday’s shock brought back memories of the 2008 earthquake that killed 87,000 people.

    08/08/2017 - CHINA

    Slower Chinese imports and exports

    imports rose 11 per cent in July on an annual basis, well below the 17.2 per cent recorded in June and the 18 per cent forecast. Exports rose instead by 7.2 per cent, also below expectations. In fact, analysts had forecast a stable growth rate of 11 per cent.

    08/08/2017 - CHINA

    Three weeks after Liu Xiaobo’s death, his wife is still "on vacation" and no one can see her

    Ms Liu, who is a poet, is officially "on vacation" and "travelling" in Yunnan Province. However, she is thought to have returned to Beijing but no one knows where. Her Beijing home is empty at present but still under the watch of plainclothes police.

    07/08/2017 - HONG KONG - CHINA

    Palm oil invades 11 beaches in Hong Kong due to an accident in China two days earlier

    The collision between two ships in the Pearl River (Guangdong) led to the oil spill. Hong Kong authorities were warned two days later. Expert says that two days could be too late for marine life.

    05/08/2017 - HONG KONG - VATICAN

    Msgr. Michael Yeung installed as new bishop of Hong Kong

    The new pastor was installed today. Bishops emeritus Card. John Tong and Card. Joseph Zen, the current local governor, Carrie Lam, along with representatives of the Christian Churches present. In his homily, Msgr. Yeung emphasizes that "without the Cross we are not disciples of the Lord." Commitment to "healing relationships" with the faithful and families. Attention to economic poverty, but also to the spiritual one, the elderly and the young. Hong Kong must be concerned not just about economics but also about education, homes, environment, and political reforms. The ceremony on video.

    04/08/2017 - HONG KONG - VATICAN

    Card John Tong’ s letter to the Diocese of Hong Kong

    by Card. John Tong

    Hong Kong’s new bishop emeritus (as of 4 days ago) takes stock of his eight years as pastor. He salutes and thanks all the faithful with special gratitude for the missionaries. Evangelisation has led to 60,000 new baptised in the faith. He talks about schools and teaching, the new Catholic university, and the permanent deacons. He expresses hope for talks between China and the Vatican.

    04/08/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    For Chinese Catholics: Praying with St. Ignatius (2)

    by Ottavio De Bertolis

    The space, the position, silence, questioning the Spirit, contemplation. The simple and concrete steps of how to meditate on the Gospel. Serving the spiritual formation of Chinese Catholics, and those worldwide.

    03/08/2017 - CHINA

    Apple helps Beijing's censorship by following the law

    Apple removes VPN services used by the Chinese to skirt Beijing's control of information. “[W]e follow the law wherever we do business,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. For critics, compliance with the Chinese government is a change of strategy due to poor sales performance. Apple's revenues fell 10 per cent compared to 2016.

    03/08/2017 - CHINA

    Xie Yang, human rights lawyer is 'free' but living in a home prison built specially for him

    Authorities transform his apartment in a university (where Xie Yang's wife teaches) into a prison with bars and a security door. The neighboring apartment taken by the police to ensure round the clock control. Xie Yang is one of the hundreds arrested in the 2015 campaign of 709. His case is typical of China's way of dealing with dissidents or those who believed to be dangerous : Torture, confessions, imprisonment. Many of these attorneys, at least half, are Christians.

    03/08/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    For Chinese Catholics: The Holy Hour, how to meditate on the Gospel (1)

    by Ottavio De Bertolis

     Today AsiaNews begins publishing a book that explains the way, techniques, contents of Gospel meditation, in the wake of the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. A service to the Church in China in its urgent need for spiritual formation for bishops, priests, religious, laity.

    02/08/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing, anti-corruption inspector expelled from Party: he is also corrupt

    by Wang Zhicheng

    Zhang Huawei, vice-minister of the Central Inspection Group. The Central Committee for Party Inspection speaks of "darkness hiding beneath the light". Without democracy, Xi Jinping's anti-corruption fight is a war lost from the outset.

    01/08/2017 - HONG KONG - VATICAN

    From today, Msgr. Michael Yeung is bishop of Hong Kong: he is a friend of Zen and Tong

    by Bernardo Cervellera

     The announcement given today in the Vatican and Hong Kong. Tomorrow the new bishop will hold a press conference. Kneeling in front of Cardinals Tong and Zen: "Two Great Trees". He is optimistic for China-Holy See dialogue, but it is "difficult to obtain immediate results". Commitment to safeguarding Hong Kong's freedom.

    31/07/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing bans the use and teaching of the Uyghur language in Xinjiang schools

    The decree will come into effect at the beginning of the new school year. Schools will have to use Mandarin, according to the principle of bilingual education. The government announces severe punishment for anyone who "plays politics, pretends to implement, or acts one way and does another”. Uyghurs slam the plan to wipe out their mother tongue and increase their assimilation into Han Chinese culture.

    31/07/2017 - CHINA

    Xi Jinping showcases army "capable of defeating all armies"

    by Wang Zhicheng

    The parade for the 90th anniversary of PLA. All weapons on display "made in China". In five years Xi cleansed the army from corrupt generals and his enemies. Budget for domestic security greater than those for external security.

    Editor's choices

    For Eastern Catholic patriarchs, the genocide of Christians is an affront to all humanity

    Fady Noun

    Afflicted by wars, emigration and insecurity, Christian communities have now become "a small flock" amid the indifference of the international community. Patriarchs appeal to Pope Francis and the international community. Catholics and Orthodox share the same problems. The end of Christians in the East would be "a shameful stigma for the whole 21st century".

    Korean Bishops say no to “unreasonable provocations', call for a stop to the nuclear escalation by working for the “coexistence of humanity”

    Korean bishops issued an Exhortation today on the rising tensions around the Korean peninsula. North Korea but also "neighbouring countries" are at risk of "hasty unrestrained action" that could lead to the "death of innumerable people" and "deep wounds for the whole of humanity." They call for reduced military budgets and more spending on human and cultural development. They urge using "conscience, intelligence, solidarity, piety and mutual respect". A prayer is set for the feast day of the Assumption, which is also Korean Independence Day.


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