24 April 2017
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  • 22/04/2017 - NORTH KOREA – CHINA

    Without naming it, a commentary published today slams China accusing it of " dancing to the tune of someone” else. As China scales back coal imports from North Korea, fears grow. Pyongyang responds to US threats by warning that it is not afraid of war.

    22/04/2017 - VIETNAM – CHINA

    Catholics outraged by bad-mannered Chinese visitors in Nha Trang cathedral

    by Nguyen Hung

    The local Communist Party section told the parish to keep the church open to visitors. Parishioners are opposed to this because Chinese tourists are aggressive towards worshippers, cause degradation and undermine local cultural traditions. For Catholics, protecting the building’s sacredness is a duty.

    21/04/2017 - CHINA

    Voice of America cuts interview with Guo Wengui over rampant corruption in China

    A webcast with the magnate was interrupted under pressure from the Chinese government. Guo wanted to speak about corruption among China’s Communist leaders. Beijing got Interpol to issue an arrest warrant against him. Guo accuses Wang Qishan and his family. Wang is the public face of China’s anti-corruption drive, and Xi’s close friend.

    21/04/2017 - CHINA

    Toxic ponds near Tianjin. Contradictory campaign against pollution

    For years, chemical and galvanic companies have been pouring waste into three ponds as large as 42 soccer fields. Those who have exposed the problem are silenced. Meanwhile, the Ministry for Environmental Protection has found that 69% of Beijing-Tainjin-Hebei companies do not observe anti-pollution rules. A prize to those who denounce it.

    20/04/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Underground Priest: Easter renewal, with two full days of confessions

    Following Pope Francis’ Lenten Message, the priests proposed catechesis, retreats, Eucharistic adoration, Via Crucis, works of charity. Renewal for individuals, families, parishes, society.

    20/04/2017 - CHINA

    Tianzhou 1, spacecraft cargo ship, ready for launch

    It is the largest and the lightest existing spacecraft. It can carry up to 6 tons of materials and 2 tons of fuel. It will be used for supplies of a future orbital space station, where up to six astronauts can live.


    19/04/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Embrace between Zhan Silu and Ma Daqin: a sign of resurrection?

    by Shan Ren Shen Fu

    News of the Mindong encounter was posted online and later removed. For Zhan Silu, Msgr. Ma’s embrace is a kind of "revenge" for the embrace received in Shanghai five years earlier, at Ma's ordination. A premonition of China-Holy See relations, in which everyone mingles and embraces ... While Msgr. Guo Xijin is taken away.


    18/04/2017 - CHINA

    Baptisms in official and underground communities: pastoral outreach increasingly difficult

    by Fr Peter

    Many catechumens were baptised on Easter eve in many dioceses, but baptisms can take place on other dates. Data for underground communities are hard to collect. Five thousand priests are not enough for pastoral care in China.  Believers must deepen their faith to counter the current mind-set full of superstitions and idolatry or money.

    16/04/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    A victory for the Patriotic Association: Illicit Bishop Zhan Silu concelebrates with Bishop Ma Daqin of Shanghai

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Zhan Silu was ordained in 2000. Ma Daqin, still under house arrest, but could "visit the Diocese of Mindong," where the ordinary bishop, Msgr. Guo Xijin, has disappeared in police custody. In the ceremony, Ma Daqin was called "bishop" and not "father" as before. The Patriotic Association undisputed master of the Church in China. "The Vatican is a joke".  The PA attempts to destroy dialogue between the Holy See and the government.

    15/04/2017 - VATICAN-ASIA

    An Easter for the Young

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    In Mark’s Gospel a young man announces the resurrection of Jesus. The crisis of youth: "distrust, indifference, indignation towards institutions", even toward the Church. They learn to live without God and the Church. The importance of next Synod and the testimony of those who are kept "young" through mission.

    14/04/2017 - CHINA – ITALY

    Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux buys AC Milan for 740 million euros

    AC Milan team is the second largest Chinese-owned Serie A club. The Suning Commerce Group of Chinese billionaire Zhang Jindong bought Inter Milan in June last year.

    13/04/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin, bishop of Wenzhou (underground) seized by police

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Public security will not reveal where he was taken, but allow the faithful to deliver some clothes for their pastor. The bishop will celebrate Easter with his faithful. Pressures on the prelate to adhere to the Patriotic Association. A similar fate to that of Msgr. Guo Xijin. It is also pressure on the Holy See.

    12/04/2017 - TAIWAN

    Taipei bans slaughtering cats and dogs for human consumption

    Under Asia’s first law of this kind, people who eat cat or dog meat could be fined up to US$ 8,000. Anyone harming or killing cats and dogs could get two years in jail and more than US$ 60,000 in fines. A dog meat festival in Yulin, mainland China, continues to cause outrage.

    12/04/2017 - SOUTH KOREA

    Moon, Catholic candidate for president: Protagonists not spectators in dialogue with Kim Jong-un

    Direct talks  with Kim Jong-un and a review of the deployment of Thaad anti-missile system. Meanwhile, the US sends Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to Sea of ​​Japan for a showdown. Xi Jinping: Use peaceful means.


    11/04/2017 - CHINA

    Xinjiang official punished for refusing to smoke in front of Muslims

    Village party head is demoted for not having a "resolute political position." Beijing wants officials to reject Islamic restrictions against smoking. Communist Party report vets members’ conduct. The authorities want officials to show a "commitment to secularism”.

    11/04/2017 - ASIA - CHINA

    Death penalty: Beijing ranks first for executions

    The Chinese courts database contains less than one-tenth of the cases reported in the media. In 2016 at least 1,032 people were executed; 1,634 in 2015. The drop largely due to a lower number of executions in Iran and Pakistan. For the first time since 2006, the United States is not among the first in the world

    10/04/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Underground Mindong Bishop Guo Xijin missing for four days

    by Wang Zhicheng

    10/04/2017 - VATICAN-ISLAM-EGYPT

    Even the West contributes to the massacre of Christians and of hope in the Middle East

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The cliché of the conflict of civilizations and religious wars. Daesh targets Christians, but also coexistence between Christians and Muslims. Al Sisi’s struggle for full citizenship of Christians in Egypt. Al Azhar and condemnation of fundamentalism. The West sells weapons to the Middle East, which end up in the hands of the Islamic State. Benedict XVI’s Regensburg address needs to be reconsidered.


    08/04/2017 - UNITED STATES – CHINA

    Xi-Trump meeting offers promise of greater dialogue and a visit to China

    For the US president, there has been "tremendous progress" in friendship. The two sides agree to a 100-day plan to address the trade imbalance. Chinese are silent on North Korea and maritime disputes. The US was silent cooperation in the fight against corruption.

    07/04/2017 - HONG KONG

    Hong Kong’s chief executive-elect meets Card Tong

    by Paul Wang

    After her faux pas in proposing a Religious Affairs Unit, Lam meets Hong Kong’s bishop, perhaps to mend fences. During the talk, she noted that she had a Catholic education at a school whose motto is ‘Live by the truth in love’. Bishop Coadjutor Bishop Michael Young and Vicar General Father Dominic Chan were also present.

    07/04/2017 - USA - CHINA

    Trump and Xi meet, a summit of 'friendship'

    Dinner in honor of the Chinese guests took place at the same time as the attack on the Syrian base. Both the two presidents need to show that the meeting was a success. But the steps China needs to take will be very costly.


    06/04/2017 - ASIA

    Terrorism expanding worldwide: + 14% in 2016

    In Western countries there has been an increase of 175%. But they represent only 3% of all terrorist acts in the world. The territorial losses of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq point to a militia dispersion and an increased risk of new attacks in 2017.


    05/04/2017 - CHINA – UNITED STATES

    Xi-Trump meeting and the forgotten rights

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The upcoming meeting (6-7 April) comes with fears and expectations. After fiery words, the US administration wants to boost mutual cooperation with “no conflict, no confrontation”. Chinese capital might finance Trump’s infrastructure plans. Will Trump be different from Clinton when it comes to dissidents?

    05/04/2017 - NORTH KOREA

    Pyongyang carries out new missile test, on the eve of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

    This morning’s launch aimed at provoking greater disaccord between China and the United States. The medium-range missile launched from Sinpo landed in the Sea of ​​Japan. Beijing does not want the fall of Kim Jong-un, or the unification of the two Koreas.


    03/04/2017 - CHINA

    Anti-terrorism cameras installed in Wenzhou churches (Zhejiang) spark Christian protest

    The authorities order churches to install cameras at the gates, rostrums, offering boxes, and other places. This comes three years after a campaign to tear down crosses and churches. The authorities tighten their grip over religious activity.

    03/04/2017 - US-CHINA-NORTH KOREA

    Trump ready to 'solve the North Korea problem' even without China

    Growing threats while approaching the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in Florida. Beijing fears a collapse of the regime and a flood of refugees. But according to some it is "using" the threat of Pyongyang to hold off Seoul, Tokyo and Washington. The problem of US foreign debt to China.

    01/04/2017 - TAIWAN - CHINA

    Lee Ching-yu: From Taiwan to Beijing to save my husband, a human rights activist

    by Lee Ching-yu

    Lee Ming-che, the husband of Lee Ching-yu, disappeared in police custody on 19 March. He is suspected of "harming national security" and is under investigation in China. Lee is an activist for human rights and was supposed to meet a Chinese writer. His wife asks Beijing to respect him: "Every activist is innocent."

    01/04/2017 - CHINA

    Xinjiang, beards, headscarves, religious ceremonies banned

    The law effective as of today. Religious weddings and funerals, matters of wills and inheritance considered expressions of "religious extremism". The law gives legal semblance to what is already implemented as a Party directive. The anti-terror fight undermines human rights and religious freedom: young people cannot fast in Ramadan; They cannot go to the mosque before age 18; Preachers must submit their sermons to the government for approval. 

    31/03/2017 - CHINA

    Wife appeals on behalf of jailed husband, a Protestant clergyman who is in poor health conditions

    Arrested in 2015, he was held without trial for a year and then sentenced to two and a half years. Prison doctors underestimated his medical condition, allowing it develop into anaphylactoid purpura.

    30/03/2017 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    Card Tong tells Carrie Lam that the Church stands for full democracy and religious freedom in Hong Kong

    In a letter to Beijing’s candidate, the bishop of Hong Kong promises a frank and honest relationship with the new government from "a friend who will give forthright admonition" to people in power.

    29/03/2017 - HONG KONG

    Chit Wai John Mok analyses the election of Hong Kong’s chief executive

    Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor won with 777 votes thanks to Chinese government meddling. "Beijing intervened in the ‘election’ unreservedly,” Chit Wai writes. “There will be no return to the original practice of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle.”

    Editor's choices

    Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin, bishop of Wenzhou (underground) seized by police

    Bernardo Cervellera

    Public security will not reveal where he was taken, but allow the faithful to deliver some clothes for their pastor. The bishop will celebrate Easter with his faithful. Pressures on the prelate to adhere to the Patriotic Association. A similar fate to that of Msgr. Guo Xijin. It is also pressure on the Holy See.

    Underground Mindong Bishop Guo Xijin missing for four days

    Wang Zhicheng

    After being detained at the Religious Affairs Office in Fuan, he was taken to an undisclosed location "to study and learn." Catholics believe that he will be pressured into joining the Patriotic Association. His refusal will likely mean that he won’t be allowed back to his diocese.


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