27 June 2017
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  • 27/06/2017 - CHINA

    Books are manipulated in cahoots with local governments. Promotions are linked to the growth of local industrial areas. The Chinese government wants to correct the situation, but penalties are too lenient. Meanwhile international agencies cast doubt on the credibility of official statistics and lower China’s rating.

    27/06/2017 - CHINA

    'Too late' to cure Liu Xiaobo, it’s terminal cancer

    Liu Xia, the wife of the great dissident, says any cure is now useless. The US Commission on China asks Liu Xiaobo be transferred to the United States for medical treatment. According to prison authorities, a team of eight doctors are watching over the Nobel Laureate’s Health. The accusation: he was allowed access to treatment too late.

    26/06/2017 - MONGOLIA

    Economy, relations with China, and religious freedom dominate presidential election

    Mieygombo Enkhbold, of the Mongolian People's Party, and Khaltmaa Battulga, of the Nationalist Democratic Party, are the frontrunners. The vote is a referendum on economic policy. The country is trying to curb China’s hegemony. In religious matters, nothing has changed. Buddhism is protected by the state whilst Christians endure restrictions.

    26/06/2017 - VIETNAM – CHINA

    Hanoi and Beijing at loggerheads over the South China Sea

    by Thanh Thuy

    In a statement, Chinese General Fan Changlong said that all the islands in the South China Sea have been Chinese since ancient times. This caused the cancellation of a planned Sino-Vietnamese Border Defence Friendship Exchange. Beijing is unhappy about Vietnam’s plans to carry out oil and gas exploitation in disputed waters. Hanoi seeks closer economic and military relations with Japan and the United States.

    26/06/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The last 10 years of the Church in China: from the Letter of Benedict XVI to the silence on the arrest of Msgr. Shao Zhumin

    by Joseph

    The silence on the persecution of Chinese Catholics and their bishops in Wenzhou and Shanghai. The organisms that Benedict XVI did not accept (Patriotic Association and Chinese Bishops' Conference) because "incompatible with Catholic doctrine" now govern the Church. Dialogue between China and the Vatican must address the issue of underground bishops out in the open and not under the shroud of secrecy. An analysis from a northeast Chinese Catholic, as the Vatican celebrates a new round of China-Holy See talks.

    26/06/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    Holy See has expressed “grave concern” over the fate of Mgr Shao Zhumin, held by police for more than a month

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), who belongs to the underground community, is said to be undergoing brainwashing to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Since China and the Holy See resumed talks three years ago, this is the first time that the Holy See Press Office speaks about a detained bishop. The faithful have felt too much pain over the Vatican’s extended silence. Germany’s ambassador in Beijing, Michael Clauss, has talked about the case. The Vatican’s press office calls on the faithful to pray for Bishop Shao Zhumin and “the path of the Catholic Church in China.”

    26/06/2017 - CHINA

    Dissident Liu Xiaobo leaves prison suffering from terminal liver cancer

    He has been allowed treatment outside the prison, but he will not seek medical treatment abroad. In 2009, he was sentenced to 11 years for "inciting subversion of state power" after he co-authored Charter 08. Whilst in prison, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

    25/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Christians persecuted 'even in our day'. Prayers for landslide in China

    At the Angelus, Pope Francis asks for prayers for "brothers and sisters" who "continue to testify to their faith with courage and fidelity." "The Lord ... sends us as sentinels among people who do not want to be awakened from worldly torpor." "Success does not count, but loyalty to Christ." God "does not abandon his sons at the time of the storm". The beatification in Vilnius of the Martyr of Atheism, Msgr. Teofilo Matulionis, "killed in hatred of faith in 1962, when he was almost 90 years old." Greeting to the Greco-Catholic Ukrainians and the Belarusians on the 150th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Josaphat.


    24/06/2017 - CHINA

    Sichuan, a landslide destroys a village: 141 missing

    So far two people pulled alive and one body retrieved. The disaster caused by heavy rains and lack of vegetation.

    23/06/2017 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    President Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong for the 20th anniversary of its return to the fatherland

    by Paul Wang

    Xi's full schedule includes a visit to the PLA garrison, the swearing in of the Hong Kong cabinet and infrastructure projects, but no meeting with the population. Security will be tight in view of possible terrorism. Beijing’s anti-democracy steps have also raised fear of protests. Aircraft carrier Liaoning is set to visit Hong Kong harbour.

    23/06/2017 - ASIA-EUROPE

    Asia-Europe: human rights crisis (and freedom of trade)

    by Luca Galantini

    The rare stand taken by the German ambassador Michael Clauss for the release of Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin and Freedom of Commerce on the New Silk Road, under the shadow of the Chinese monopoly. The silence surrounding the fragmentation of the international legal system. Instead of democracies, there are autocratic regimes, violent nationalisms, oriental satrapies. And Trump sells arms to Saudi Arabia.

    22/06/2017 - CHINA

    Protestant Christians jailed to confess membership in an "evil cult"

    Fengle is a house church in Jiangmen, but the government treats it as an "evil cult". Police seized bibles and arrested and interrogated some members. However, “the biggest cult is hidden in plain view: the Communist Party.”

    22/06/2017 - INDIA - CHINA

    UN says India's population will overtake China in seven years

    Today, 1.3 billion people live in the Republic of India, 1.4 billion in the People's Republic of China. The United Nations report highlights a decline in fertility. The aging of the population is likely to break the social security systems.

    21/06/2017 - CHINA

    Yulin Dog Meat Festival opens with more visitors

    Until recently, it appeared that the local government was going to ban the event. Although “subdued” with vendors allowed to put only two dogs on display, this year’s edition is drawing more visitors, thanks to the greater visibility generated by animal rights activists. Some 10-20 million dogs are butchered every year. For one local, “eating dog is just like eating fish and chicken."

    21/06/2017 - CHINA-GERMANY

    The German ambassador asks China to release Msgr. Shao Zhumin

    In an official statement posted on the embassy site, Michael Clauss asks that the detained bishop of Wenzhou, be given full freedom of movement. Concerns also expressed over drafts of the new regulations on religious activities, which decree the end of the underground communities. It is the first time after a decade that a European ambassador has called for the release of a bishop.


    19/06/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Mgr Peter Shao Zhumin, Wenzhou’s bishop not recognised by the government, is missing again

    The bishop apparently arrived at Wenzhou airport, but did not go home.  Government officials took him to an unknown place. His priests did not see him at home. According to the latest figures, Wenzhou Catholics number 130,000.

    16/06/2017 - CHINA

    Wu Xiaohui, the latest billionaire victim of Beijing’s anti-graft campaign

    Over the past few months, more than 40 officials and executives have been detained as part of a vast operation to end collusion between regulators, family members of the ruling elite and tycoons. The authorities “need to ensure stability ahead of the 19th National Congress,” said Zhuang Deshui, of Peking University.

    16/06/2017 - CHINA

    Wenzhou: authorities cut off power and water to churches refusing to install cameras

    The order was issued at the end of last year. Churches give in under the pressure of the authorities. Arrests and raids against house churches continue.

    15/06/2017 - CHINA – PAKISTAN

    As young Chinese 'preachers' are killed by the Islamic State in Pakistan, Global Times warns students of the dangers of converting to Christianity

    Two young people, aged 24 and 26, were abducted and killed in Quetta (Baluchistan). They belonged to a South Korea-based missionary community. Their death has generated fears that Sino-Pakistani friendship might be in jeopardy. A newspaper close the Chinese Communist Party warns of the danger of being used as "missionaries" and "spies".

    14/06/2017 - CHINA

    Some 70 per cent of companies still violating pollution regulations in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei

    After two months of government inspections in 28 cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, some 13,785 companies (70.6 per cent) have failed to meet emissions standards or lack pollution control equipment.  Particulate matter should have been reduced in the smoggy region by 25 per cent this year over 2012 levels, but the target has not been met. One third of the deaths in the region are related to pollution.

    13/06/2017 - PANAMA-CHINA

    Panama cuts ties with Taiwan and chooses Beijing

    A joint statement signed between Foreign Ministers Wang Yi and Isabel Saint Malo. Beijing's diplomatic war in the throes of economic favors. Taiwan, the only democracy in the Chinese world, is branded as "a rebellious island".

    12/06/2017 - CHINA

    Religion-state relationship, a legacy of the Confucian past, dubious about the anti-religious present

    by Lai Pan-chiu

    In pre-modern China, the emperor was the supreme leader in Confucianism. With a divine mandate, he controlled religions in an authoritarian manner. Today’s China controls institutions and believers, but has replaced the divine with Marxist theory.

    12/06/2017 - CHINA - TIBET

    China closes access to Himalayas after mountaineer's unauthorized climb

    The decision of the Chinese authorities was taken following the unauthorized climb by Polish climber Janusz Adamsky. However, the decision will affect the 2022 Winter Olympics as well as business. An expedition from Ladakh (India) plants Tibetan flag and the effigy of the Dalai Lama to arouse the Chinese reaction. While on the economic side, China's stated goal is to increase the number of skiers in Tibet from the current 5 to 300 million over the space of 15 years through the construction of 800 establishments and hundreds of hotels

    10/06/2017 - TAIWAN-CHINA

    'Uncle Jerry', bridge builder with China through TV

    by Xin Yage

    The Jesuit George Gerald Martinson died last May 31. His mission in Asia using the media to teach English, music, Jesuit history in China, Pope Francis.

    10/06/2017 - CHINA

    Xinjiang: Public officials in Uighur homes to prevent prayer and fasting

    They live together with families, interrogating them on their ideological positions and following them in daily activities. Restaurants forced to remain open. Uighur officials are required to sign a letter in which they promise not to fast and pray, and to check family and neighbors. Beijing argues that they are measures for stability, but analysts say it is the cause of violence in the majority Muslim region. Courtesy of Radio Free Asia

    09/06/2017 - ASIA - VATICAN

    China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand pledge to cut back on plastic that ends in the sea

    Although not yet formalised, the commitment was undertaken at a UN oceans summit that ended yesterday. For Card Turkson, an ecological conversion is needed as Pope Francis indicated when he said that “Care for our common home [. . .] is and will always be a moral imperative.”

    09/06/2017 - CHINA

    Guangxi: Luo Jibiao, 50, dies from torture in jail

    He had been arrested a month earlier for a brawl. The family took pictures of the lifeless body full of bruises and blood. Attempts to cover up with false autopsies. After the denunciation, the village of Luo is controlled by armed men and the family and lawyers lost their jobs.

    08/06/2017 - CHINA

    Henan, Protestant church destroyed, 40 Christians arrested

    The faithful were beaten, thrown onto the ground and searched. At least 10 are still in prison. Among them is the community pastor accused of having assaulted the police. The community refused to pay an (illegal) tax on the use of the road to the church. 

    08/06/2017 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Four new priests ordained in Shanghai diocese, despite closed seminary and no bishop

    by Maria Zhao

    The ordination was presided over by Msgr. Giuseppe Shen Bin. The new priests were ordained deacons the day before. Shanghai Seminary has been closed since 2012 and Bishop Ma Daqin is in custody. On 18 May, 17 sisters took their religious vows.

    06/06/2017 - QATAR – GULF – IRAN

    The Gulf crisis between Riyadh and Doha, latest chapter in Saudi-Iranian conflict

    Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt ban Qatari planes from their airspace. The Qatar government calls for dialogue with its former regional allies. Trade, air travel and the 2022 world football cup are at risk. The US and Trump’s visit to Riyadh played a role. Beijing is worried about its investments in the region.

    Editor's choices

    Holy See has expressed “grave concern” over the fate of Mgr Shao Zhumin, held by police for more than a month

    Bernardo Cervellera

    The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), who belongs to the underground community, is said to be undergoing brainwashing to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Since China and the Holy See resumed talks three years ago, this is the first time that the Holy See Press Office speaks about a detained bishop. The faithful have felt too much pain over the Vatican’s extended silence. Germany’s ambassador in Beijing, Michael Clauss, has talked about the case. The Vatican’s press office calls on the faithful to pray for Bishop Shao Zhumin and “the path of the Catholic Church in China.”

    Pope: The Churches of the East are alive, despite persecution and terrorism

    Receiving the participants at the "Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches" Assembly, Francis recommends the formation of the clergy. "Let us not forget that in the East even today, Christians - no matter whether Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants - spill their blood as a seal of their witness."


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