18 November 2017
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  • 17/11/2017 - CHINA

    New propaganda chief Huang Kunming pushes Xi Jinping's views on Chinese-style socialism to protect Chinese identity against "universal values". This includes banning multiparty democracy and leave absolute power in the hands of the Party.

    by Wang Zhicheng

    17/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    Msgr. Lucas Li Jingfeng has died. The memory of a young Catholic

    by Piccolo agnello del Signore

    He was perhaps the only bishop who was not a member of the Patriotic Association, although he was recognized by the government. In 2005 he was invited to the Synod on the Eucharist, but the government did not allow him to attend. He spent over 20 years in forced labor camps. His praise of the Letter from Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics. Since the beginning of the year his health had deteriorated. Funeral will be held on 25 November.

    16/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The Chinese government recognizes the bishop of Handan. No illicit bishops at the ceremony

    by Li Yuan

    Msgr. Joseph Sun Jigen, an official priest, was secretly ordained in 2011. Although approved by the government, the installation ceremony was canceled at the last moment for fear that illicit bishops would attend. At today's ceremony, the vice-president of the Council of Bishops was absent having suffered a heart attack; the vice-president of the Patriotic Association was absent because in mourning. Immediately following his installation, the Lanzhou bishop brings priests and nuns in "pilgrimage" to Jinggangshan, the cradle of the Communist Revolution in Jiangxi.

    16/11/2017 - CHINA-TIBET

    Tibetan Monk free after 5 years in prison for writing a song for the Panchen Lama

    Lobsang Jinpa, 35, was arrested for "separatist activities" in 2012. He was imprisoned and tortured. The cultural genocide of the Tibetan people continues.

    15/11/2017 - CHINA

    Xi Jinping’s new era begins with scholars reduced to silence

    by Wang Zhicheng

    Guizhou University cancelled the classes of Prof Yang Shaozheng, who was told to “keep my mouth shut and not make any kind of political statements." Fearing Chinese retaliation, publisher withdraws a book by Australian scholar Clive Hamilton. To avoid ending up like the USRR, Xi will brook no criticism. Conferences across the country outline Party congress goals.

    15/11/2017 - INDIA

    St Thomas Missionaries at 50: the ad gentes mission of the Syro-Malabar Church

    by Gianni Criveller

    Established in Kerala, the missionary institute has outposts in Europe and the Americas with 345 members and 200 seminarians, a hundred in the major seminary. Despite difficulties and persecutions, there is no distrust or discouragement. It is committed to India and China.

    14/11/2017 - CHINA

    Yugan authorities replace Jesus with Xi Jinping to help the poor

    Needy Christians are forced to replace religious images with pictures of the president to get aid. “They think God is their saviour,” an official said. “After our cadres’ work, they’ll realise their mistakes and think: we should no longer rely on Jesus, but on the party for help”. According to some sources, the number of Christians exceeds that of party members.

    14/11/2017 - NEPAL – CHINA

    Nepal cancels a deal with China to build a US$ 2.5 billion dam

    A memorandum of understanding for the construction of a 1,200MW hydroelectric plant at about 80km from Kathmandu was signed in June, less than a month after Nepal formally agreed to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing’s new Silk Road.

    13/11/2017 - CHINA

    Xi Jinping 'Emperor for Life'. But really?

    by Willy Wo-Lap Lam

    At the recent Chinese Communist Party Congress Xi filled major government bodies with friends and loyalists. But there are no possible successors. Like France's King Louis XIV, Xi can say, "The Party? It's me". The Central Committee filled with managers of state owned firms: a sign that economic reforms will be slow. Nationalism is a double-edged sword. If Xi fails, his many enemies in the Party will coalesce.

    11/11/2017 - HONG KONG - CHINA - VATICAN

    Mass for a deceased underground priest. Card. Zen asks for God ‘s grace to save the Church in China and the Holy See from the 'precipice'

    by Li Yuan

    Fr. Wei Heping, 41, died in mysterious circumstances, his body dumped in a river in Taiyuan (Shanxi). For the police claim he committed suicide. Family members are not allowed to even see the autopsy report. For Card. Zen the Holy See (which "is not necessarily the Pope") seeks a compromise at all costs with the Chinese government, risking "to sell out the faithful Church". Justice and Peace publish a booklet about Fr. Wei, not to forget.

    10/11/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Mgr Han Zhihai goes from underground to official bishop of Lanzhou

    by Li Yuan

    Government representatives say that the transition from underground to official bishop is the result of negotiations with the Vatican. The ceremony took place with the reading of the "Letter of Approval" by the Council of Bishops and the candidate’s “patriotic” pledge. Mgr Han Zhihai is a "smart steward". On 16 November 16, the ordination of another official bishop is scheduled to take place in Handan.

    10/11/2017 - HONG KONG - CHINA - VATICAN

    Fr. Gaetano Nicosia, the angel of the lepers, has died

    by Gianni Criveller

    The Salesian priest died on November 6 in Hong Kong at 102 years of age. He lived for 48 years in a village of Coloane with a hundred lepers. He offered them care, dignity and Christian faith. A friend of Fr. Allegra and other missionaries, he inspired commitment to leprosy treatment in China. A life given to the Lord for the poor.

    09/11/2017 - CHINA

    Tiananmen activist Yang Tongyan dies of cancer not long after his release from prison

    He was operated in August after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Human rights groups slam Beijing for releasing activists a few weeks before their death.

    09/11/2017 - CHINA-US

    Tenderness and a deluge of economic contracts between the two 'emperors' Trump and Xi Jinping

    by Wang Zhicheng

    Past criticisms almost forgotten. Trump appreciates Beijing's commitment on North Korea and criticizes previous US administrations for the imbalance in trade. Contracts signed for over US $ 250 billion. The exclusive visit and Beijing Opera performance in the Imperial Palace. And even the (usually forbidden) use of Twitter.


    As Manila and Beijing start a new course in the South China Sea, Washington remains vigilant

    Tensions between China and the Philippines over disputed islands are defused. The two countries had already agreed not to occupy new areas. ASEAN and China have agreed to a code of conduct in maritime disputes. Since Duterte came to power, relations between the US and the Philippines have deteriorated. China and Russia are courting the Philippines.

    08/11/2017 - HONG KONG-CHINA

    Alex Chow released on bail. His thanks to Card. Zen for visiting him in prison

    by Li Yuan

    Chow, along with Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, may appeal against their prison sentence. His "thank you" to secretary for justice Rimsky Yuan for "the trip" to prison, which has taught Chow the (double) standards with which justice is implemented in Hong Kong. Restoring the democratic movement. Card. Zen visits Pik Uk Prison twice a month. Every year he collects funds to give the prisoners "moon desserts", symbolic of familiar unity. 

    07/11/2017 - CHINA

    Over 650,000 faulty vaccines recalled

    by Wang Zhicheng

    The doses intended to vaccinate against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. Drugs sold by state-owned firms before verifying their effectiveness. Corruption in the world of medicine

    06/11/2017 - CHINA

    For Party scholar, there will be no personality cult for Xi as there was for Mao

    Xie Chuntao, director of the Central Party School’s academic department, said that the “respect and love” ordinary Chinese feel for Xi was “natural” and “heartfelt” and bore no similarities to a cult of personality. Collective leadership is still present, but with a “larger individual role” for Xi.

    06/11/2017 - CHINA – VATICAN

    Zhengding massacre: foreign missionaries die to defend Chinese women and girls

    by Wang Zhicheng

    A Dutch bishop and eight Austrian, French, and Polish missionaries were killed by the Japanese army for defending hundreds of Chinese women and girls in their church. For Zhuo Xinping, head of the Institute of World Religions, Catholics shared the destiny of the Chinese.

    06/11/2017 - JAPAN - USA - ASIA

    Trump’s trip to Asia: one eye on North Korea, one on trade

    North Korean threat on agenda in meetings with leaders in Japan, South Korea, China. But also the balance of trade. Attempts to encircle Chinese economic power in talks with Hanoi and Manila. Overcoming the Asia-Pacific area, which now becomes "Indo-Pacific".

    03/11/2017 - UNITED STATES – CHINA

    Writers from around the world urge Beijing to free Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's widow

    Pen America has launched a petition open to all. Addressed to Xi Jinping, the letter appeals to his “conscience” and “sense of compassion". Liu Xia has never been charged with anything, but has been under house arrest and close watch for the past seven years. The letter will be given to President Trump to bring on his upcoming trip to China.

    02/11/2017 - CHINA – TIBET

    Buddhist prayer festival at the Larung Gar Academy banned

    The prayer gathering has been held for 21 years. The official reason for the ban is overcrowding and unfinished reconstruction. More than 4,000 monastic residences have been demolished in a year, forcing out more than 4,800 Tibetan monks and nuns.

    31/10/2017 - SOUTH KOREA - CHINA

    Seoul and Beijing resume 'normal' relations

    Relations had deteriorated due to installation of Thaad anti-missile system. Beijing had boycotted flights, tourism, South Korean retail products. The resumption of communications takes place on the eve of Trump's trip to Asia. 

    30/10/2017 - CHINA

    Xinjiang, 'more than 30' relatives of Rebiya Kadeer in jail for 'secession'

    According to the Uyghur leader her family members are in prison or in forced labour camps (re-education). But their fate is similar to that of "millions of upright families". Meanwhile, Beijing’s crackdown intensifies.

    30/10/2017 - SOUTH KOREA – CHINA

    Beijing expels hundreds of South Korean pastors and missionaries

    Churches are closed and communities disbanded. The crackdown comes ahead of new regulations on religion slated to come into effect on 1st February 2018. The authorities have not provided clear reasons for the measures.

    28/10/2017 - PAKISTAN - CHINA

    Gwadar port will be the 'hub' of China’s new Silk Road

    The port is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, one of the top projects of the One Belt, One Road Initiative. In addition to the harbor, an international airport, schools, electrical systems, a ring road are under construction. Local workers fear the Chinese competition. 

    28/10/2017 - CHINA

    Bao Tong: Nothing new about Xi Jinping era

    The lack of a designated successor to Xi: It is not necessary for a republic, but China is not a "genuine one". The idea of ​​the Party at the center is an old one. The only novelty would be an absence of praise and Xi’s acceptance of criticism.

    27/10/2017 - CHINA – EUROPEAN UNION

    Trade relations between China and the world after the Communist Party Congress

    Economic analysts look at Xi Jinping’s stronger power base. Economic ties between China and the European Union may not be all that positive whilst Beijing’s emphasis is on state control and the debt of state-owned enterprises.

    27/10/2017 - TAIWAN-VATICAN

    75 years of diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the Republic of China

    by Xin Yage

    The anniversary was celebrated yesterday in Taipei; on 5 October in the Vatican at the Pontifical Urbanianum University. Collaboration between Taiwan and the Holy See on local and global poverty situations. Archbishop Gallagher: The Holy See "your committed partner in the family of peoples". Work for Peace in the Strait and the World.

    26/10/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    Improvements for Church unlikely in wake of CCP Congress. As is a papal trip to Beijing

    by Li Yuan

    Under the new leadership presented yesterday, Wang Yang should be the head of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference which deals with religious groups. Despite being considered a liberal,  he must toe the line dictated by Xi Jinping on the "sinicization of religions." Wang Zuoan, Director of State Administration for Religious Affairs, was dismissed by the Central Committee. In an interview he clarifies that China-Vatican dialogue is "low key" but "but some problems are not so simple and cannot be solved in a short time". No imminent visit by the pontiff to China.

    Editor's choices

    Mass for a deceased underground priest. Card. Zen asks for God ‘s grace to save the Church in China and the Holy See from the 'precipice'

    Li Yuan

    Fr. Wei Heping, 41, died in mysterious circumstances, his body dumped in a river in Taiyuan (Shanxi). For the police claim he committed suicide. Family members are not allowed to even see the autopsy report. For Card. Zen the Holy See (which "is not necessarily the Pope") seeks a compromise at all costs with the Chinese government, risking "to sell out the faithful Church". Justice and Peace publish a booklet about Fr. Wei, not to forget.

    Pope: No more war, its only fruit is death, 'our self-destruction'

    Marking the Feast of All Souls, Francis celebrated Mass at the American Cemetery in Nettuno. "When so many times in history men think of a war, they are convinced of bringing a new world, they are convinced of making a 'spring'. It ends in a winter, ugly, cruel, with the reign of terror and death."


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