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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
03/03/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, conversion becomes mission even in the media
by Xin Yage
Dean Ferng received baptism last Christmas, after drawing near to the Catholic faith by the witness of Christians he met in his life: "They have a goal, a vision, they know where they want to go." He is now working to introduce the Pope more thanks to two documentaries, which will be aired on national television.
Taipei (AsiaNews) - The decision to become a Catholic "came from the witness of Christians that I saw around me. Their personalities revealed a goal in their lives, they had a vision, they knew where they wanted to go in...

03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
Francis comments the Gospel of the Transfiguration of Christ. "Jesus reveals himself as the perfect icon of the Father, the irradiation of his glory. It is the fulfilment of revelation. [. . .] Jesus' journey always leads us to happiness [. . .]. Love transfigures everything." The task he leaves for the disciples and the faithful is simple: "Listen to and follow the Saviour." After the Marian prayer, the Holy Father issued an appeal to the peoples of the Middle East, noting that "We are praying insistently for an end to the intolerable brutality of which they are victims."
China, a record 2014 for loans to Latin America
Beijing has lent $ 22 billion a year to the South American continent and is poised to break the of 2010 record, when the figure touched 37 billion. Analysts warn: "China may tacitly require that Chinese companies have a hand in some projects". "Diplomacy of the yuan" continues to spread from Southeast Asia to Africa.
02/27/2015 HONG KONG
Hong Kong, employer who tortured Indonesia maid jailed for six years
The case of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih rocked the former British colony. The immigrant, without friends or relatives, lived as a domestic worker in the home of Law Wan-tung: the woman abused her in every possible way and then tried to smuggle her home. The judge: "A regrettable story ". The victim: "Not completely satisfied"
02/26/2015 CHINA
China, first ever Holocaust commemoration for the Shanghai Ghetto
This was announced by the World Jewish Congress. During the Japanese occupation, approximately 23 thousand Jews were closed into the area to pay homage to Hitler, Tokyo’s ally. Liberated on September 3, 1945, "it is a part of the extermination that is never remembered."

02/26/2015 CHINA
China, terrified by New Year fireworks a tiger leaps from eleventh floor of a building
The animal, a rare and endangered "Manchu", was held with his sister on the roof of the building owned by an Shandong industrialist. He defends himself by saying that he had "adopted" the two specimens from a zoo, but had no authorization.
02/26/2015 TAIWAN
Lent in Taiwan: proclaiming the Gospel by defending migrants
by Xin Yage
Migrant workers face a tough situation on the island. Their rights are denied, their contracts are not respected, and some of them have been tortured by their employers. After years of legal and cultural struggles, things are getting better. The Church and its affiliated groups help workers become better integrated in their milieus. Mhike So's story illustrates this fight for justice for those who have none.
02/25/2015 MACAO - CHINA
Beijing's anti-corruption drive sinks Macau casinos
Casino revenue in the former Portuguese colony slumped for the eight month in a row, leading casino shares to perform poorly on the benchmark Hang Seng Index. Macau authorities announce restrictions on mainland visitors. Xi Jinping urged the city to change direction.
02/25/2015 CHINA
The Chinese Church mourns Fr. Ye Yaomin, who died aged 105. He spent 25 years doing hard labor
He was the oldest priest in the country. On his deathbed he prayed that new vocations for the local church flourish and condemned hate, which "is always a sin." Catholic sources tell AsiaNews: "He was the last of the 'elder' priests, ordained before the advent of Mao. They had kept the faith and dignity intact."
02/25/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, a Lent dedicated to evangelization
by Xin Yage
Chinese Catholics "no longer want to complain because they are few, but are beginning to work harder to make themselves better known and especially to share the Gospel. This period leading up to Easter must be rich in fruits and testimonies." The story of Paul Su, a manager in the media industry.
02/23/2015 TIBET - CHINA
Tibet, thousands of Buddhists celebrate the Dalai Lama’s birthday in public
Defying the authorities, about 3 thousand people gathered in the rural districts of Ngaba and Golok to wish long life to the Buddhist leader, who turns 80 this year. The ritual gifts placed under an life-sized cutout of the Tibetan leader on a traditional throne.
02/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope gifts "Guard your heart" booklet as an aid to conversion in Lent
At today's Angelus Pope Francis gave away booklets containing "the wealth of our doctrine," the essentials of the faith: "the seven sacraments, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, the virtues, works of mercy. .. ". The booklet was distributed by volunteers and homeless people. "Those who are in need are also the ones who give us this great wealth." Lent is a time "for spiritual battle against the spirit of evil", already won by Jesus in the desert. "We go into the desert without fear, because we are not alone, we are with Jesus." This afternoon, the Pope goes to Ariccia on retreat with the Curia: "Pray so that in this desert we can hear the voice of Jesus and correct our many defects".
02/21/2015 CHINA
Year of the Goat: Forecasts for trade the lowest in 8 years
Less credit from banks, deflation, low prices lead to pessimism. The central bank has reduced interest rates and decreased the level of commercial bank reserves. It will be "a difficult year".
02/20/2015 ASIA
Asia’s Catholics celebrate Year of the Goat with acts of charity
Amid lavish dinners and firework displays sprout activities related to Lent: the PIME fathers in Hong Kong launch a mission among the prisoners of the Territory, while the South Korean Catholic Church send two containers of humanitarian aid to the North. In the Philippines a "new push" for Alay Kapwa, the program launched 40 years ago in support of the poor.
02/20/2015 CHINA
Beijing wakes up to New Year covered with snow
According to popular tradition, snow on the first day of the New Lunar Year brings "abundant fruit" in the coming year. The departure of migrants empties the capital and makes it livable. The air quality, however, again exceeds the danger threshold after enormous New Year fireworks spectacle.

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If Beijing does not grant religious freedom to the Church diplomatic relations are useless by Peace*
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Is Xi Jinping following Pope Francis in his family-oriented lunar New Year greetings? by Wang Zhicheng
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02/18/2015 ASIA
The Far East celebrates the Year of the Goat with trips home, lobsters and political controversy
It looks like someone is trying to shout us down by Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun
02/17/2015 CHINA
China, anti-corruption campaign takes down more senior officials
02/16/2015 SRI LANKA - INDIA
Sri Lanka, the new president chooses India to "deter” China
02/15/2015 VATICAN
For pope, Christ fights the world's evils and sufferings by taking them on and defeating them through God's mercy
Card Zen and Catholics protest against Beijing over the fate of Mgr Cosma Shi Enxiang by Victoria Ma
02/13/2015 TAIWAN - CHINA
Taiwan, the government put under investigation the leaders of the Movement of sunflowers by Xin Yage
02/12/2015 CHINA
For New Year, China's central bank has to come up with 610 billion in cash
02/12/2015 CHINA
China's first lawsuit for environmental damage goes to court
02/12/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan, prisoners commit suicide after failed prison escape by Xin Yage
02/09/2015 CHINA-VATICAN
Beijing hides the body of bishop Cosma Shi Enxiang: too "dangerous" by Bernardo Cervellera
Editor's choices
It looks like someone is trying to shout us down
by Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiunThe widespread optimism concerning the dialogue between the Holy See and China is largely groundless. Some Chinese bishops unable to speak freely are asked "leading" questions. The key issues remain unresolved, namely episcopal appointments and the fate of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. Benedict XVI's Letter to Chinese Catholics, also cited by Pope Francis, provides guidelines. No agreement is better than a bad agreement. What happened to Msgr. Cosma Shi Enxiang and Msgr. James Su Zhimin? Hong Kong's bishop emeritus, champion of religious freedom in China, delivers a vibrant reflection.
Beijing hides the body of bishop Cosma Shi Enxiang: too "dangerous"
by Bernardo CervelleraThe underground bishop of Yixian disappeared in police custody in 2001. In late January news of his death spread. But authorities denied the reports. Family members await his corpse or ashes. The long list of underground bishops who have died in prison after torture. The government is terrified of possible demonstrations at his funeral. The visit of Yu Zhengsheng, "number four" from Baoding Politburo. Out of his 93 years of life, Bishop Shi spent 54 years in prison because of his fidelity to the Church and the Pope.
Top 10
02/24/2015 EGYPT - ISLAM
What Tayeb and Sisi said is big step towards a revolution in Islam
by Samir Khalil Samir
03/02/2015 SYRIA - ISLAM
Islamic State group frees 19 Syrian Christians in Syria after a ransom is paid
02/25/2015 SYRIA
IS abducts 150 Christians, rapes and kills women, a "tragic situation" for vicar to Aleppo
02/24/2015 INDIA
Radical Hindus against Mother Teresa, but India rises up: "She is a Saint”.
by Santosh Digal
03/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Let us not forget those who are suffering in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela; let us pray for them
02/26/2015 SYRIA
IS holding more than 250 Christians, for vicar to Aleppo, pope's prayers are a source of courage
02/26/2015 BANGLADESH
Prostitution and forced labour: trafficking in human beings in Bangladesh
by Sumon Corraya
Montagnard Christians continue to flee to Cambodia, but are running out of food and supplies
02/25/2015 MACAO - CHINA
Beijing's anti-corruption drive sinks Macau casinos
02/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope encourages the growth of cooperatives as an economic model that serves the common good


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