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04/24/2014 VATICAN
Christians and Buddhists to foster together the growth of the community
The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue issues a message for the Buddhist Feast of Vesakh to "join forces to educate people, particularly the young, to seek fraternity, to live in fraternity and to dare to build fraternity."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Christians and Buddhists are called "in a spirit of cooperation [. . .] to respect and to defend our shared humanity in a variety of socio- economic, political and religious contexts." Fostering fraternity in a...

In Tokyo, Obama irks Beijing by siding with Japan over disputed islands
For the first time, a US president directly addresses the issue of the Senkaku/Diayou, a group of small islands claimed by both China and Japan. For the US president, on a visit to Japan, the islands "fall within the scope of Article 5 of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Co-operation and Security." For Beijing, this is mistake, worthy of the "Cold War" era.
04/23/2014 SINGAPORE - CHINA
Singapore archbishop: With Benedict XVI's words pray for the Church in China
by William Goh Seng Chye*
Citing the Prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan, the bishop calls on the faithful to "reach out" to Chinese migrants living in the city-state, and show "them our genuine love and concern." On 23 May, a special prayer is set for St Bernadette Church.
04/23/2014 CHINA
China "soon" to set up a special court to deal with intellectual property rights
The government plans to create a new court to deal solely with copyright and patent-related disputes. In 2013, nearly 90,000 such cases were filed.
04/18/2014 CHINA
Beijing: four more New Citizens Movement activists convicted
All wanted government officials to declare their economic and financial assets. A court in Haidian found them guilty of disturbing "public order" and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from three and half to two years in prison. Defence lawyer slams the decision, calling it flawed. Now "calling on officials to disclose their assets is a crime."

04/17/2014 CHINA
Beijing blogger sentenced to 3 years for "spreading rumors" online
Qin Zhihui is the first victim of the law passed in September 2013 against micro-blogs, increasingly active in denouncing corruption and scandals . The courts have handed down the sentence without investigating allegations of defamation brought against the blogger .
04/16/2014 TIBET - CHINA
A 32-year-old Tibetan dies in a blaze to protest Chinese occupation
Thinley Namgyal, who died from his burns, is the 131st person to choose self-immolation as a form of protest. Associations of Tibetans in exile hold a vigil in his memory.
04/16/2014 CHINA
Dongguan: 40,000 workers down tools again
Strike hits Yue Yuen, a company that works for giants such as Nike, Adidas and Timberland. Workers complain about the level of payments for pensions, want higher wages, better medical insurance, and injury compensation.
04/15/2014 CHINA
Party and military setting up local offices to monitor and protect soldiers
After two senior military leaders are arrested, central authorities set up special agencies to monitor military rights. Heads of political and law commissions at county, city and provincial levels will lead the groups.
04/14/2014 CHINA
Beijing: two more Zhou Yongkang cronies arrested
For experts and analysts, the government is trying to rid itself of former powerful "national security czar." Zhao Miao and Yan Cunzhang, two of his associates, are the latest victims, both accused of corruption. For one observer, a "power struggle" is underway.
04/12/2014 CHINA
With benzene in water, residents in Gansu city storm supermarkets to buy bottled water
Lanzhou officials ask residents not to drink tap water because it may cause death. Illegal spilling of toxic sewage by a chemical plant is thought to be at the root of the problem. As things get worse across the country, the central government appears to be powerless vis-à-vis the problem.
04/11/2014 CHINA
Beijing, Xu Zhiyong sentence confirmed on appeal
The activist, founder of New Citizens Movement, has long called for the government to publicly disclose the leadership’s personal assets. An increasing number of anti-corruption activists end up in court. In Hong Kong, his autobiography published: "To Be a Citizen."
04/10/2014 CHINA - ISRAEL
After two centuries, Henan Jews prepare to celebrate Passover
The first presence of Jews in Kaifeng, China's former imperial capital, dates back to the 10th century AD. The last recognised rabbi died in 1810, and since then the community has lived without knowing the faith of their ancestors. Increasingly, the historical void has been reduced in recent years. Now, a local young man prepares to return home as a rabbi after studying in Israel.
04/10/2014 CHINA
China: import-export falls again in March amid fears of another recession
Exports decline for a second month in a row, losing 6.6 percentage points compared to last year. Imports down 11.3%. The government announces a mini-stimulus package for small businesses and railways.
04/09/2014 KOREA
Pyongyang arrests scores for "religious activities", questions 100 people who could end up in concentration camps
After a raid late last year, Kim Jong-un's regime has cracked down on North Koreans who have gone abroad and "met members of religions for the purpose of overthrowing the legitimate government." A source says the move is to "engender fear" in people.

Altri articoli
04/09/2014 CHINA
Beijing, trial begins of two more anti-corruption activists
04/08/2014 KOREA
Number of North Korean refugees in South Korea up this year
04/08/2014 CHINA
China, on the feast of the dead, authorities block the commemoration of Tiananmen victims
South China Sea, Bishop of Manila: U.S. attitude worsens situation
04/08/2014 TAIWAN
Taipei, students announce end of Parliament occupation
04/08/2014 VATICAN - JORDAN
Pope: Holy Land visit in focus at meeting with the King of Jordan
04/07/2014 CHINA
Wenzhou, Christians challenge government to prevent the demolition of their church
04/05/2014 INDIA
India, Babri Masjid demolition "planned by Hindu party" by Nirmala Carvalho
04/04/2014 CHINA
Protests against chemical plant in Maoming reach Guangdong capital
04/03/2014 CHINA
Old Wine in an Ancient Bottle: Changes in Chinese State Ideology by Carl Minzner
04/03/2014 TAIWAN
Taipei, government backs down on trade agreements with China
Xi Jinping returns home full of deals and silence by Bernardo Cervellera
04/02/2014 CHINA
Gen. Gu Junshan "corrupt", Xi Jinping’s battle takes on the Army by Chen Weijun
South China Sea: Manila calls on UN to stop Beijing
Editor's choices
Xi Jinping returns home full of deals and silence
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chinese president signed agreements worth tens of billions of Euros in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. He also stayed clear of any press conference. At the College of Europe in Bruges, he presented his dream of a new trillion-dollar Silk Road. Yet, he also made it clear that at home, the monopoly of power stays with the Party, squashing any dream for political reform in China. On the Internet, netizens disagree with him.
Pope announces a 'festival of forgiveness' for 28-29 March in St Peter's Basilica and churches around the worldPope Francis made the announcement after today's Angelus. "We must celebrate the forgiveness the Lord gives us as did the father in the parable of the prodigal son, who, when the latter returned, organised a party, putting out of his mind all the things the son had done." When Jesus met the woman of Samaria, he "tore through the biased mind-set against women." The pontiff also called on the pilgrims to say, "Every encounter with Jesus changes one's life; every encounter with Jesus fills us with joy." He also sent his greetings to a Japanese school.
Top 10
04/21/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Easter joy "is not a masquerade! It is impressed on our hearts and shines through our actions".
04/17/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, tribal Catholic gang raped: Christians and Muslims demand justice
by Sumon Corraya
04/17/2014 SRI LANKA
Easter should spur Catholics to defend human rights in Sri Lanka
by Melani Manel Perera
04/18/2014 PAKISTAN
Good Friday in Pakistan: fasting and prayers for Asia Bibi, Sawan Masih and other blasphemy victims
by Jibran Khan
04/17/2014 VATICAN
Pope: A priest’s "joy", "anoints", is "incorruptible", "missionary" and guarded by poverty, obedience and loyalty
04/17/2014 ITALY - ASIA
Easter, victory over death and impotence
by Bernardo Cervellera
04/17/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "The washing of the feet", "a gesture of love, of service" to remind us that "we must be servants of one another"
04/17/2014 CHINA
Beijing blogger sentenced to 3 years for "spreading rumors" online
04/19/2014 VATICAN
Way of the Cross: "Evil will not have the last word; love, mercy and forgiveness will," pope says
04/18/2014 LAOS - THAILANDIA
Thai geologists warn Xayaburi dam is an earthquake risk


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