12 December 2017
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  • 11/12/2017 - CHINA

    Tens of thousands of migrants and their families have been expelled and sent away from the capital. Yet, at the recent Party Congress, President Xi had promised to provide support and help against poverty. There is no reward nor legal or charity for displaced persons. The country’s "social Darwinism" condemns the rural people to marginalisation and allows urban classes to enjoy privileges and advantages. Courtesy of the Jamestown Foundation.

    by Willy Wo-Lap Lam

    11/12/2017 - JAPAN-NORWAY

    Hiroshima Survivors at Nobel Peace Prize conferral to Campaign against Nuclear Arms

    The award was accepted by Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the Ican (International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons) and by Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow. The ceremony was snubbed by the ambassadors of the USA, France, Great Britain. The treaty for the ban on nuclear weapons was approved by 122 nations, but not by the nine nuclear powers. So far it has received only three ratifications. The support of Pope Francis.

    07/12/2017 - CHINA

    Paper in Jilin publishes a 'survival guide' in case of nuclear attacks

    Anxiety levels rise in China in the wake of North Korea's nuclear tests. Media and the authorities downplay concerns.

    07/12/2017 - INDIA - CHINA

    Indian drone "invades Chinese airspace" and crashes to earth

    The incident shrouded in mystery. India makes no statements. The story is likely to reignite the military confrontation between the two Asian giants.

    05/12/2017 - CHINA

    Ambiguous praise for Xi Jinping and web control at the World Internet Conference

    by Wang Zhicheng

    More than 1,500 representatives from 80 countries took part in the event. China’s president offers greater openness to online markets, but reiterates Chinese sovereignty in cyberspace. China’s internet is the most controlled in the world, but also the most developed.

    04/12/2017 - CHINA

    What is China’s low-end population?

    by Wei Jingsheng

    Criticism is growing after hundreds of thousands of migrants were expelled from the city of Beijing, dubbed “low-end” people in Chinese media. For the great dissident Wei Jingsheng, this expression is a sign of the feudal legacy still found in the Communist Party of China, which considers itself the niche of the elite and rightful government. Instead, under the latter, man has been reduced to the cog of a wheel, an animal only worthy of work.

    04/12/2017 - CHINA-JAPAN

    By 2030, 800 million jobs replaced by machines

    This is the most pessimistic prospect of a study published by the McKinsey & Company research center. The future depends on the speed with which the technology will develop. Countries with advanced development may be affected more. China will lose 100 million jobs (12%); the United States 32%; Germany 33%; Japan 46%. "Hope and challenge": technological shocks can be overcome, but a new model of formation adapted to changes is needed. In the future, more space for "intrinsic human capacities".

    03/12/2017 - VATICAN

    With China "we must go step by step gently, slowly,” says pope

    The pontiff talked to reporters on his flight home from Bangladesh. In Myanmar, mentioning the Rohingya “would have been like slamming the door in my interlocutors’ face. But I described the situation, I spoke of minority rights, so that I could go further in the private conversations.” As for a trip to India, “I hope to do it in 2018 if I am alive.”

    01/12/2017 - CHINA

    Chinese manufacturing slowing for the fifth consecutive month

    Domestic and foreign demand drops. Optimism about the future does as well. The government imposes limits on heavy industries and road transportation to reduce pollution.

    30/11/2017 - CHINA

    Chinese Communist units in foreign companies, but German businesses say no

    Companies with foreign interests are supposed to pay for these units. About 106,000 firms already have them. This has raised fears the party will interfere in management. German Chambers of Commerce do not want political parties inside their structures, and, if pressures continue, they might leave the Chinese market.

    29/11/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing, no child sex abuse in pre-schools, but ...

    People's Daily excludes instances of child sex abuse among catalogue of abuses in RYB's pre-schools, but police admit that some of the recordings are damaged. A 22-year-old teacher was arrested for using needles on baby's body.

    28/11/2017 - CHINA – TAIWAN

    Taiwanese pro-democracy activist Lee Ming-che sentenced to five years in prison

    He is accused of subversion for promoting democracy in social media. He was tried in September after he went missing in March as he entered China. Taiwan reacted angrily. Relations between Beijing and Taipei are increasingly difficult.

    28/11/2017 - CHINA

    The 'public toilet revolution' wanted by Xi Jinping

    "An important aspect to improve infrastructure in urban areas and in the countryside." For three years a campaign has been underway to renovate public toilets for tourists. This year 20 billion yuan allocated for 47 thousand new services and the restoration of another 17 thousand. The problem of lack of sewers. 

    28/11/2017 - CHINA

    In Chinese cities, rising ozone pollution among greatest health hazards

    Study conducted by a team of Chinese researchers in 272 cities between 2013 and 2015 highlights "solid evidence" linking ozone pollution during period with increased mortality for cardiovascular, cardiac diseases and strokes.

    27/11/2017 - CHINA

    Online censorship of child abuse case in Beijing nursery involving the authorities and the military

    by John Ai

    Online videos showing protests, criticisms of the authorities, and complaints, have been censored. Parents have complained of sexual abuse involving their children. Naked doctors are said to have examined naked children. The military and Meng Jianzhu, a former secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China, are said to be involved. The government plans a nationwide inspection of all nursery schools.

    25/11/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing fire leaves thousands of homeless. Campaign against illegal apartments

    by John Ai

    The fire in an apartment complex caused 19 deaths, of which 8 children. Beijing launches a home-country campaign + against illegal apartments and structures, small industries and offices by evicting those who live there. Thousands of homeless. Cai Qi, a friend of Xi Jinping, has decided to clean the city of "low-income industries" and reduce the population.

    24/11/2017 - CHINA – MYANMAR – BANGLADESH

    Rohingya Crisis: Will China’s Mediation Succeed?

    by Sudha Ramachandran*

    24/11/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing, needle marks, stripped naked for punishment, strange pills: children maltreated in a private kindergarten

    Children were given a dense syrup to make them sleep. Three teachers were suspended. The Kindergarten belongs to RYB Education Institution, also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The fee is the equivalent of half the average salary in the city. 

    22/11/2017 - CHINA

    Party Propaganda chief under investigation for corruption

    Lu Wei, 57, also headed cyber security. During his tenure, China’s first cyber watchdog law was enacted. Xi’s anti-corruption campaign has so far led to the purge of 250 top party officials as well as almost 1.5 million cadres and bureaucrats.

    22/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The Communist Party blocks Chinese tours to Vatican

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Tourist agencies are prohibited from advertising and planning trips and visits to the Vatican to St. Peter's Basilica. Fines of up to 300,000 yuan. The reason: there are no diplomatic relations between Beijing and the Holy See. A boycott of Vatican to make it accept the conditions imposed by Beijing in dialogue? The useless psychosis of control. Chinese Protestants and Catholics evangelize tourists.

    22/11/2017 - NORTH KOREA - CHINA

    Kim Jong-un snubs Xi Jinping's special envoy

    His visit ended two days ago. The media silence on the matter confirms that there was no meeting. With the breech of diplomatic protocol, divisions between Pyongyang and Beijing deepen. China loses its influence on its historic ally. Air China, meanwhile, suspends flights to North Korea.

    21/11/2017 - ZIMBABWE – CHINA

    Beijing’s shadow over Zimbabwe coup

    Zimbabwe’s top military commander was in China a couple of days before the coup. China is the African country’s top economic partner. Bilateral relations go back to the 1960s. Mugabe’s economic mismanagement and the nationalisation of diamond mines are behind the tensions between the two countries. Beijing likes the vice president.

    21/11/2017 - VATICAN - CHINA

    'Art Diplomacy': two exhibits at the Vatican Museums and Beijing’s Imperial Palace

    Two Chinese officials – Zhu Jiancheng, secretary general of the China Culture Investment Found, and Maestro Zhang Yan – took part in the announcement at the Holy See Press Office. Zhang has given Pope Francis two paintings. The parallel exhibits will have two different names: ‘Beauty unites us’ in the Vatican, and ‘Contemporary Sino-Vatican Exhibit’ in China. The pope is compared to a sacred mountain.

    21/11/2017 - CHINA

    Christian lawyer Jiang Tianyong condemned to two years prison for 'subversion'

    He defended Gao Zhisheng and Chen Guangcheng, members of Falun Gong and AIDS patients infected by state clinics. Despite having the chance to flee to the US, he preferred to stay in China to defend his fellow lawyers, victims of the "709" repression.

    20/11/2017 - PAKISTAN – CHINA

    Pakistan’s decision to build dam without Beijing reveals in cracks in the Belt and Road Initiative

    Pakistan is the second country in a few days to cancel a deal with China. Beijing wants sovereign guarantees, but refuses public tenders. Concerns are raised about the quality of Chinese equipment. The use of Chinese workers displaces locals, causing a significant political fallout.

    18/11/2017 - CHINA

    China leading Asia’s digital revolution

    Eight Chinese companies are among the top ten firms that are disrupting life with digital technology. The other two are Japanese and South Korean. The result has ben faster economic growth. The use of smartphones in lieu of credit cards has exploded.

    17/11/2017 - CHINA

    Communist Party propaganda calls on Chinese not to be seduced by western values

    by Wang Zhicheng

    New propaganda chief Huang Kunming pushes Xi Jinping's views on Chinese-style socialism to protect Chinese identity against "universal values". This includes banning multiparty democracy and leave absolute power in the hands of the Party.

    17/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    Msgr. Lucas Li Jingfeng has died. The memory of a young Catholic

    by Piccolo agnello del Signore

    He was perhaps the only bishop who was not a member of the Patriotic Association, although he was recognized by the government. In 2005 he was invited to the Synod on the Eucharist, but the government did not allow him to attend. He spent over 20 years in forced labor camps. His praise of the Letter from Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics. Since the beginning of the year his health had deteriorated. Funeral will be held on 25 November.

    16/11/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The Chinese government recognizes the bishop of Handan. No illicit bishops at the ceremony

    by Li Yuan

    Msgr. Joseph Sun Jigen, an official priest, was secretly ordained in 2011. Although approved by the government, the installation ceremony was canceled at the last moment for fear that illicit bishops would attend. At today's ceremony, the vice-president of the Council of Bishops was absent having suffered a heart attack; the vice-president of the Patriotic Association was absent because in mourning. Immediately following his installation, the Lanzhou bishop brings priests and nuns in "pilgrimage" to Jinggangshan, the cradle of the Communist Revolution in Jiangxi.

    16/11/2017 - CHINA-TIBET

    Tibetan Monk free after 5 years in prison for writing a song for the Panchen Lama

    Lobsang Jinpa, 35, was arrested for "separatist activities" in 2012. He was imprisoned and tortured. The cultural genocide of the Tibetan people continues.

    15/11/2017 - CHINA

    Xi Jinping’s new era begins with scholars reduced to silence

    by Wang Zhicheng

    Guizhou University cancelled the classes of Prof Yang Shaozheng, who was told to “keep my mouth shut and not make any kind of political statements." Fearing Chinese retaliation, publisher withdraws a book by Australian scholar Clive Hamilton. To avoid ending up like the USRR, Xi will brook no criticism. Conferences across the country outline Party congress goals.

    Editor's choices

    A possible reconciliation between Moscow and Kiev

    Vladimir Rozanskij

    The Extraordinary Synod for the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Moscow Patriarchate, called for a return to communion with the Kiev Patriarchate. Filaret's response, very positive, asks for forgiveness and offers forgiveness. For years there have been prevarications, expressions of hatred, seizures of churches. The invasion of Crimea has sharpened the division. The Ukrainian government rallies against.

    Not just Rohingya: Pope Francis’ message to Myanmar and Bangladesh

    Bernardo Cervellera

    News coverage overly focused on "saying / not saying" the word Rohingya. The Pope avoids trial by media, opting to outline constructive paths of hope. Full citizenship for dozens of ethnic groups and a development based on human dignity. The unity between the young and the different ethnic groups, admired by Buddhists and Muslims.


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