26 June 2017
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  • 24/06/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    Focused activities to revitalize the base ecclesial communities as agents of communion, participation and mission. Religious marriages down by 20% in 10 years; Participation in Sunday Mass fell from 64 to 37%. Bishop Socrates C. Mesiona: "Renew the commitment of parishioners to counter secularism". Support programs for the faithful. Fr. Amodo L. Picardal: "Transforming the parish into a center of missionary paths".

    by Santosh Digal

    23/06/2017 - INDIA

    Northeast India, Msgr. Menamparampil proposes an ecumenical prayer for peace

    The United Christian Forum in North East India welcomes the initiative of the emeritus Archbishop of Guwahati. From next August, the first day of every month, the invitation to all Christians "to stand for a few minutes of prayer". The "timely" response of the local Church, following the vandalism of the Bongaigaon cathedral.


    21/06/2017 - VATICAN - SOUTH SUDAN

    ‘Pope for South Sudan’ initiative launched

    Since he cannot travel to the country at present, Pope Francis has launched a number of local initiative to support health, agriculture and education. He also renewed his call on the international community to stop the ongoing massacres.

    20/06/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Movies and plays in Colombo to show the plight of refugees

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Today is World Refugee Day. Sri Lanka hosts 604 refugees in Sri Lanka with another 576 applying for recognition. The government does not guarantee the right to housing, food, education, medical care and does not provide opportunities for legal employment.

    20/06/2017 - MIDDLE EAST – EUROPE

    Terrorism and migrants: Mideast leaders blackmailing Europe

    by Luca Galantini

    Attacks in European capitals are meant to destabilise the foreign policy of countries like Great Britain, Germany, and France. Even Italy’s "neutral" position does not guarantee immunity. Dealing with immigration must be part of a long-term coexistence strategy. Working on economic and political development in countries of origin is also necessary. In ‘Caritas in Veritate’, Benedict XVI had prophetic words.

    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Mazzolari, a pastor convinced that the destinies of the world mature in the peripheries

    Francis went to Bozzolo, not far from Mantua, tied to the memory of the "parish priest of Italy," the uncomfortable priest of whom Paul VI said, "He walked one step ahead and often we could not hold him back! And so he suffered and we also suffered. It is the fate of prophets. "


    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Milani, the mission of educating a "free conscience"

    Francis travels to Barbiana, in Italy. Don Milani a priest who wanted to "awaken the human in people to open them to the divine". "Only by fully possesing the word is it possible to discern among the many and often confused messages that rain down upon us, and to give expression to the deep instances of our heart, as well as the expectations of justice of so many brothers and sisters waiting for justice."

    20/06/2017 - UN

    UN refugee record hit in 2016: 65.6 million

    Today is the World Refugee Day. Data released yesterday by UNHCR. About 40.3 million internally displaced persons; 22.5 Refugees; 2.8 million asylum seekers. Nearly 84% of the burden of hospitality is supported by poor countries, despite the focus on migrant crises in Europe.


    19/06/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Archbishop Arshad: The Eucharist 'source and summit' of the life and mission of the Church

    by Shafique Khokhar

    The bishop of Faisalabad celebrates Corpus Christi. 2018 will be the Year of the Eucharist in Pakistan. "Let's become one with Jesus when we receive Communion." The Eucharist is "the expression of our call to share the divine life as individuals and as community into the full purpose of our being – living forever within the divine majesty."

    19/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Young people should be educated based on intellect, affection and action

    Francis opened the ecclesial conference of the diocese of Rome on youth education. In a society devastated and dominated by consumerism, try to offer the possibility of harmonious growth not only on a personal level but also a social and spiritual level.

    18/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: In the Eucharist Jesus helps us, pilgrims in history

    During the Angelus, Pope Francis mentioned World Refugee Day, on 20 June, whose theme is "‘With Refugees. Now more than ever we need to stand with Refugees.’ “[M]eeting refugees in person dissipates distorted fears and ideologies, and becomes a factor of growth in humanity”. The pontiff will go on pilgrimage to Bozzolo (Mantova) and Barbiana (Florence) to honour the memory of Don Primo Mazzolari and Don Lorenzo Milani, whose testimony "the world still needs today". Tonight, the pontiff will lead the Corpus Domini Mass in St John in Lateran, and the Eucharistic procession to Saint Mary Major.

    17/06/2017 - LAOS - VATICAN

    The “strength of the Church is within the small churches”, says Laos’s first cardinal

    by Weena Kowitwanij

    On 21 May, Pope Francis announced his nomination, a surprise for Laos’s 50,000- strong Catholic community. It is a “baby Church” that experiences the first proclamation and is turned towards Tribals and animists. "Some of the most serious problems are the shortage of personnel and the quality of education,” the prelate said. "Some people think that being a cardinal is an honour,” but for Mgr Mangkhanekhoun it means advising the pope on how to “solve problems.”

    15/06/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Some 49 "pilgrims" travel from north to south to strengthen peace (photos)

    by Melani Manel Perera

    The group’s members belong to the congregation of the Holy Family. They left Jaffna for Wennappuwa, near Colombo. Here they immediately established "deep affections and friendships". For one participant, “we would like more exchange programmes” to create good relationships.

    15/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Corruption is "a form of blasphemy" that "gives birth to the culture of death"

    Francis has written the preface to a book that is an interview with Card. Tukson titled "Corrosion". Today, even just "imagining the future" is a very difficult undertaking, corruption even undermines the "hope" that an improvement is possible.

    14/06/2017 - BANGLADESH

    As landslides kill 144 in southeastern Bangladesh, Card D'Rozario prays for victims

    by Sumon Corraya

    The districts of Rangamati, Bandarban, Chittagong and Cox's Bazaar are the hardest hit with the heaviest death toll in Rangamati. The poor live in the hills, in homes built haphazardly. Parish priest in Bandarban calls for help.

    14/06/2017 - INDIA

    Madhya Pradesh, a sister arrested (and released) for 'forced conversions'

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Sister Bina Joseph and four girls remained in police custody for 12 hours. Released after interrogation. The denunciation of the young Hindu fundamentalists of Bajrang Dal and Matrushakti. Bishop of Bhopal: "The attitude of the police officers is to be condemned".

    13/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: to love the poor, "not with words, but with deeds"

    Francis' Message for the First World Day of the Poor, instituted by him. "Let us never forget that, for Christ’s disciples, poverty is above all a call to follow Jesus in his own poverty." "Poverty is an interior attitude that avoids looking upon money, career and luxury as our goal in life and the condition for our happiness.  Poverty instead creates the conditions for freely shouldering our personal and social responsibilities, despite our limitations, with trust in God’s closeness and the support of his grace."

    12/06/2017 - INDIA

    “The Church of Odisha is a persecuted Church, but the Holy Spirit strengthens us," said Mgr Barwa during 19 confirmations (photos)

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The ceremony was held in St Antony of Padua parish during the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. The Odisha Church is a "persecuted Church". The behaviour of Christians "must show that we belong to God".

    12/06/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Mymensingh, government invests in Christian students, tomorrow's leaders

    by Sumon Corraya

    The initiative is from the Ministry for Religious Affairs. The aim is to encourage peaceful relations among religious communities. Bishop Kubi to youth: "You are Christ's ambassadors." The next meeting in Sylhet.

    10/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: international cooperation for migrants "indispensable and urgent"

    Francis visits Italian president. "Generating and accompanying processes that give rise to new opportunities for dignified employment". "Stable employment, along with a political commitment to the family, is the first and most important place for the formation of intra-personal relations and the conditions for genuine sustainable development."

    09/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope calls for a greater role for women, in all areas, including the Church

    The pontiff met with the participants to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, focused on ‘The role of women in education towards universal fraternity”. For Francis, women play an "inestimable" role in education and " offer an important input in dialogue, with their capacity for listening, acceptance, and opening up generously to others."

    09/06/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Rajshahi: PIME Sisters give new hope to disabled children, including Muslim and Hindu children

    by Sumon Corraya

    The Snehanir Rehabilitation Centre opened in 1992. It is run by the Santi Rani Sisters, with financial support from the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. Aysha, a Muslim girl disfigured by her father, Flora, a Catholic girl in a wheelchair, and Sajib, Hindu boy without hearing, tell their stories.

    08/06/2017 - VIETNAM

    Vietnamese bishops alarmed by the new religious law

    by Joseph Nguyen Hung

    The new Law on Beliefs and Religions will come in effect on 1st January 2018. Its ambiguities and contradictions will fuel the "system of asking and granting". The law interferes with the internal affairs of religious communities and establishes tight controls over their activities. The government's views about religion are inadequate. The authorities call on religions to work for the country's growth. The bishops differentiate the concept of nation from that of regime.

    08/06/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Marian celebration with less flowers, more food for flood victims

    by Melani Manel Perera

    The girls study at the Holy Family Convent School in Bambalapitiya. The celebrations marking the end of Marian month were set for the end of May, but bad weather forced the school to postpone the event.

    07/06/2017 - INDIA

    Archbishop of Calcutta: saddened by vandalism of St. Luke's Church

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Vandals struck at dawn on 6 June. The Christian place of worship is just a few hundred yards from the convent, where a religious sister,  72 years of age, was raped in 2015. The robbers broke the hosts, stole old vestments, and about 3,000 rupees

    05/06/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Sri Lanka Protestants report 20 anti-Christian attacks but no arrest

    by Melani Manel Perera

    The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka has reported 190 cases of violence since 2015. For the National Peace Council, the failure to arrest the perpetrators is the failure of the police. The Human Rights Commission notes that it is the government's task to prevent and curb hate speech.

    04/06/2017 - VATICAN - WMD

    Message for World Mission Day: The mission at the heart of the Christian faith

    by Papa Francesco

    The Church is missionary by nature. The world is “marked by confusion, disappointment and frustration, and torn by numerous fratricidal wars,” and “vitally needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Indeed, “the Gospel helps to overcome narrowness, conflict, racism, tribalism, and to promote everywhere, and among all, reconciliation, fraternity, and sharing.” But “being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a Person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction”.

    03/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Speaking at the Charismatic Renewal vigil, pope says unity is needed for peace at a time of so many martyrs

    Francis addressed the Pentecost Vigil for the Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. “Those who kill Christians before they kill them do not ask them, ‘Are you orthodox? Are you Catholic? Are you Evangelical? Are you Lutheran? Are you Calvinist? ' No! 'Are you Christian?' Today there are more [martyrs] than in the early days."

    01/06/2017 - INDIA

    Bandra: “Say yes to God’s will like Mary,” says Bishop Rodrigues

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth was celebrated in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, marking the end of the Marian month. The Rosary was recited every day by Mary’s Clan. Hindus and ordinary people were "touched" by the Mother of Jesus.

    01/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: burdened with many crises Europe has in the family its "most precious treasure"

    In his meeting with European Federation of Catholic Family Association, Francis spoke about the Old Continent’s four crises: demographics, migration, employment and education. On the basis of the inviolable dignity of the person, especially of the weakest, Europe can really be a family of peoples.

    Editor's choices

    Pope: The Churches of the East are alive, despite persecution and terrorism

    Receiving the participants at the "Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches" Assembly, Francis recommends the formation of the clergy. "Let us not forget that in the East even today, Christians - no matter whether Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants - spill their blood as a seal of their witness."

    The German ambassador asks China to release Msgr. Shao Zhumin

    In an official statement posted on the embassy site, Michael Clauss asks that the detained bishop of Wenzhou, be given full freedom of movement. Concerns also expressed over drafts of the new regulations on religious activities, which decree the end of the underground communities. It is the first time after a decade that a European ambassador has called for the release of a bishop.



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