14 December 2017
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  • 13/12/2017 - HONG KONG

    "[T]he joy of Christmas, the joy of life, does not come from material things, but from simplicity and the gift of ourselves to others." A PIME priest who experienced his mission between Italy, Hong Kong, and China gives his thoughts and memories. The laity who consecrate their lives to evangelisation following the example of Felice Tantardini.

    by Mario Marazzi

    13/12/2017 - INDIA

    Four Pentecostals arrested in Madhya Pradesh, they were praying for Christmas

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Rev Karan was among those detained. Police broke into Bethel Church and stopped Advent prayers. For Sajan K George, "In small remote areas, Jesus is the only refuge".

    13/12/2017 - VIETNAM

    Vietnamese Catholics serving the poor and children at Christmas

    by Paul N. Hung

    About 9.79 per cent of the country’s population lives in poverty, 5.27 per cent are at risk. About 1.5 million children live in difficult situations. Various social and charitable groups are undertaking a number of initiatives for the upcoming holidays. About three thousand children are expected at the Christmas Festival organised by Caritas Saigon. The diocese of Hanoi and the Goethe Institute are working together to raise funds.

    13/12/2017 - INDIA

    Indian Vice President praises Christians: they build the nation

    Venkaiah Naidu was the guest of honor at the Christmas greetings ceremony. Catholics "manage the best educational institutions in the country". "Continue your service with special attention to the disadvantaged sectors of society".

    12/12/2017 - INDIA

    Kerala, the Church leads a march for fishermen dispersed by the Ockhi cyclone

    The Latin rite Archdiocese of Trivandrum, calls for more reparations. At least 40 fishermen died at sea and another 5656 rescued alive. The authorities must declare the cyclone "a natural disaster".

    11/12/2017 - INDIA

    Fr Tom Uzhunnalil receives the Mother Teresa Award 2017

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The ceremony took place yesterday in Mumbai. The Salesian abducted in Yemen was recognised for his “dedication and commitment" and his work in "a location of great danger". For Fr Tom, "Wars are not the solution".

    11/12/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: for Christians, patients are at the centre of health care

    Pope Francis released his message for the 26th World Day of the Sick, which will be celebrated on 11 February 2018. " The image of the Church as a ‘field hospital’ that welcomes all those wounded by life is a very concrete reality”.

    11/12/2017 - KOREA

    Aid to TB patients in North Korea: healing has “no border”

    The Eugene Bell Foundation provides medicines and food for 1,500 patients in 12 centres. For more than twenty years, Fr Hammond, aka Father Grandfather, and the NGO have helped North Korean patients.

    11/12/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    Manila, Card. Tagle: 'Stop complaining, act!'

    Everyone has been given "gifts" to meet the challenges facing the nation. More than 2,000 people attend mass in the Cathedral of Manila for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. "Let's look at Mary. In her, God has triumphed. His love, His grace will prevail "

    11/12/2017 - JAPAN-NORWAY

    Hiroshima Survivors at Nobel Peace Prize conferral to Campaign against Nuclear Arms

    The award was accepted by Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the Ican (International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons) and by Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow. The ceremony was snubbed by the ambassadors of the USA, France, Great Britain. The treaty for the ban on nuclear weapons was approved by 122 nations, but not by the nine nuclear powers. So far it has received only three ratifications. The support of Pope Francis.

    09/12/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Lahore, pastor accused of blasphemy released. He is innocent

    by Kamran Chaudhry

    The Rev. Babu Shahbaz had been in prison for a year. A group of Muslims accused him of having torn pages from the Koran. The judge: "The evidence is not valid". Lawyer: "He can celebrate Christmas with his family".

    09/12/2017 - MALAYSIA

    Kuala Lumpur, religious leaders unite to combat violence against women and children

    A 16-day campaign of activism launched. President of the Inter-religious Advisory Council: "Overcoming indifference and ignorance, to safeguard respect for human life". The Sisters of the Good Shepherd for awareness, reflection and action. Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur: "In order to fulfill its prophetic role, the Church needs to rise up in unity to comfort the afflicted".

    07/12/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Mirpur’s Mary Queen of the Apostles parish an 'oasis of peace for children' (Photos)

    by Anna Chiara Filice

    The church was founded in 1994 by PIME missionary Fr. Gianantonio Baio. Today the parish priest is Fr. Quirico Martinelli. There are playgrounds for children and swings. In the school of St. Theresa, 495 children study: "a concrete example of inter-religious harmony". From our correspondent on the ground.

    07/12/2017 - INDIA

    Hindu nationalists attack a Christian prayer meeting in Chhattisgarh

    The attack took place yesterday in the village of Tarra. Dozens of cars, bicycles and other private property were targeted with damages estimated at more than US$ 6,000. The attackers also harassed women and beat up men.

    06/12/2017 - INDIA

    Archdiocese of Mumbai organises a fundraiser for Advent against hunger and for jobs

    by Oswald Gracias*

    This year's goal is to improve livelihoods in order to achieve sustainable income, connecting donors with our beneficiaries”. Children and youth are asked “to save part of their pocket money to contribute to this cause.”

    06/12/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    For Silsilah, Advent is a “time for reconciliation” in Mindanao

    Christians and Muslims are urged to persevere in meeting, despite the differences. Initiatives of dialogue, signs of solidarity and stories of friendship between the two communities should be a source of inspiration.

    06/12/2017 - INDIA

    Seven Pentecostal Christians arrested for “forced conversions” in Uttar Pradesh

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The accused were remanded into custody for 14 days for allegedly insulting Hindu deities. For Sajan K George, "The growing suspicion against the vulnerable miniscule Christian community, especially the Pentecostals, is alarming.”

    06/12/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Respect Jerusalem’s status quo

    Francis expresses his "deep concern for the situation that has been created in the last few days". The Church is always in favor of dialogue he says receiving participants in the meeting of the Standing Committee for Dialogue with religious figures of Palestine.


    05/12/2017 - HOLY LAND

    Mgr Pizzaballa: Advent, the family is the “hope of the Church”

    A pastoral centre with the religious and laity has been set up. Waiting for Jesus Christ in the life of each of us is possible with "our active and personal response".

    05/12/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Wewala celebrates 75 years of the Church of St Francis Xavier

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Card Malcolm Ranjith led the Mass. The archbishop of Colombo urges Catholics to "work for the liberation of others" and "to become the saviours of our brothers and sisters and to practice faith as true followers of Jesus".

    05/12/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Pakistani catechist calls on the Church to acknowledge the value of the laity

    by Kamran Chaudhry

    In Lahore catechists get the lowest salaries. Vocations are up compared to the past. Children who study in government schools are deprived of catechism. The faith should be promoted through social media.

    05/12/2017 - HONG KONG

    Bishop of Hong Kong: Advent, 2018 dedicated to young people

    Mgr Yeung thanks youth for their response to the Church’s call. Their frank demands include a Church that is more outreaching and open to dialogue. He cites Pope Francis who urged people to “trade in the sofa for a pair of walking shoes”.

    05/12/2017 - BANGLADESH - VATICAN

    Dhaka: the Pope's visit a success. Christians 'salt' of society

    by Anna Chiara Filice

    The reactions of the young people, the hopes for the Catholic Church. Extensive media coverage of events, which allowed the population to discover that "Catholics exist". From our envoy on the ground

    04/12/2017 - CHINA

    What is China’s low-end population?

    by Wei Jingsheng

    Criticism is growing after hundreds of thousands of migrants were expelled from the city of Beijing, dubbed “low-end” people in Chinese media. For the great dissident Wei Jingsheng, this expression is a sign of the feudal legacy still found in the Communist Party of China, which considers itself the niche of the elite and rightful government. Instead, under the latter, man has been reduced to the cog of a wheel, an animal only worthy of work.

    04/12/2017 - INDIA

    Symposium on life: supporting families, the sick, abandoned children

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The Syro-Malabar Church held a three-day conference. The work for life reaches the remotest rural villages. For Fr Shenan Boquet, the Indian Church is "an example for everyone". It is necessary to “enter into conversations” on life to defeat the culture of death.

    04/12/2017 - VIETNAM

    Saigon diocese helping the poor, following the example of Pope Francis

    by Thanh Thuy

    Every parish has had a social outreach and charity programme for years. In the parish of Minh Đức, students and migrants can buy a meal for US$ 0.22. Many churches provide free water supplies and medical care.

    04/12/2017 - MALAYSIA

    Bishop of Penang: Let us not leave environmental devastation as our legacy

    Mgr Francis urges Catholics to reduce, reuse, and recycle through “personal, family and community participation in ecological integrity”. He calls on people to become "disciples of hope" in a situation that does not have none.

    03/12/2017 - VATICAN

    With China "we must go step by step gently, slowly,” says pope

    The pontiff talked to reporters on his flight home from Bangladesh. In Myanmar, mentioning the Rohingya “would have been like slamming the door in my interlocutors’ face. But I described the situation, I spoke of minority rights, so that I could go further in the private conversations.” As for a trip to India, “I hope to do it in 2018 if I am alive.”

    02/12/2017 - BANGLADESH – VATICAN

    Rohingya meet Pope Francis who showed compassion (video)

    by Sumon Corraya

    After meeting religious leaders in Dhaka, Pope Francis met some Rohingya refugees. For the first time in his trip, Francis used the word "Rohingya", asking for forgiveness for the indifference of the world towards them. AsiaNews spoke to some. "He is a man of peace. I hope that Allah listens to his prayers,” said one.

    02/12/2017 - BANGLADESH – VATICAN

    In Tejgaon, the Sisters of Mother Teresa show God's compassion for the disabled and the poor living in the streets

    by Anna Chiara Filice

    Six missionaries work at the Tejgaon house, which is open to sick slum dwellers. In all eight sisters serve in Dhaka, 99 across Bangladesh. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are welcomed. "We are not interested in converting them; we just want to serve them." From our correspondent

    Editor's choices

    Mideast Christians against Trump over Jerusalem capital, a decision that destroys hope for peace

    The Chaldean patriarchate criticises a choice that complicates the situation and fuels conflicts and wars. Card al-Rahi calls the decision “destructive” and a violation of international resolutions. Coptic pope Tawadros II cancels a meeting with US Vice President Pence. Somewhat resigned, Palestinians continue their protest. For Israeli peace group, the US has abdicated its role of mediator in the region.

    Xi Jinping’s false promises and the expulsion of the “low-end population” from Beijing

    Willy Wo-Lap Lam

    Tens of thousands of migrants and their families have been expelled and sent away from the capital. Yet, at the recent Party Congress, President Xi had promised to provide support and help against poverty. There is no reward nor legal or charity for displaced persons. The country’s "social Darwinism" condemns the rural people to marginalisation and allows urban classes to enjoy privileges and advantages. Courtesy of the Jamestown Foundation.


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