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08/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope to altar servers: The joy of friendship with Jesus makes us all missionaries
Meeting thousands of participants in the international pilgrimage "Here I am Lord. Send me!", involving children and young people from about 20 countries, Francis thanks the altar servers and recalls that "it was God who made the first move. God’s actions were not impeded by his imperfections; it was God’s goodness alone that enables us to take up the mission, transforming us nto a totally new person and therefore one able to respond to the call of the Lord"
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The joy of friendship with Jesus Christ "makes us all naturally missionaries. Like the prophet Isaiah, we too are astonished to discover that it was God who made the first move; God is the one drawing close. He noticed that God’s actions were not impeded by his imperfections; it was God’s goodness alone that enabled him to take...

08/03/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad bishop tells religious that their work is a model of spiritual and temporal well-being
by Skafique Khokhar
At a meeting that is part of the celebrations of the Year of the Consecrated Life, the prelate tells religious orders that they perform great work at the local level despite ongoing acts of terrorism and violence, and the poverty of the Christian community. Mgr Arshad warns them however to watch out for self-proclaimed pastors who sow “divisions among Christians." The Catholic Church must act “before it is too late", but with patience and kindness for those who "shut their ears to the truth and turn to myths."
08/02/2015 VATICAN
For pope, Jesus urges us to look for the "bread of life", which expresses His love
During the Angelus, Francis commented the Gospel of John. The crowds that followed Jesus for material bread did not understand their own "spiritual blindness". Christ "is gift and the one who gives it.” In light of the encounter with Him, the sufferings of human life “will be illuminated." Remembering the Pardon of Assisi, the “Father forgives everyone,” he “always forgives everything”.
07/30/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad diocese celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Parish of St Pius X
by Shafique Khokhar
Fr Pius Corbelini inaugurated the church in 1940. The current bishop, who led the anniversary celebrations, explained the role he and his priests play, as well as the religious path the faithful must follow, and the importance of children education. He also talked about spreading the Gospel and helping the local community.
07/26/2015 VATICAN-SYRIA
Pope: urgent appeal for the release of Fr. Dall'Oglio, kidnapped two years ago in Syria
At the Angelus, Pope Francis recalls the Jesuit priest, the two Orthodox bishops and all those who have been kidnapped, calling on all present to join him in the recitation of a Hail Mary. Joined by the presence of two young people, he opens registration for WYD in Krakow and registers himself as teh first pilgrim online with a tablet. Commenting on today's Gospel: "Who among us does not have his" five loaves and two fish "? If we are willing to put them in the hands of the Lord, they will be a bit more love in the world to go around".

07/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Mymensingh: Christian and Muslim students mourn Fr. Bakul, a missionary and "life master"
by Sumon Corraya
Fr. Bakul Stanislaus Rozario died yesterday at age 56. He taught in Catholic schools around the nation. He founded the Notre Dame College of Mymensingh, where he was the current president. Thousands of Christian and Muslim students "will remember for a long time" the missionary's teaching.
07/25/2015 INDIA
Vijayawada, rediscovering the beauty of the liturgy in the Year of Consecrated Life
by Benigna Menezes*
Over 100 men and women religious participated in the catechesis organized by the Indian Conference of Religious. The Indian Bishops' Conference call for renewed liturgical devotion. Salesian priest: "honoring God through common prayer." The importance of music and song in the liturgy, so that "the union of hearts can be more deeply experienced with the union of voices"
07/25/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino bishops: Formation and seminars ahead of Paris climate conference
For the president of the Bishops Conference, climate change is a theme of "social justice." Seminars and formation essential, hand in hand with concrete initiatives. Parishes and ecclesial communities (Bec) at the forefront.
07/24/2015 CHINA
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph Yuan
This is not the first time that the old bishop and his priests speak out against the demolition campaign against crosses and churches, which has touched more than 400 buildings. During the protest, police tried to disperse the group, which sought to submit a petition. The faithful recite a Crown of the Divine Mercy is in support of the Chinese Church. In Lishui, churches are expected to be torn down by 31 August.
For the pope, euthanasia is what “mafiosi do. There is a problem: we get rid of this guy . . .”
In his message to the Catholic Church in England and Wales for this year’s Day for Life, centred on the theme of ‘Cherishing Life and Accepting Death,’ Pope Francis said that “There is nothing progressive about solving problems by eliminating a human life." For him, “considering having a baby as a right is not a scientific achievement when the child should instead be welcomed as a gift; nor is it right to use humans as laboratory rats in order to save ostensibly others.”
07/23/2015 ASIA
Card. Tagle: Pope Francis told me that the future of the Church is in Asia
Speaking at a conference in India, the cardinal mentioned a private interview he had with the Holy Father. “Places of great suffering have become the centre of gravity of the Church," he said. Hence, "We take our responsibility very seriously”.
07/21/2015 VATICAN
For the pope, caring for the environment is caring for humanity and its future
Francis met this afternoon with some 70 mayors from some of the world’s major cities, who are in Rome for a conference on new forms of slavery and climate change, organised by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences.
07/20/2015 INDIA
Carmel celebrations in Baroda: following the "way of Christ" waiting for the fulfilment of Kingdom of God
by Nirmala Carvalho
This year, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel coincides with the Year of the consecrated life and the 500th anniversary of Saint Teresa of Avila. As witnesses of the Gospel and the love of Christ, priests play an increasingly necessary role in today's society. Mary is the One who offered her body and blood to the son of God.
07/19/2015 VATICAN
For pope, despite serious socio-economic problems, Latin America has great potential and Christian values
As he talked about his visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay at the Angelus, he noted that “the Church is committed to mobilising the spiritual and moral strengths of its communities, working with all the healthy components of society”. At the same time, “may the strong religiosity of those peoples always be a faithful witness to the Gospel.”
07/17/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, encourage religious life through contact with youth
by Sumon Corraya
The Conference of Religious of the country organize activities to discuss the major issues and promote contact among the various religious congregations. Seminars discuss apostolic, community and spiritual life. Coordinator: "The experience of the elderly helps young people in their work."

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07/16/2015 PHILIPPINES
Religious and lay Filipino missionaries in the world are “Christ first witnesses"
07/13/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "everything I have said is in the Church’s social doctrine"
07/13/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh’s Catholic teachers shape human beings "enlightened by Gospel values" by Sumon Corraya
07/13/2015 ASIA
Card Tagle tells Caritas to bring Laudato si’ to the edges of society by card. Luis Antonio Tagle
Pope in Paraguay: young people, go against the tide, "stir things up but in an organized fashion”
Pope: Evangelizing means welcoming, the Christian passes from selfishness to love
Pope in Paraguay: Mary and the women of this country, inexhaustible source of hope
Pope in Paraguay: No more wars between brothers!
07/10/2015 VATICAN – BOLIVIA
Pope in Bolivia tells inmates that Jesus keeps us from despair and encourages us to keep going
07/10/2015 VATICAN - BOLIVIA
Pope in Bolivia: we need and want a change in an economy that kills
07/09/2015 VATICAN – BOLIVIA
Pope in Bolivia: “all “those who are ‘unproductive’ [. . .] don’t need to go away,” and not “everything has a price,” or “can be bought”
07/09/2015 VATICAN - BOLIVIA
Pope in Bolivia: promoting the common good, respecting rights, religions and family
07/08/2015 VATICAN – ECUADOR
Pope in Ecuador: priests should be “without walking stick or bag," ceaselessly proclaiming the Kingdom
07/08/2015 VATICAN - ECUADOR
Pope in Ecuador: society, like a family where "everyone contributes to a shared project", and no one is “discarded”
Editor's choices
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph YuanThis is not the first time that the old bishop and his priests speak out against the demolition campaign against crosses and churches, which has touched more than 400 buildings. During the protest, police tried to disperse the group, which sought to submit a petition. The faithful recite a Crown of the Divine Mercy is in support of the Chinese Church. In Lishui, churches are expected to be torn down by 31 August.
Al Azhar and Vatican against terrorism. The ambiguity of the international community
by Bernardo CervelleraThe influential Sunni university denounces " heinous" violence of the Islamic state and demands the world defeat this group “through every possible means". Vatican: terrorism is a threat to all humanity. France claims to fight terrorism, but then sells weapons, aircraft, helicopter gunships to Saudi Arabia, which supports Islamic fundamentalism. Kuwait tolerates Salafis who support the Nusra Front and the Islamic state. Turkey against the Kurds; the United States against Iran, Russia and China.
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07/31/2015 PHILIPPINES
Artists, donors and activists among 2015 Asia’s “Nobel Prize” winners
07/30/2015 SRI LANKA
The civil war did not stop Dilakshini’s yearning to study
by Melani Manel Perera
07/29/2015 RUSSIA
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine also involves the prince who Christianised Rus
by Nina Achmatova
07/30/2015 ISRAEL - VATICAN
Two young Jewish extremists arrested over Church of Loaves and fishes arson in Tabgha
by Joshua Lapide
07/30/2015 CHINA
Unofficial catholic community of Wenzhou speak out against forced demolition of Crosses, whole diocese fasting
by Joseph Yuan
08/04/2015 CHINA – VATICAN
Ordained with a papal mandate, Fr Joseph Zhang Yinlin becomes the new coadjutor bishop of Anyang (Henan). The photo gallery
by Joseph Yuan
07/29/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Nuclear fuel bank in Kazakh site under international control
08/04/2015 TIBET – CHINA
China’s Communist Party will pick the “next Dalai Lama, period!”
08/03/2015 PAKISTAN
Asia Bibi’s lawyer speaks out: Pakistani government is solely responsible for situation
by Silent Thinker
07/30/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Erdogan’s ambiguous policy and the beginning of the Turkish (and Kurdish) tragedy
by NAT da Polis


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