26 July 2017
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  • 25/07/2017 - INDIA

    For India, the greatest threat to freedom is the divisive ideology of Hindutva. After the first revolution that led to the emergence of a secular and democratic nation, a second revolution is now needed. The ruling government discriminates against minorities, forgets Dalits, creates fractures in society, in an attempt to impose a monolithic culture. The revival of the pluralistic spirit of India. An analysis by the Jesuit Provincial Superior for South Asia.

    by George Pattery sj*

    24/07/2017 - NEPAL – INDIA

    'Bangalore Cares for Nepal' opens school for earthquake victims

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The old school collapsed in the April 2015 earthquake. The new Jal Kalyan Vidyalay School was inaugurated on 21 July. It caters to secondary and high school students. Almost US$ 70,000 were spent on building four classrooms as well as a library and a lab.

    22/07/2017 - INDIA

    Bishops: August 10 a 'black day' for discriminated Dalit Christians

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The initiative of Indian Bishops' Conference Office for Dalits and Disadvantaged Classes. The constitutional order of 1950 excludes all non-Hindus from the advantages reserved to the former "untouchables". In the following years, the changes included Sikhs and Buddhists. Christian and Muslim Dalits are marginalized

    21/07/2017 - INDIA

    Indian bishops urge new president to uphold the constitution and the law

    The Indian Bishops' Conference congratulates Ram Nath Kovind for his election yesterday. A former governor of Bihar, he is a member of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. CIBC general secretary urges him to “devote himself to the service and well-being of the people of the Republic of India.”

    18/07/2017 - INDIA

    Pentecostal clergyman killed in Punjab. For Bishop Mulakkal, it is an attack on Christians

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Rev Sultan Masih was the pastor of the Temple of God Church. He was gunned down whilst talking on his mobile. For the bishop of Jalandhar, "This attack against Christians has deeply wounded the whole community". The victim's family blocks motorway. A “lynching culture” prevails across the country, says Sajan K George.

    18/07/2017 - SRI LANKA

    For Sri Lanka’s prime minister, Buddhism will be dominant in constitution, but minorities ask not to be ignored

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Discussions are underway in Sri Lanka over changes to the 1978 constitution. Ranil Wikremasinghe tried to reassure some 70 Buddhist monks who made serious threats. For Anglican clergyman, “The ideal would be to separate state and religion." For Muslim leader in Colombo, “it is political drama”.

    14/07/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Eleven Christians elected in local elections in Mymensingh

    by Sumon Corraya

    Voting took place yesterday in 56 Union Parishad, the country’s smallest administrative units. There are 4,554 in Bangladesh. “Once we were forced to flee to India because of persecution by Muslims. Later we realised that to save ourselves as a minority in this country, we had to get involved in politics,” said Protestant leader.

    13/07/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: visiting the sick or giving food to the poor "is already preaching"

    Francis’ message to the International Symposium on Catechesis in Buenos Aires, on the topic "Blessed are those who believe." "Being a catechist is a vocation of service in the Church, a gift of the Lord that changes lives."

    11/07/2017 - INDIA

    Hindu pilgrims killed in Kashmir. Bishop Machado: break the chain of hatred

    The faithful were on board a coach, returning from the temple of Amarnath. The bus was caught in the cross fire. Assault fuels tension. "No ideology can teach peace." "Peace comes with a conversion of the heart."

    08/07/2017 - UN

    Over 100 countries vote for the prohibition of nuclear arms, but big powers rebel

    The text was approved with 122 votes in favor, one against, one abstention. But none of the nine nuclear countries -  US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel - took part in the debate or vote. Vatican support and the appreciation of UN Secretary-General Guterres.

    07/07/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Christian families face problems like internet, drugs, consumerism, extramarital affairs

    by Sumon Corraya

    The bishop of Rajshahi spoke at the sixth meeting of Christian couples. “[C]hildren are not a misfortune from God,” he said. Christian students "from wealthy families get lazy”. Many parents hide their children’s drug addition when instead, they should seek help from the Church.

    07/07/2017 - INDIA

    Supreme Court allows abortion at the 26th week. Bishop Fernandes: Life is sacred

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Judges welcome the request of a 33-year-old due to "psychological harm". The baby, if born, would have serious cardiac complications. Auxiliary Bishop of Mumbai: "God is the author of life." "If people are no longer useful or considered as a weight, they try to eliminate them."

    07/07/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope to G20: Address ongoing conflicts and migration for an inclusive and sustainable global economy

    Following the request of Angela Merkel, Pope Francis writes to heads of state and government in Hamburg for the summit of the world's major economies. A "heartfelt appeal"  to address the tragic situations of South Sudan, Lake Chad, Horn of Africa and Yemen, where there are 30 million people who have no food and water to survive. " The contradiction between apparent unity in the "common economic forums" and the persistence of "armed conflicts". Take an example from the great leaders of the recent past: Schuman, De Gasperi, Adenauer, Monnet. Bear in mind the great majority of the population, even though it represents only 10% of the world economy.

    06/07/2017 - NEPAL

    As floods and landslides kill 15, displace thousands, Christians play crucial role in rescue

    by Christopher Sharma

    Saptari is the most affected district in southern Nepal. Floods were made worse by an embankment on the Indian side of the border. Caritas hands out food, clothing and medicines. There is a danger of disease outbreaks.

    05/07/2017 - INDIA

    Asia mourns Fr. Augustine Kanjamala, 'a holy man of God'

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The Divine Word Missionary was a well-known theologian and missiologist. He taught at major seminaries in India. As an academic researcher, he realized that the traditional concept of Christian mission is no longer relevant in Asia. From provincial superior, he opened a Mumbai center for migrant and domestic workers. The commitment to tribal and dalit has led to a change in the Hindu mentality of those who knew him.


    04/07/2017 - INDIA

    Sisters in Bhopal set up a legal cell for women abuse victims

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The Holy Spirit nuns are active in Madhya Pradesh through the Uday Social Development Society. The congregation picked 12 nuns to staff the Nyaya Chaupal or legal cell. For Archbishop Leo Cornelio, "empowering women is a symbol of family development."

    03/07/2017 - INDIA

    Indian Christians, a small minority, that make large scale social contributions

    by Purushottam Nayak

    Christians account for 2.3% of the population, or 27.8 million people. Christianity was introduced by St. Thomas the Apostle. The teachings of Christ are rooted in Portuguese missionaries. In the country, the Christian minority manages thousands of schools, hospitals, facilities for sick and poor people. There is no active participation in politics.

    01/07/2017 - JORDAN – SYRIA

    In Amman, Christian and Muslim children sing for peace and coexistence

    Local Caritas and Salesian Sisters sponsor a project involving 40 children, 20 Jordanian Christians and 20 Syrian Muslim refugees, in two classes, one for singing and one for the flute. The course began in June three times a week, up to four in July. The goal is to create an concessionally mixed choir.

    01/07/2017 - CHINA

    The Christian faith in a Chinese society that worships money

    by Yetta Yao

    Chinese society risks being superficial and without faith. It engenders only children for rich magnates, but "no Mother Teresa". The vision of poverty and wealth is wrong because it is tied only to money. Real wealth is in being strong "in His salvation".

    29/06/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    More than 50,000 Catholics celebrate the 36th anniversary of 'Couples for Christ' in Manila

    by Santosh Digal

    The meeting centred on family life, theology of the human body, evangelisation and collaboration between laity and clergy. The "CFC is God’s gift to the world and it is committed to renew family life,” said Card Fox Napier. "Strong faith in Christ will enable you to share your faith with others,” said Bishop John F. Du. “Marking the anniversary is a reminder to all of us to recommit ourselves to do more for families with love, commitment and joy," said CFC president George Campos.

    28/06/2017 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    What changes and what remains of the last 20 years of Hong Kong. The contribution of Christians

    by Mary Mee-Yin Yuen (*)

    The handover of the former British colony to China in 1997 did not come without pain. Still, Beijing respected Hong Kong’s way of life for several years. In recent times though, mainland meddling in Hong Kong's internal affairs has increased. This has sparked a strong reaction in favour of democracy as well as autonomy, especially among young people. The Catholic Church remains committed to the common good. Card Zen is considered a hero of democracy and the marginalised. It is still possible to build trust between rulers and ruled. What follows is an analysis by a researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    28/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: "Persecution is not a contradiction to the Gospel, it is part of it"

    The Christian is a "martyr," a "witness" to good, he accepts to die "for fidelity to the Gospel" and "reproaches the idea that suicide bombers may be called martyrs. There is nothing in their end that can be likened to the attitude of the children of God ".

    28/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope urges Trade Unions to be “prophetic” in defending the rights of "the most fragile workers"

    The role of Trade Unions in a modern society, their need to distinguish themselves from politics and for a new social pact for young people. "It's a crippled and short-lived society that forces older people to work too long and forces an entire generation of young people not to work when they should work for themselves and for everyone."

    24/06/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    Philippine Bishops: 2017 dedicated to the Parish, 'communion of communities'

    by Santosh Digal

    Focused activities to revitalize the base ecclesial communities as agents of communion, participation and mission. Religious marriages down by 20% in 10 years; Participation in Sunday Mass fell from 64 to 37%. Bishop Socrates C. Mesiona: "Renew the commitment of parishioners to counter secularism". Support programs for the faithful. Fr. Amodo L. Picardal: "Transforming the parish into a center of missionary paths".

    23/06/2017 - INDIA

    Northeast India, Msgr. Menamparampil proposes an ecumenical prayer for peace

    The United Christian Forum in North East India welcomes the initiative of the emeritus Archbishop of Guwahati. From next August, the first day of every month, the invitation to all Christians "to stand for a few minutes of prayer". The "timely" response of the local Church, following the vandalism of the Bongaigaon cathedral.


    21/06/2017 - VATICAN - SOUTH SUDAN

    ‘Pope for South Sudan’ initiative launched

    Since he cannot travel to the country at present, Pope Francis has launched a number of local initiative to support health, agriculture and education. He also renewed his call on the international community to stop the ongoing massacres.

    20/06/2017 - SRI LANKA

    Movies and plays in Colombo to show the plight of refugees

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Today is World Refugee Day. Sri Lanka hosts 604 refugees in Sri Lanka with another 576 applying for recognition. The government does not guarantee the right to housing, food, education, medical care and does not provide opportunities for legal employment.

    20/06/2017 - MIDDLE EAST – EUROPE

    Terrorism and migrants: Mideast leaders blackmailing Europe

    by Luca Galantini

    Attacks in European capitals are meant to destabilise the foreign policy of countries like Great Britain, Germany, and France. Even Italy’s "neutral" position does not guarantee immunity. Dealing with immigration must be part of a long-term coexistence strategy. Working on economic and political development in countries of origin is also necessary. In ‘Caritas in Veritate’, Benedict XVI had prophetic words.

    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Mazzolari, a pastor convinced that the destinies of the world mature in the peripheries

    Francis went to Bozzolo, not far from Mantua, tied to the memory of the "parish priest of Italy," the uncomfortable priest of whom Paul VI said, "He walked one step ahead and often we could not hold him back! And so he suffered and we also suffered. It is the fate of prophets. "


    20/06/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope: Don Milani, the mission of educating a "free conscience"

    Francis travels to Barbiana, in Italy. Don Milani a priest who wanted to "awaken the human in people to open them to the divine". "Only by fully possesing the word is it possible to discern among the many and often confused messages that rain down upon us, and to give expression to the deep instances of our heart, as well as the expectations of justice of so many brothers and sisters waiting for justice."

    Editor's choices

    60 years of the Chinese Patriotic Association: the Church subordinated to Politics

    Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

    Although in a low key - perhaps because of talks with the Vatican - the slogan for an "autonomous" and "independent" Church (from the Holy See) is completely subjugated to Party politics. Official bishops die like "state officials" far from the faithful. The Party forces its members to atheism. There are few  "witnesses" among official bishops and many  "opportunists".


    Pope appeals for "moderation and dialogue" in Jerusalem

    At the Angelus Francis, concerned about the violence in the Holy City, asks all to pray "so that the Lord may inspire intentions of reconciliation and peace in all." Evil and good are "intertwined" in each of us, and it is not for man to distinguish or judge.


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