29 May 2017
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  • 28/05/2017 - VATICAN

    At Regina Caeli Pope Francis recalls Minya's martyrs "killed after they refused to deny their Christian faith." A prayer for the "many young broken lives" in the attack in Manchester. The Ascension "reveals to us why the Church exists: it exists to proclaim the Gospel! And the joy of the Church is to proclaim the Gospel ". The World Day of Social Communications.


    27/05/2017 - VATICAN - ITALY

    Pope in Genoa: Jesus has tasked every Christian to "go out" and proclaim the Gospel to the World

    70 thousand attend the Mass celebrated by Francis in Genoa. In the Ascension Jesus "connects" heaven and earth. "As Jesus always intercedes for us with the Father, so we His disciples never tire of praying." "Christian prayer is not a way to be a little more at peace with oneself or to find some inner harmony; We pray to bring everything to God, to entrust Him with the world: prayer is intercession. It is not peace, it is charity. "


    26/05/2017 - INDIA

    Sister Annmary helps "untouchable" women find work in Odisha

    by Santosh Digal

    The nun belongs to the Congregation of the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 2014 she was the first Catholic to arrive in Boudh district. Since then, she has taught children, and helped women learn to sew. For the first time, 30 women went to a government office.

    26/05/2017 - TAIWAN

    Sister Ida Porrino: sent to Pakistan after 45 years in Taiwan

    by Ida Porrino

    The personal story of her vocation among the Daughters of Saint Paul, her family’s resistance and the discovery of God among Buddhists. Youn people's hunger for forgiveness, abortion, and families who have been crushed. A new missionary horizon in Lahore (Pakistan).

    24/05/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    AsiaNews Symposium: The Church in China between witness and the danger of corruption

    "The Holy See is working for the Church in China," said Card Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, in his greetings at the AsiaNews symposium ‘China: The Cross is Red’. For Mgr Savio Hon, secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, “gray pragmatism” is "a great threat to faith" since it is based on the principle that “what works is true”.

    24/05/2017 - VATICAN - CHINA

    AsiaNews Symposium: Fr Gianni Criveller on evangelisation through charity and martyrdom

    Fr Gianni Criveller gave his take on a book centred to the history of PIME in China. For him, the most significant issues are the evangelical value of charity and the continuity of 'Christianity' in China after the rise of communism and the expulsion of missionaries.

    24/05/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    AsiaNews Symposium: gray pragmatism must be dissipated, says Mgr Savio Hon

    Gray pragmatism is rooted in Deng Xia Ping’s maxim ‘It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice’. Today this means it is impossible to distinguish white from black, what is true from what is false. Heroes of the faith are thus challenged by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    24/05/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    AsiaNews Symposium: We entrust the evangelisation of China to Our Lady of Sheshan, says Fr Cervellera

    AsiaNews editor welcomes participants to the Symposium ‘China: the Cross is the Red." The Patriotic Association shows off its power, claiming for example the right to appoint bishops. Sometimes underground Christians turn inward. Perhaps, diplomatic agreements and relations are not so important. Despite its atheist government, 85 per cent of China’s population adheres to some kind of faith.

    24/05/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    AsiaNews Symposium: The government's one-dimensional culture will not prevail over religion, says Richard Madsen

    A policy seeking “a one-dimensional, rigidly unified culture [. . .] would only superficially cover the dynamic diversity of multi-dimensional Chinese lives”. Religious sentiments have survived and are now undergoing a renaissance. “Marxist ideology was too thin to substitute for the multiple dimensions of Chinese culture. The "flattened official ideology” has failed. The Catholic Church has to deal with Xi Jinping’s ‘sinicisation’ policy.

    24/05/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Faisalabad to have first university chapel in Pakistan

    by Kamran Chaudhry

    The place of worshipp will be built at the Faisalabad University of Agriculture. The project was approved after three years of discussion. The founding stone lain on May 18th. The structure will cost about 65 thousand euros, of which more than 25,000 donated by the diocese. Catholic professor: "It is not a favor of the administration. In all universities there should be churches, temples and gurdwara. " 

    23/05/2017 - INDIA

    For clergymen arrested in Uttar Pradesh, time in prison was a ‘God-given gift’

    Six clergymen spent ten days in jail after Hindu nationalists accused them of inciting hatred between religions and causing a riot. Inside, they were abused by police and other inmates, but their "cool and composed attitude” led some inmates to listen to “the message of Christ's love."

    21/05/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: together with the faithful in China on 24 May to celebrate Our Lady of Sheshan

    During the Regina Caeli, Pope Francis speaks about the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, instituted by Benedict XVI. Chinese Catholics must make a “personal contribution to communion among believers and to harmony in the whole society." AsiaNews Symposium on the Church in China is set for this week. Francis appeals for peace in the Central African Republic, and for loving “one another following the example of the Lord”. For him, “Sometimes conflicts, pride, envy, and divisions leave a blotch on the beautiful face of the Church.” Five new cardinals will be named, including a bishop from Laos.

    20/05/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope on Centesimus Annus calls for alternative ways to deal with economics, poverty, and unemployment

    Pope Francis praised the Centesimus Annus Foundation for its work inspired by the Church's social doctrine. In economics and business, " things can change," the pope said. For him, poverty is “a human and not merely economic phenomenon.” Unemployment has "reached truly dramatic proportions in both developed and developing countries”.

    19/05/2017 - INDIA

    For Indian Nun, prayers and closeness can change prisoners

    by Santosh Digal

    Sister Inigo Joachim works as a volunteer for Prison Ministry India, a Catholic Association involved with prisoners across India for the past 30 years. The biggest problem is the solitude of prisoners. Abandoned by their familiesthey need our presence, emotional support and a shoulder to cry". In turn, they "are our benefactors” since they “give meaning to our lives, vocation and mission."

    18/05/2017 - INDIA

    Bishop of Chingleput: Catholic schools to offer discounts to Dalits

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Archbishop Anthonisamy Neethinathan heads the Office on Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes. He issued a circular to all Catholic schools in his diocese, offering an example that "should be applied by all dioceses". Fee reductions apply to first generation and poor pupils.

    18/05/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: peace built In dialogue, putting man at the center of the economy and isolating fundamentalists

    Francis receives ambassadors from Mauritania, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, Sudan, Kazakhstan and Niger during the presentation of Credentials Letters. Crisis of fundamentalism also aggravated by "the abuse of religion to justify a thirst for power, the manipulation of God’s holy name to advance by any means possible one’s own plans to gain power."


    16/05/2017 - INDIA

    Four nuns of the Cross act as ‘messengers of Christ’ among Hindus and Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

    by Santosh Digal

    The state, which is the most populous in India with more than 200 million people, is now ruled by a Hindu nationalist cleric. The missionaries work in social and educational fields, including help to students, visit remote villages and listen to people's requests. Despite challenges and problems, they “do no lose heart," said one.

    15/05/2017 - VIETNAM – VATICAN

    For the Vietnamese, Card Văn Thuận’s sainthood also includes his commitment to the Church's social doctrine

    by Joseph Nguyen Hung

    The future Blessed laid the bases for the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church when he was president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. A club in Hanoi inspired by him spreads the doctrine and collects books through a ‘Bookcase of hope’ to encourage young people to read in every parish and engage in charity and mission.

    15/05/2017 - INDIA

    Karjat, 3,000 Catholics and non-Catholics celebrate Fatima's centenary. Card Gracias: Pray for Peace (Photo)

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The sanctuary in Maharashtra is the oldest in Asia. The Archbishop of Mumbai blesses the new altar. All faithful lunch together. Families consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    15/05/2017 - ASIA

    Ransomware cyberattack due to governments carelessness

    Microsoft warns national security agencies not to "store up" viruses – to only let them leak- but to make them known. South Korea, almost untouched. Russia, Britain, Germany, France hit as well as universities in China, Italy and Greece.

    13/05/2017 - PORTUGAL - VATICAN

    Pope at Fatima: Saints the two shepherds Mary "introduced into the immense sea of the Light of God"

    Nearly a million people witness the canonization of the two children, the youngest in Church history to climb to the glory of the altars without being martyrs. “Our Lady foretold, and warned us about, a way of life that is godless and indeed profanes God in his creatures.  Such a life – frequently proposed and imposed – risks leading to hell.  Mary came to remind us that God’s light dwells within us and protects us".

    11/05/2017 - INDIA

    Street kids offer Bangalore Salesian the best lesson of life

    by Santosh Digal

    Inspired by the Gospel of Luke, Fr George Kollashany has been working with street kids since 1975. Children have changed educators’ approaches and policies. The way they face the challenges "is an inspiration". Kids are the "pulse of society".

    11/05/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: God's People, and everyone one of us, is on a journey "towards the fullness of time"

    This path is "to understand, to deepen our understanding of the person of Jesus, to deepen our faith" and also to "understand morality, the commandments." And something that "once seemed normal, that it was not a sin, it is a mortal sin today", such as slavery or is "inadmissible", such as the death penalty or religious wars.

    10/05/2017 - GREAT BRITAIN - INDIA

    London Dalit Conference: discrimination is a “disgrace” for society

    The Christian Network against Caste Discrimination organised the event. The caste system is at present a problem in India, even within the Church. Dalits are the majority of Catholics. “It is significant that Card Turkson will attend the seminar,” a sign that the issue matters for the Vatican.

    10/05/2017 - INDIA

    Celebrating Our Lady of Fatima in Maharashtra, in the first shrine built in Asia

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The shrine was consecrated in Karjat in 1935. Its statue of the Virgin was brought by the Portuguese in 1920. Card Oswald Gracias of Mumbai will lead the celebrations on 13 May and bless the new altar. The cult of the Virgin begins to spread even among non-Catholics.

    09/05/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Card. D'Rozario: The Church is like a small lamp, but it gives light to all Bangladesh

    The country's first cardinal speaks of extremism, the tasks of the Catholic Church, areas of development. Fundamentalist violence "has political motives and does not come from ordinary people". Pope Francis acknowledged "the values, culture and traditions, which are our treasures". "Ready to welcome the pilgrim Francis". 

    06/05/2017 - INDONESIA

    Indonesia has 14 new priests, a "rare opportunity" celebrated in various parishes

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    Three priests are ordained in the diocese of Bandung, seven in Manado, and four in Sibolga. Ordinations usually take place in seminaries or episcopal sees. For many Catholics, such locations are a challenge because they are far away and lack the facilities to accommodate large numbers.

    06/05/2017 - INDIA

    Sister Parmar: caring for orphans is a ‘life-giving experience”

    by Santosh Digal

    Since 1980, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Ann have cared for orphans in Nadiad. Sr Sheetal I. Parmar has been doing this since 2011. She works with four other sisters and a lay staff of 30. For them, this is not only a labour of love, but also a way to "build a life".

    04/05/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Card D'Rozario appeals for unity as a scandalous power struggle harms Christian credit union

    by Sumon Corraya

    The archbishop of Dhaka speaks out on the Christian Cooperative Credit Union affair. Since last year, Christian leaders have failed to pick a new management board for the financial institution. Meanwhile, the latter is not issuing any loans. A Protestant calls for dialogue first.

    04/05/2017 - INDIA

    Ursuline nun, an “agent of God’s love and healing” through the medical profession in Assam

    by Santosh Digal

    Sister Jyothsna is a pediatrician and works at the Nirmala Hospital in the village of Balukdubi. The Ursulines have been in the Indian state since 2006. About 90 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line, facing difficult diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and intestinal worms. Bad health practices and superstition thrive.

    Editor's choices

    The 10th anniversary of the Letter from Benedict XVI to the Church in China. The weakness of some bishops

    Fr Peter

    The Letter expresses "the love of the Holy Father for our Church". The "tragedy" for the Church in China: bishops who become "state officials", "do not listen to the Letter" and are afraid of "giving their life to the flock". But there are "bishops and priests [who] safeguard the true faith of the Catholic Church." Profound thanks to the universal Church.

    AsiaNews Symposium: gray pragmatism must be dissipated, says Mgr Savio Hon

    Gray pragmatism is rooted in Deng Xia Ping’s maxim ‘It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice’. Today this means it is impossible to distinguish white from black, what is true from what is false. Heroes of the faith are thus challenged by wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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