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by Mario Marazzi | HONG KONG

Fr Mario Marazzi, 90, has lived his mission in Hong Kong and mainland China. He remembers his work with mentally disabled children in the mainland and expresses hope that the agreement between China and the Holy See will bring positive results. “I thank God for the gift of life” and all those who supported his mission.


Education, catechumenate, health care, charity among the homeless and in prisons: these are the missionary fronts of the female branch of PIME. The Superior-delegate: "We cast seeds, regardless of conversions". A Mass to commemorate the arrival of Sister Theresa Pathickal and Sister Maddalena Pirodda, on September 11, 1968.

| 13/12/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

Threats and intimidation have not stopped the priest. For him, “when you are involved in humanitarian issues, you have to be tough. My religious vocation has always spurred me to do this.” Organised groups operate on the island. Most victims are teenage girls, mostly from East Nusa Tenggara.

| 13/12/2018
by Nirmala Carvalho

Rev Sojan was accused of "forced conversions" by residents of Bakhtiyarpur. Similar charges against a catholic priest were dropped in Varanasi.

| 12/12/2018

Publishing house Editrice Missionaria Italiana has just released a book by Gerolamo Fazzini on 50 years of PIME history in the Philippines with stories and testimonies of the Institute’s service to the local Church, including the three priests who gave their lives as martyrs: Tullio Favali (1985), Salvatore Carzedda (1992) and Fausto Tentorio (2011).

| 12/12/2018

Some six million students attend Quranic schools, both private and government-sponsored. Educating orphans is one positive aspect of madrasas. However, the "sanctification of the Quran” without “real theological explanations” is a risk. Graduates tend to become wives who are "docile” and “conservative in how they live their beliefs."

| 12/12/2018

Speaking at the UN conference on migrations, the Vatican Secretary of State said that when the challenges posed by migration are not well managed, "crises can form, rhetoric can eclipse reason, and migrants can be seen more as threats than as brothers and sisters in need of solidarity and basic services.”

| 11/12/2018

Women are released after agreeing to keep their children. Although renting wombs has been illegal since 2016, Cambodia remains a popular destination. “There is a close relationship between girl schooling and surrogacy abuse,” says Fr Alberto Caccaro.

| 11/12/2018

Mgr Anil JT Couto released a video message for Catholics in his diocese. He calls on them to wait for the coming of Christ, to forgive "not only seven times, but seventy times seven", and recognise the Lord "in the poor, the downtrodden, the marginalised, the hungry, the naked, the prisoners".

| 11/12/2018
by Nirmala Carvalho

Msgr. Prasad Gallela is accused of being married and having a child, also of appropriating funds destined for poor Dalit children in the diocese to allow his wife and son "live in luxury". For years the story was known to the Vatican, which had sent an apostolic visitor to investigate.

| 11/12/2018
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by Bernardo Cervellera
The paintings are the work of artist Mauro Valsangiacomo. The exhibition will be open from 15.30 to 18.30 every weekday from December 12 to 23. The Mediterranean as a place of encounter and clash of cultures and peoples; synthesis of civilizations gradually ...
| 29/11/2018
by Kamel Abderrahmani
Tunisian President Caid Essebsi has proposed changes accepted by the Tunisian cabinet. Under Sharia women inherit half the share men get. For the first time the principle of true equality between the sexes is realised in the Muslim world, breaking with ...
| 26/11/2018
Saturday night, a chlorine mortar attack hit the city’s western neighbourhood. Shelling is taking place every evening, the prelate notes. This time, “we saw yellow smoke rise, different from the black and dense columns”. Residents now ...
| 26/11/2018
The letter is addressed to the government authorities, asking for religious freedom, but also to the faithful of the world (and perhaps to the Vatican) asking how to behave in the face of persecution. The loor communities have suffered destructions of ...
| 26/11/2018
Underway since 2014, the project has touched 1.4 million Filipinos. The 2013 disaster affected 3,424,593 families in nine regions, causing the death of 6,193 people and injuring another 28,689. The Catholic Church, together with Caritas, raised about ...
| 17/11/2018
Pakistan, raccolta firme dei giovani focolarini
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parrocchia a Liaocheng 2
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parocchia a Liaocheng 1
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