by Mathias Hariyadi

Setya Novanto was found guilty of rigging a government contract to buy electronic identity cards. He is the fourth defendant found guilty in the case, following the conviction of Irman and Sugiharto, two former senior officials with the Interior Ministry, and businessman Andi Agustinus (aka Andi Narogong).

| 25/04/2018

Wang Guangya, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, made a statement to that effect. Last March Xi Jinping reiterated the Party’s monopoly and leadership in society. The goal is to prevent the democratic election of Hong Kong lawmakers.

| 25/04/2018

With a non-violent demonstration that gradually attracted the entire population, the leader of the small Elk party has brought down Sargsyan's  designs on a lifetime of power. Putin's embarrassing silence.

| 25/04/2018

Islanders were forced out in 1992 and left behind properties, later taken over by the Navy. A thanksgiving Mass was performed in the Church of the Holy Rosary in Mulankaveli, followed by a procession to the lagoon.

| 24/04/2018

Two brothers who allegedly helped Guo falsify 30 documents have been arrested. They allegedly made video-taped confession. Chongqing police accuse Guo of paying off US lawmakers to get their support for his asylum application.

| 24/04/2018

The announcement of the resignation on the eve of the memorial day of the Armenian genocide. Soldiers are also among the demonstrators. Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan freed, proposes new elections.

| 24/04/2018
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The church of the village of Hutuo has been reduced to a pile of ruins; the tomb of the bishop of Luoyang, not recognized by the government, was desecrated; children are forbidden to enter churches; threats against Catholic parents and seniors: if they continue to believe they will not receive government subsidies or pensions.

| 20/04/2018

The South Korean Church is praying for the success of the event, looking forward to "concrete" solutions to the peninsula’s problems. Hope was reborn with the Olympics. People are waiting for a message from Pope Francis.

| 17/04/2018

A harsh exchange between Russia and the United States at the UN. Trump speaks of possible intervention, with the support of London and Paris. Moscow denounces the "campaign of aggression" against a sovereign state. Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen: "there are no certainties" on the Douma attack. The prayers of Christians for peace in the country.

| 10/04/2018

About 158 refugee families live in the parish of Amadiya and surrounding villages. They need food, clothes, shoes, school support, kerosene. Many Christian, Yazid and Arab families returned to Mosul only to turn back. The ‘Adopt a Christian from Mosul’ campaign is ongoing.

| 27/03/2018
Cristiani manifestano a Lahore e Karachi
Pakistan, un pastore protestante denuncia il clima di insicurezza tra i cristiani
Lahore, donne cristiane e musulmane chiedono uguali diritti degli uomini
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